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For A More Civilized Age

3 Women Over 50 Who Are Cooler Than You

You think you’re pretty cool, and that’s easy to believe when the older people who surround you are putting on such a bad show. Those moms at the mall with their back-combed bangs are stuck in a time warp. You roll your eyes any time one of your middle-aged coworkers speaks about her love of Phil Collins. Your dad doesn’t just yell at the kids to get off of his lawn, he yells at the actual lawn. Anyone who’s old enough to be your grandparent is automatically too old to be cool, clearly.

Hey nineteen, listen. Being young doesn’t mean you’re the bee’s knees or the cat’s meow.  Being young isn’t enough. Sure, the over-50 crowd might seem tame at first glance, but many older peeps have their own stuff going on – stuff that they can do because they have things like, you know, money and experience. And because they didn’t brag about it in a Facebook status update, you had no idea. Don’t believe it? Then just check out these three women who are over 50 and who are objectively cooler than you.