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  1. Revenge of the Nerds: Caltech Ends 26-Year, 310-Game Basketball Losing Streak

    Caltech’s basketball team is just 5-20 this season, and last night’s 46-45 win over Occidental was their first conference win of the year. So why is Caltech celebrating? Well, in case you didn't read the headline: This wasn’t just Caltech’s first conference win of this year, but its first since 1985. 26 years, 310 games – any way you decide to look at it, that is one epically long losing streak, and pretty much guaranteed that whenever, however it ended, 1 wild celebration would ensue (especially if it was a home game). Sure enough, here’s what went down after last night’s win: >>>Full story and video at SportsGrid.

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  2. Sumo Wrestler Cheating Exposed

    Freakonomics was right about sumo wrestler cheating: Three sumo wrestlers have admitted to fixing their matches, and another 11 are suspected of doing the same, said Japan’s Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister Yoshiaki Takaki (who apparently has a large variety of responsibilities).

    Media reports said police are also now investigating whether active wrestlers bet on the outcome of bouts, deepening concerns that gangsters—who allegedly played a role in an earlier gambling scandal—may again be involved.
    While there have been unsubstantiated claims of gangster involvement in sumo wrestling for years, this is the first time there has been any proof. >>>More at SportsGrid.

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  3., Popular Streaming Sports Site, Shut Down by Homeland Security

    People who visit the homepage of, a popular website known for (illegally) streaming live sporting events, pay-per-views, and TV shows, will see that the domain has been seized by ICE (Homeland Security Investigations) in accordance with a warrant from the US attorney’s office. Translation: those looking for a way to stream sporting events while at work will have to find somewhere else to do it (we’re not advocating this, by the way). >>>Full story at SportsGrid.

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  4. Chinese Hurdler Runs Through Hurdles

    A hurdler decided to forego hurdling in a recent Chinese track and field event, opting instead to run through the wooden obstacles like some sort of crazed Kool-Aid Guy. What results is a race for the ages, and another entry in the surprisingly crowded category of “Best Hurdles Video of the Year.” >>>Video at SportsGrid.

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  5. Metrodome Roof Collapses Due to Snow

    The roof of the Metrodome, the Minnesota arena that was set to host Monday night’s New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game, has collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. The roof, which was inflatable, was no match for an estimated 18 inches of snow. Fortunately, the roof collapse took place early in the morning and no one was injured. >>>Video of the roof collapse at SportsGrid.

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    Well, this is just unfortunate. A woman with the Twitter handle @theashes was mistaken for a popular cricket match of the same name, and has been inundated with Twitter messages from diehard cricket fans since Friday. @theashes, it turns out, is the Twitter handle of a babysitter from Westfield, Massachusetts named Ashley Kerekes, whose Tweets, up until this point, have been primarily related to toddler sleeping habits.Since many of the fans incorrectly affixed an @theashes to their Tweets instead of #theashes, she began getting messages. A lot of them. >>>Full humorous exchange at SportsGrid.

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  7. A Most Unfortunate Hurdle Race

    Adding insult to assumed injury (somebody is leaving this thing with horribly scraped knees) are the motivational messages at the beginning of this high school girls’ hurdle race. Luckily, at least some of the racers are visibly laughing at the end of this, so kudos to them for being good sports. >>>Watch the video at SportsGrid.

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  8. Is This the Most Intimidating Pre-Game Ritual in Sports?

    New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, performs the “Haka,” a traditional Māori dance before all of its games. It is quite intimidating. Can you imagine two opposing teams of football players, helmets off, staring at each other at midfield before a game, then suddenly breaking into a war chant? So cool. >>>Video at SportsGrid.

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  9. Chilean Miners Lose Friendly Soccer Match To Their Rescuers, 3-2

    The team of rescuers that pulled 33 Chilean miners to safety from over 2,000 feet below the Earth’s surface acted with purpose, togetherness … and of course, compassion for the trapped workers. And yesterday, the rescuers used two of those three qualities to beat the miners in a friendly soccer match, 3-2, held in the […]

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  10. NBA Players as Marvel Superheroes

    ESPN The Magazine will feature basketball players alongside iconic characters from the Marvel Universe in what is being billed as an “epic quest for hoops supremacy.” We spot The Hulk, The Thing, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and more: >>>Details at SportsGrid.

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  11. Chinese Gymnast Survives Motorcycle Crash With Insane Flip In The Air [Video]

    What happens when you’re riding a motorcycle and crash into a pickup truck? Well, it would help if you could do this: This man is apparently a gymnast of sorts and did the flip intentionally. And then he casually walks back into view, mourning the loss of his Yamaha. Whoa. >>>Video at SportsGrid.

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  12. Athlete’s Cereal Box Accidentally Directs People to Sex Hotline

    Bengals star Chad Ochocinco created OchocincO’s to help raise money for a worthy cause, the “Feed the Children” charity. There was one little problem, though – well-meaning people who called the 1-800 number on the box to donate funds were directed to a phone-sex line. The mistake was innocent enough: The cereal listed 1-800-HELP-FTC as Feed the Children’s number when the group’s real number is 1-888-HELP-FTC. But those three little numbers connected people to something not-so-innocent. >>>Full story at SportsGrid.

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  13. The Craziest Lawsuit Against Carmelo Anthony And Dwyane Wade You’ll See All Day

    Someone has filed a quite crazy preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order against Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Jerry Reinsdorf, Mark Cuban, and Jerry Buss. A key excerpt: “Mark Cuban stole my credit cards and tried to buy the Texas Rangers with my money. Mark Cuban assaulted me serving ice cream at Dairy Queen. Nolan Ryan threw 100 mph fastballs at my head and he and Robin Ventura beat me up at the Church of Jesus Christ.” >>>Check it out at SportsGrid.

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  14. Golfer Starts Fire When Swing Hits Rock

    Let’s chalk this into consideration for the Hyperbole Hall of Fame: the most ridiculous way to start a forest fire. I wish there was video of this report from the AP: [A] golfer at the Shady Canyon Golf Course in Irvine landed a shot in the rough Saturday. On his next swing, his club snagged a rock, causing a spark that lit the rough ablaze and eventually attracted 150 firefighters to the scene. It’s not enough that this place is called Shady Canyon, but now errant rocks and one bad slice can start a forest fire. How bad do you feel for this guy (who, by the way, was not pressed with any criminal charges)? >>>More at SportsGrid.

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  15. Meet College Basketball’s Three-Fingered Shooting Guard

    Jason Hall was born with only three fingers on each hand, but that hasn’t stopped him from earning a basketball scholarship from the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers. Yes, this will be one of those moments when you feel bad for not doing more with what you have.

    Hall was featured today on ESPN’s First Take, and his story is pretty remarkable. He was born with only three fingers on each hand, and after having a number of surgeries, took up basketball. This, understandably, wasn’t easy.

    >>> SportsGrid has the video on this remarkable young athlete.


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  16. North Korean Soccer Coach Put Into Labor Camp After Disappointing World Cup

    The North Korean soccer team, after losing all three of their games in the 2010 World Cup, sat through six hours of public shaming upon their return to their home country. After their surprisingly close opening game against Brazil, North Korean officials agreed to show the team’s next two games on air. Bad idea. North Korea lost 7-0 to Portugal, then 3-0 to the Ivory Coast. Naturally, then, they dealt with this when they got home: [SportsGrid]

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  17. Ever Wonder What Parkour Looked Like In 1930? Wonder No More

    Have you ever watched a video of Parkour – that practice of getting from point A to B in an urban environment whilst using Jackie Chan-esque acrobatics – and wondered, gee, what would this look like in the 1930s?

    Well, thank God for YouTube, because your curiously era-specific hypothetical has been answered, and it involves a protagonist who only needs a bowl of spaghetti to turn into the main character from Assassin’s Creed.

    Watch the video at SportsGrid.

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  18. Athletic Success Determined by … Belly Button Placement?

    There’s always been a nature vs. nurture debate regarding individuals’ athletic success: is it more due to hard work or natural ability (or – gasp! – a combination of both)? Especially prevalent is the question: are black people somehow hard-wired to do better in sports?

    Well, a study led by Duke professor Andre Bejan looked into two of the most oft-cited examples of the argument – whites’ relative dominance in swimming vs. blacks’ dominance in running. (Yes, like so many debates, this one often turns into a black/white issue.) What they found was that natural gifts do make quite a difference – but maybe not how you’d expect.

    >>>Read the full post at SportsGrid.

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