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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today is a Good Day For Someone Else To Die

Golfer Who Got Bitten By Black Widow And Kept Playing, You’re Our New Spider-Woman

It was just another day on the course for Swedish golfer Daniela Holmqvist. Until she was bit by a Black Widow spider, that is. Did the rookie run off to seek medical attention? No, she used a golf tee to cut into her skin and remove the venom. Daniela Holmqvist, you are a superhero. 

I’m not a fan of spiders to begin with so I can’t imagine what my reaction would have been if I looked down, as Holmqvist did, and saw a black spider with a red spot on its back on my body. Seconds after she did, she doubled over in pain at the fourth hole of the season-opening LPGA event in Australia.

“When I told the local caddies in my group what had happened, they got very upset and said it was a Black Widow, and immediately started looking for their phones to call the medics,” said Holmqvist to Sweden’s Svensk Golf via Golf Digest.

But instead of waiting for the medics she decided to help herself, worried the venom, which had already caused swelling and intense pain, would go further into her system. So she grabbed what was handy, a tee in this case, and dug into the skin on her leg to squeeze out some clear fluid. Medical help did eventually arrive and followed her for the remaining 14 holes.

Oh yes, she finished the course.

Unfortunately, Holmqvist shot a 74 which didn’t qualify her to continue in the LPGA. As it turns out, she was bitten by an Australian Redback spider, a relative of the North American Black Widow. Either way, she’s totally Jessica Drew in our eyes. She later tweeted, “So there is ‘the shark’ ‘pink panther’ etc am I ‘the spider woman’now?”

Yes, yes you most certainly are.

(via SportsGrid)

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  • Magic Xylophone

    As far as excuses for not being on top of your game go, “veins coursing with deadly venom” is a pretty good one.

  • Arakiba

    Australia – where everything is trying to kill you!

  • Guest

    Actually, it was a redback spider, not a black widow. I don’t think we have black widows here (Australia)

  • Karen Webber

    Hey this happened in my home town. It was a redback spider.

    According to this they are a species of widow spider but every Australian calls them redback spiders. Please respect our incredibly deadly wildlife and refer to them correctly.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Thanks for commenting but if you read the entire post you’ll notice we did explain it was a Redback in the last paragraph.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Yes, it says it was a Redback in the last paragraph. Thanks for reading!

  • Elizabeth-Amber Delaney

    Wow, people LOVE to comment before even reading the story, eh?

  • Andrea Höst

    And all the local spider experts immediately raised their eyebrows, pointed out that redbacks are “hide under things” spiders not rambling explorers, that the amount of venom they could inject is tiny and would not be visible, and that if she’d actually been bitten by a redback she’d be _extremely_ unlikely to go on playing golf.
    There are plenty of other spiders it might have been though. We have plenty. ;)

  • Stealth Flower

    Yes, this. And that the amount of venom a redback would inject is too small to actually be seen oozing out. She’s still awesome, but it’s very unlikely it was a redback she was bitten by.

  • Sam Groves

    It’s unlikely that what was oozing out was venom at all but instead was pus – otherwise known as white blood cells – AKA your body’s first defense against detected threats.

    And while this does qualify her as a bad ass in the same vein as your typical “Cowboy” from an American Western made in the 50′s. It’s pretty much established that you can’t suck/squeeze or otherwise ‘force out’ venom simply by cutting the wound and pushing blood out. She took a real chance at doing herself more harm than the bite in her actions.

  • Addie/Annie D

    Not every little living things wants to kill people, here. It’s the people that usually tick them off that makes them want to bite/attack.

  • White Rose Brian

    Thank God she’s safe.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, the article identifies the spider in question as a black widow in the title and in the first paragraph. The fact that you clarify the species at the very end doesn’t really negate the fact that you misidentified it twice earlier. People just scrolling through the article titles on the main page will come away with the idea that she was bitten by a black widow, because you said she was bitten by a black widow. The redback spider ID should probably come near the beginning of the article.

  • Melissia

    Or they could be intelligent, reasonable people and read the entire article.

  • Anonymous

    It’s well known that a significant number of readers don’t read until the end of any given article. As such, most journalists use as an inverted pyramid approach to content in articles, with the most salient points of the story put toward the beginning of the piece. This was also done so that print editors could easily cut paragraphs is the paper was short on space that issue. I know this is a blog, but that has it’s own problems — mainly that many people only see the title and the first paragraph of a post. I assume The Mary Sue is a professional blog (if not, it certainly feels like one), so in the future the author might want to try to stick to putting the pertinent information earlier in the article. It’s not a big deal, but I thought the author’s reply was a bit snarky, so I threw in my two cents. She said it was a redback, but she ALSO said it was a black widow.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I persisted in calling it a black widow in the beginning because the golfer didn’t find out until later it wasn’t. SHE thought she might die because of the type of spider.

    And besides all that, we kept “black widow” in the beginning because it worked out as a more interesting comic book reference.

  • Anonymous

    Comic books and comic book references suck.