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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter (And J.K. Rowling)

I know after a certain point, birthdays just sort of start to make you feel old, rather than like you accomplished something, and the best remedy for that is to make everybody else around you feel old. And so in that spirit I offer this ancient relic of the internet to Harry Potter, who turns thirty-three today. And I suppose to J.K. Rowling (who turns forty-eight), but I’m guessing a lot of people have gotten her something better than this, really.

(Original animation here.)


  • Anonymous

    How is he 33 today? He was like 9yrs old in the first book which was released in 1998, making his birth year somewhere around 1989, so he’s about 24.

  • DrHermionePhD

    He was born in 1980, and he turned 11 in the first book. The release date doesn’t line up with the story’s timeline– it’s 1991 in the book.

  • Sarah Brockman

    Appropriate username is appropriate and amusing. :)

  • Anonymous

    Ah, thanks.