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Haley Atwell Finally Confirms: She Will Not be Returning in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

At long last, and with some lingering sadness, though at this point it seemed inevitable, Hayley Atwell, the actress behind Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, has confirmed that she won’t be returning for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“But Susana,” you say, “Winter Soldier is set in the present, where Peggy is like at least eighty. Did we really expect Hayley Atwell to play her?” Well, aside from the possibility of flashbacks or age makeup, there’s another wrinkle in the issue, that has everything to do with Peggy’s canonical descendant, Sharon Carter.

The identity of the female lead character and romantic interest for Steve Rogers has yet to be announced or revealed, although we know Marvel Studios is looking for one, but the first name on everyone’s list is Sharon Carter, a long time love of Steve Rogers from the comics. Carter is the niece of Peggy Carter, inspired to become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent by her parents stories of Peggy fighting for the French Resistance during World War II. In the wartime France of the comics, Steve and Peggy met without him ever finding out her real name. In the present, while Steve does notice Sharon’s uncanny resemblance to Peggy, they don’t actually put two and two together until after they fall in love.

All this is a roundabout way of saying that Marvel would easily be within their rights to hire Hayley Atwell to play Sharon Carter as well as Peggy, and were Hayley Atwell admit to being involved in the production of Winter Soldier it could be seen as an indication that Sharon Carter will be the female lead of Winter Soldier. With Atwell out, as she confirmed in an interview with TimeOut, we know she’ll definitely not be playing Sharon, and we’ll not get any WWII era flashbacks with Peggy either. As to whether Sharon actually appears in the movie, well, we’re back to square one: waiting for Marvel to actually announce something.

(via MTV Splashpage.)

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  • Jerilyn Nighy

    They should make some sort of amalgam Invaders/Howling Commandos movie. Then she could come back. Hopefully with more teeth and a grittier WWII setting with pulp flourishes…Oh, who am I kidding? Disney would never be that daring.

  • John Wao

    I hope it’s some sort of smokescreen ala Marion Cotillard and Dark Knight Rises. I prefer it when they keep their continuity straight.

  • Anonymous

    Dammit, she was one of the best things about TFA. I was even kind of hoping Steve & Peggy would just continue their relationship a la Forever Young, even in a non-sexual way. But that was clearly not going to happen…

  • Anonymous

    I dunno. I always thought the concept of Sharon looking exactly like Steve’s old girlfriend to be really creepy, so I’m a little happy that they aren’t going that route at least. Atwell as amazing as Peggy but having her play another love interest that looks exactly like Peggy is just kind of odd and I can see viewers who aren’t comic fans kind of going “WTF?” at something like that.

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably my Whovian showing, but I’ve always thought Hayley Atwell and Billie Piper shared a remarkable resemblance, facial-structure wise. And Billie IS thinking of moving to LA to check out the job market…

  • Anonymous

    They made a Howling Commandos movie. It was called Captain America.