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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Late Monday Cute: Grumpy Cat Gets A Voice [VIDEO]

Sometimes I wonder why my cats aren’t famous. Then I realize owning a famous cat is a lot of work I probably don’t have time for. So I watch famous cats online instead. Like Tardar Sauce, who you probably know better as Grumpy Cat. I think CBS should get on a Christmas Special with this kitty ASAP. The owners just posted a fantastic video that gives their famous kitty a voice. An adorable, adorable voice. It’s autostart so we’ve placed it after the jump.

I’m not entirely certain but I believe Grumpy Cat’s voice is in fact the owner’s daughter who you can see hanging out in this bonus video from the Grumpy Cat tumblr. The little ball of fur gets interviewed by a fashion house.

(Storyboard via Jezebel)

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  • jezebel

    Found stuff with this adorable one… Plush printed tees!:

  • Katrina Lovett

    hahaha, The “jump” doesn’t split in your RSS. I just spent the last minute trying to find what was talking to me.