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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

This Grandma Is Trying Out For The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

You may not have pegged her as a grandmother at first glance but 55-year-old Sharon Simmons definitely is. This fabulous (and fabulously in shape) granny has decided to try out for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. 

Simmons is a grandmother of two, competes in fitness competitions and works as a personal trainer and nutritionist. She started the fitness competitions when she was 50.

“I don’t see a number,” she told ABC. “If I do, it’s just a number. It’s not that I can’t keep up with [younger women] in the physical part of the training.”

“Simmons, who [also] works in commercial real estate, first began dreaming of becoming a Cowboys cheerleader when she was a cash-strapped single mother in her 20s,” writes ABC. “She had planned to try out, and even had her mother take some photos of her to submit with the application, but she lacked dance training. And, ultimately, Simmons didn’t have the courage to apply. ‘Now,’ she said, ‘I’m not afraid. I’m more mature. I know what to do.’”

Simmons with one of her grandchildren at her 55th birthday party.

From her website:

I have pursued a healthy lifestyle for over thirty-five years, and I believe “Fitness is for Any Age, and Age is Simply a State of Mind.” With a firm belief in yourself, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. It takes pride, passion, and commitment and a burning sincere desire to succeed. It will be an incredible excitement just knowing what you have accomplished. We all have our struggles and “stories” of why we haven’t paid much attention to our health, but basically opportunity presents itself in one form or another. We have to make a decision to make it happen. It won’t happen by itself.

“The oldest woman ever to dance with the Cowboys cheerleaders was Linda Badami, a 37-year-old mother of four from Kansas, according to Kelli Finglass, who directs the squad. Grandmothers and women in their 50s have auditioned in the past, but none have been chosen for the squad.”

“It says something about women and their success stories,” said Finglass. “I’d give her accolades for her preparation and look forward to her audition.”

To Simmons, going for the coveted cheerleading spot in Texas is just like preparing for any other competition. ”There are steps to take to prepare, which is exactly what I’m doing,” she said.

(via ABC, image by Dave Allen via Simmons’ website)


  • HannahW

    Good for her! I sincerely hope that ageism doesn’t get in her way in her tryout. Hope I am that committed to my health when I’m 50!

  • JoAnna Luffman

    Well, she’s got the look. As long as she can do the required steps, I think she would have a good chance.

  • Anna B

    Ageism is probably the only thing that’ll keep her from that squad. I’ll call bullshit if the squad says she couldn’t handle the training. My mother used to rock climb in her 50s. She was fierce. She’s more sedate in her 60s now, but she still runs her construction business, so…

  • Patricia Volonakis Davis

    Real Time with Bill Maher last night. His opening comedy skit centered
    around Rush Limbaugh and his “sluts” comment, but he followed that by
    making snide remarks about Sharon Simmons. This is the women who said she always
    wanted to try out, but when she was in her 20s she lacked the courage.
    In other words, a role model in some ways for younger women. So,
    Bill… just so we’re clear — comments about women’s sexuality are
    wrong, but ageism is okay? I really slammed him today for this, and then I found out he’s dating a woman 25 years his junior. Makes me sick.

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  • MC

    I commend her brevity but she won’t get on the squad. Grannies in hot pants aren’t marketable in this capacity. Whenever an older woman tries out on the show, Charlotte and Kelly, the director and assistant directors of the DCC, respectively, scoff. In one episode Charlotte said “When you’ve got 20 year olds around you trying out for the same thing, it’s time to move on to a different dream”. Or something like that. Which actually, sort of makes sense. I think it’s great she’s trying though, I’d LOVE to have that kind of commitment to fitness and if there ever is a geriatric DCC squad, sign me up! Go girl!

  • MC

     What’s wrong with dating someone 25 years your junior?

  • Suzanne Wishal

    She’s looking so young. . .

  • Anonymous

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