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Allow us to explain.


Fandral from Thor: The Dark World Might Also Star in Guardians of the Galaxy, Because Marvel Really Likes Zachary Levi

Most of the discussion up to this point on Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy has had to do with that sexist, homophobic (or “satirical,” depending on your viewpoint) superhero post director James Gunn wrote that surfaced last month. But for those of you who haven’t sworn off the movie because of his involvement, we have a bit of casting news. Variety is reporting that the choice of actors for the lead role, Star-Lord (aka Peter Quill), is down to two: Jim Sturgess (l) and Zachary Levi.

Levi’s already involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; he was cast as Fandral in Thor before new episodes of his show Chuck forced him to back out. He was replaced by Josh Dallas, who couldn’t do the sequel because of his commitment to Once Upon a Time… so now Levi is back to being all dashing as Fandral.

And now it looks like he might helm his own Marvel movie, too. Funny how that works out.

Sturgess, meanwhile, was on the list of five actors who auditioned for the Guardians lead that we saw last month; the others, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Lee Pace, and Eddie Redmayne, look to be out of the running. Which is kind of sad for me personally, because I really like Joel Edgerton. I’d even rewatch Attack of the Clones for him.

Variety notes that “While Levi and Sturgess remain frontrunners to play Star-Lord, sources caution that an unnamed third actor may be tested after the holidays,” which sounds nice and dramatic.

(via: /Film)

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  • Ja Malia

    “Most of the discussion” lately is and has been who’ll play Star-Lord. Days prior to Levi becoming a contender, 2 other actors recently confirmed they’ve auditioned. Only a certain site is still stuck on James Gunn’s satirical post and they really need to get over it.

  • Grif

    I was hoping for Joel Edgerton, but i’ll take anyone over Zachary Levi.

  • Anonymous
  • Brian

    Aww, but Lee Pace!

  • 57Academics

    Sturgess can just fuck right off. His career got a leg up by taking roles that were supposed to go to PoC, and then just didn’t give a care about the yellowface in Cloud Atlas (and a big nice finger to the rest of the people who thought that idea was great).

    Levi’s alright, but… I’ve heard that he’s pissed off a lot of people behind the scenes of things by proselytizing after being asked not to.

    I’ll just take Lee Pace for pretty much anything.