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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Really?

Guillermo del Toro Responds To Perceived Michael Bay Insult With Glorious Snark

Arbiter of cinematic quality Michael Bay, during a CinemaCon presentation for his upcoming film Pain & Gain, took Hollywood to task for the “rip-off” robot movies that have been made since Bay’s Transformers. Now, we don’t know whether that was intended as a dig at Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim, which had a CinemaCon presentation the following day. But based on del Toro’s statement to The Hollywood Reporter, he sure took it as one.

Any day where someone takes Bay down a peg is a good day. Click the cut and revel in the snark.

“We are far, far, far away from [Transformers] in a very willing fashion,” explained del Toro. “For good or bad, this is my movie. This is my universe and my creation, and I do not create through comparison.”

Further (emphasis mine),

The fights don’t occur in well-lit, supercool, car commercial-looking environments. They occur in the middle of a raging sea storm or in a savage snowstorm. They happen in a universe that is incredibly saturated.”


He went on to say that robots aren’t exactly a new thing in sci-fi, “and to some degree, the source of all artificial life is Frankenstein.”

“Insiders close to Bay” say that the director wasn’t calling out Pacific Rim at all, and THR notes that he was likely referring to Battleship and Real Steel. Still. This whole thing is kind of funny. Your mileage may vary on how valid a criticism “it’s a rip-off!” is (not very, says I), but even if you think it is valid, you’ve gotta admit the idea of Bay as a guardian of Hollywood’s moral integrity is hilarious.

You tell ‘im, del Toro.

(via: blastr)

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  • Craig Oxbrow

    Oh, as the young people say, snap.

  • Anonymous

    What makes Bay’s comments even more non-sensical is that Transformers isn’t even close to being his idea. The toys were being made 30 years ago and Spielberg is the one wanted to have a film made and who hired him to direct. Other then putting flames and a mouth on Optimus Prime, I don’t know what idea Michael Bay is afraid someone might steal from him.

  • Melinda Heaney

    coming from the man who directed a movie ripped off of a cartoon show. asshole!

  • Debbie Valenta

    Even if he WAS referring to Battleship and Real Steel, the former was based on another toy/game and the second was an adaptation of a novel (but also curiously evocative of Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots–another toy for you younguns who don’t remember.) Can always count on Bay to act like an arrogant douche.

  • Art Wellden

    What I wouldn’t give to see these two playing Street fighter…. Del Toro (as Chun li perhaps) for the win. ^__^

  • Mike Holodnak

    If he was referring to Battleship and Real Steel, his argument has some validity. However, its debatable whether stealing crap can be considered a creative crime.

  • Abhinav Jain

    How is the movie a rip-off of a TV show when the IP is the same and they are BOTH tie-ins to a popular toy line?

  • Anonymous

    Strange comments from Bay. He knows how Hollywood works: make a successful film about robots and everyone will be making films with robots, make a successful film about zombies and everyone will be making films with zombies, make a successful film about penguins and everyone will be making films about penguins…

  • Manu Zolezzi

    No, it really doesn’t have any validity at all. Like someone said above: Battleship was based on the game, and Reel Steal on a novel (and a game called Rock’Em, Sock’Em Robots). Bay’s just a dick.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Well, it DOES have validity if you believe the studios made Battleship and Real Steel because the Transformers made a ton of money. Then it’s just a studio ripping off another studio, and creativity/source material/the director has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    Real Steel was based on a Twilight Zone episode titled “Steel” by Richard Matheson, from his own short story.

    And if you ever saw the anime Super Robot Red baron, you know they didn’t go big enough. How that show never got brought over here is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Bay shaming people of ripping off, is right up there on the hypocrisy scale.

    Anyone want to talk about The Island and Parts: The Clonus Horror?

  • Matthew Shempert

    seriously, First damned thing I thought of. :D

  • Matthew Shempert

    except Real Steel, for better or worse is a way different type of movie than transformers, robots or no robots.

  • Renee I.

    Yes because the use of mecha is entirely new. Anime has been doing it forever. Honestly when I saw the trailers for Pacific Rim I kept seeing Robotech influence. Regardless I am very much looking forward to the movie and del Toro’s response was dead on!

  • Keiv M. Salmon

    and Real Steel Was a far better movie than the 3 transformers crapfest

  • James Amaral

    He makes it sound like he’s the creator of Transformers.

  • Melinda Heaney

    cuz they copied the storyline and characters from the TV show

  • opalexian

    Bay calling other giant robot movies a ‘rip-off’ is nega-criticism. Mr Bay, please open your mouth just this once…so we can put a stick of dynamite in it. Now smile…