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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

17 Images From Game of Thrones Season 4 Include First Look At Our New Daario

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The original Daario Naharis wasn’t quite what A Song of Ice and Fire novel readers expected but if you were hoping the recast would hit closer to the mark, prepare to be disappointed. HBO has released a bunch of new promo shots for Game of Thrones Season 4 including the new Daario, Arya, Daenerys, Tyrion and more!

(via Game of Thrones Facebook)

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  • DarthRachel
  • MegE_N

    Haha in that picture with the Hound and Arya I thought he was texting.

  • R.O.U.S.

    oh god, ‘Jon Snow face.’ I am SO TIRED OF IT. Kit, bb, I know you have another expression in your repertoire. Somewhere. Please.

  • Anonymous

    Despite the fact I’m not a fan of the whole Meereen storyline (yes, yes, Daario, blah blah), I love Dany’s look in these pictures. She looks composed and ready to take over the world, Missandei at her side. Arya and Ygritte have the same expression on their faces…and I’d be surprised if we caught Sansa without one. These are women that take no prisoners, and I for one am very excited to see our gals kick butt and take names in the new season!

  • SpaceWalrus

    Oh god, I didn’t know Indira Varma joined the cast, I’ve had a crush on that woman for so long… I think I may have to pirate this season in addition to watching it.

  • HamsterMasterSamster

    All of my yes.

  • Marie

    I want captions on that Daenerys /Vogue pic. Not sure exactly what it should say though.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you. I was surprised by Daario 1 but thought “That’s cool, not every guy on this show has to be hyper-macho and brow-furrowed.”

  • Adrian

    HBO’s handling of Daario has been so weird. While I’m disappointed neither Daario looks like the book character, I’m taken aback at how the 2nd Daario looks SO DIFFERENT from the first, viewers are going to be soooo confused.

  • Aeryl

    I like the old Daario better.

  • Solveig Rørholt

    Wait, didn’t Daario die the first season? I know we never saw his head, but I thought Martin himself had said that he was dead and gone.

  • electrasteph

    Yeah, I’m glad I saw this or I would definitely been out to sea on that change.

  • Julianna Condor

    I think you’re thinking of Syrio Forel, Arya’s ‘dancing’ instructor. He’s dead. Daario Naharis is a mercenary captain that interacts mostly with Dany, and he’s alive (at least as of this current season).

  • brokey mcpoverty

    Im honestly still a little confused by the casting of the Red Viper than Daario.Looks more a “Salty” than “Sandy”.skin tone(Whatever that supposed to actually be)

  • Amanda Allen Douglas

    WHAT. Why did the writers choose to recast!? I was having good dreams about old daario…

  • TrippedB

    Well for the new Dario is now a matter of acting. I know the new Arrow series has pissed me off but slowly very slowly those miscast actors are making me accept them or maybe that’s tolerance.

  • TrippedB

    Well for the new Dario is now a matter of acting. I know the new Arrow series has pissed me off but slowly very slowly those miscast actors are making me accept them or maybe that’s tolerance.

  • Duke Red

    I wonder if Daario is the least liked character in the entire series. I like who they cast as Oberyn, even though a lot of people didn’t. When i read the books i imagined Nestor Carbonell (Richard from Lost) as Oberyn.

  • Anonymous

    I have yet to see a single second of TV GOT, and yet every time I see a pic of Jon Snow I burst out laughing. Everything SUUUUXS!

    Oh, and that STILL ain’t Daario :(

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure The Red Viper is initially described as a Salty.

  • ryudo8765

    I’d have no issue with old Daario, but call me pedantic I’d have been happier if he’d had the blue and gold. I always liked the stark diversity between the different free cities and the Pentosi are no exception.

  • Ryan Colson

    Isn’t Sansa is regularly taken for prisoner?

    I reckon Daeny takes none bc she frees them but all she’s done is ignore Selmy, bang Daario, let dragons run wild and gain fealty through boob to baring. Hopefully she gets better soon.:/

  • Anonymous

    Also, I want my entire wardrobe to be Dany blue. i don’t know whay that shade is called, but it’s such an amazing color on her!

  • Solveig Rørholt

    Oh damn, sorry, I completely got the two names around. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Agree! There seem to be a busload of brunette bearded guys in leathery armor. I liked when Daario 1 went all ninja.

  • Brett W

    They really expect us to buy that New!Daario and Old!Dario are the same person? They’re not even trying. At least give him a wig or something. They don’t look remotely the same. How are they going to explain that away?

  • Anonymous

    Wait, do I remember this correctly? Was Dario 1.0′s last scene the one where Dany gets out of the bathtub in front of him? So the guy who played Dario stayed until he saw Emilia Clarke naked and left before anything horrible happens to his character?

    When an evil plan is that brilliant, I can’t help but being a little impressed…

  • PJK

    Actually the fate of Syrio Forel is currently unknown. We never see him die. He might be dead, but only George R.R. Martin knows for sure.

    There are however plenty of fan theories about his fate after Arya leaves him to fight Ser Meryn Trant, but there is no certainty about what really happened..

  • Aeryl

    Yes!! He looks like everybody from Westeros

  • Morgan Flood

    Yes. All of the Martells of Sunspear are described as being Salty Dornishmen.

  • Anonymous

    Jamie, you’re killing me with that hair. Some guys just look amazing with longer hair. Was it Cersi who cut it!!?? SHE WILL PAY WITH FIRE AND BLOOD!!!!

    They had a chance to re-make Dario (thought the 1st one was perfectly fine) and they made him look so…unimpressive. He should be flamboyant, crazy ass awesome looking – he looks strange and then you fall in love with his character, that is part of his appeal. Were they just too afraid people would not be able to do that?? Not good not to trust your audience…and to second guess casting because the audience doesn’t like an actor.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if most viewers will even notice. Most people I talk to don’t even know the names of the main characters so a hunk that was in 5 scenes over 3 episodes a year ago?

  • Anonymous

    Faabio 1.0 couldn’t act his way out of a brown paper bag. I’m not digging the looks of this one either but at least he was great in Treme so I know he has the chops that Faabio was lacking.

  • Anonymous

    Right?? She’s awesome! I was hoping beyond hope that Archie Panjabi would end up in that part but damn, I can’t even be disappointed now that Indira Varma got it!

  • Anonymous

    Carbonell would have been so perfect for the part! I don’t really think Pascal is right for it but I’ll give him a chance to impress me. He never really made me wow in other parts but we’ll see.

  • Silverwisp

    “Hello Gregor, I’m just sending you my daily reminder that I hate your guts and that one day I will definitely kill you.
    PS: Remember how that prancing sissy knocked you on your ass?”

  • MeatyStakes

    Maybe with a third recast it will go full circle and actually get at least dyed blue hair? I don’t even know at this point.

  • ♥☠ シイラ ☠♥

    My favourite Syrio theory has to be that he’s still alive & is one of the faceless men, & possibly was Jaqen.

  • ♥☠ シイラ ☠♥

    I didn’t like Daario 1.0 B/c if they were going to go for beefcake (Daario wasn’t really conventionally handsome), they could’ve at least done his trademark blue/gold. & I see once again, they disappoint. I’m hoping he can at least take over the persona like so many of the cast have. Sometimes even when I don’t think they’re the perfect physical representation of a character, they open their mouths & I weep.

  • Keyser Soze

    Maybe whatever he saw when she got out of the tub scared him away?

  • Keyser Soze

    Its the fact that people dont know the names of all the characters (which i myself am guilty of) which is going to cause people to not even realize these two guys are supposed to be the same character.