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Allow us to explain.

No. No no no no no no no. no.

The Trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity Is the Most Intense 90 Seconds You’ll See All Day [VIDEO]

Warning: You might not want to watch the trailer for Alfonso Cuarón‘s Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock as an astronaut who gets stranded in outer space, if you suffer from claustrophobia or agoraphobia. Seriously. I take back what I said in the headline: “Intense” doesn’t do this one justice. “Pants-soilingly terrifying” is more fitting.

(via: GeekMom)

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  • Zachary Middleton

    For a second, I thought it was going to say Don’t Panic.

  • Anonymous
  • Sarah Wildmon

    Looks like the graphics are going to be amazing. If the plot matches the CG, then it should be one hell of a movie.

  • Nicole Resweber

    Sandra Bullock as an astronaut? Hells yes, sign me up!

  • Anonymous

    Just saw this trailer tonight at the movies (to watch Gatsby). People around me were literally gasping for air! It was a VERY intense few seconds, and there was a very unsettling feeling among the crowd afterwards. I certainly hope the rest of the film lives up to this!

  • Mattias Berntson

    Holy crap, all I knew about this movie a minute ago was that Sandra Bullock was in it, and now I need to send this trailer to EVERYONE.

  • Anonymous

    Damn looks good!!! If this turns out to have a sci-fi element, this will be a sci-fi action thriller with a women lead! Damn that’s hard to come by!