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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This Little Girl Has Something To Say About Black Widow Avengers Action Figures [VIDEO]

Hey, everyone…Riley seems angry. Should we be concerned she’ll Hulk-out? Perhaps. She takes issue with the lack of Black Widow action figures spinning out of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. And with good reason! That’s straight up…well, you know what, I’m not going to curse in a post about this adorable little girl speaking her mind about sexism. I will, however, say if I had a daughter, I’m pretty sure this is what she’d sound like. YOU GUYS, it’s like Black Widow doesn’t even EXIST!

But here’s the good news, Riley, a Black Widow Avengers action figure DOES exist. I’ve just never seen one in an actual store. But don’t worry, we’re working on it…

[Update: Thanks to eagle-eye commenter Myomorph for realizing this is the same little lady we posted a while back at an even younger age, speaking about gender issues in marketing.

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  • The Gaf

    I think she should be more angry that it was Black Widow in Avengers in the first place. Not a fan. Bring on She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Wasp- KA POWWWWW!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get her involved in the fight for female Avatar: The Last Airbender figures!

  • Amanda LaPergola

    Oh child, I feel your frustration.

  • Zac Shipley

    I want to send this girl Black Widow figures. They’re out there, no as many as Iron Man, but they’re out there.

    Also any other Marvel or DC female figures…

  • William Benjamin John Davis

    I noticed that… and don’t want to dismiss the lack of female superhero merchandise etc. but what about poor Hawkeye!?

  • Emily Hill

    Its a shame when people don’t have faith in the female heroes that they exclude them from toys that’s the main reason I decided against seeing the movie I mean wth you shouldn’t have the character in the movie if she’s not gonna be in toys

  • Calum Syers

    I may have misheard, but doesn’t she something like, “and they need more girl Avengers?”

    I’ll have to re-watch the clip now.

  • Myomorph

    this is the same Riley who saw through the girls/boys marketing and ranted when she was younger, yes?

    I still remember it. “some girls like pink, some girls like superheroes.”

    Ah, wise, adorable, wonderful child. I loved my Barbies. And I love my Alphabet Robots (Transformer-ish robots that folded into the letters of the alphabet) just as much.

  • Myomorph

    Yep. Just checked. Totally her. Was this on The Mary Sue as well? I LOVE THIS KID.

  • The Gaf

    I’m going to ignore she says that, because it doesn’t fit in with my narrative.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Black Widow also got a figure in the Superhero squad set: But again, never saw that in stores myself.

  • Matt Graham

    It’s been years since I tracked action figures and worked at Toys R Us, but females tended to be short packed for two reasons: You heard it that they didn’t sell well, so they had to short pack it.

    I never bought that, because the six per case Spider-Men sat there, while the females flew off the shelves. That leads me to the second reason:

    Female figures are actually high demand, and have a lucrative second market. Does that affect the case ratio? Shouldn’t. Yet for some reason female figures are highly sought after by the adult collectors and scalpers, because of this rarity.

    They really need to adjust case ratios. And I’m pretty sure I can find a Widow, and the kid reminds me of my littlest sister, so I’ll try and get her some Captain Marvel, Widow, and Jubilee action.

    Not my X-23, though. That was hard to find.

  • David Evans

    I am the uncle of three and a half year old triplets all of whom have hit that superhero obsessed stage. Finding fun gifts to foster that love? No problem… for two of them. The problem is they are two boys and a girl. She has no problem playing with the Spideys and the Hulks and the Batmen…but what I wouldn’t do to walk into a toy store and readily buy her a Storm or a SpiderWOMAN or Wonder Woman or a a Firestar (her favourite… no kidding!) action figure. I think that toy companies are missing out on a HUGE niche market. Girls love superheroes as much as boys do (I see that daily!) and girls need to know that their heroes don’t have to take second fiddle to the boys’ heroes. And I’d HAPPILY buy my nephews a Rogue action figure or Black Canary to fight alongside their Wolverines. Heroes are Heroes regardless of gender and toy companies (and retailers) need to wake up. On a side note, it’s the cutest thing in the world playing superheroes with them. She usually is Firestar, and the boys usually become Iceman and Spider-Man (can you guess their favourite cartoon?)… I’m usually the bad guy. They usually win. USUALLY! Mwahahahahahahahaha……

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Oh my god, you’re right! I know we posted that. Will try and find it…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Found it! Updated the post with a hat-tip to you. :)

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    My hero.

  • Emily

    I wonder when the toy marketers are going to get. Where I work I couldn’t count the time I’ve seen little girls in the ‘boy’ toy aisle. I specifically remember a little girl who got so excited and shouted “they have captain america!”.

    Even myself as a child I shared all my brothers toys lego, transformers and so on and I definitely remember both of us using the pink and purple easy-bake-oven together, as well as, both of us watching cartoons geared towards both genders. Their has never been a solid line between what girls play with and what boys play with and I am so tired of the made up one limiting the play and learning of all children.

  • Patrick Denny

    I just tweeted at Joss Whedon about this, so that should fix it.

  • Anonymous

    Heck yes Avengers girl underwear!

  • Myomorph

    Just doing my duty. And stuff. THE INTERNET IS MY HOME. :D

  • Christopher Martinez

    Well…lets be fair here…where is Hawkeye’s merch? This may be less of a sexist issue…and more of a “what will sell more” issue. Heck ive seen several packaged toys that include Black Widow and the gang except Hawkeye.

  • Charlie

    This was basically me when I was younger.

  • totz the plaid

    1) Someone should make sure she gets that Black Widow figure!

    2) I think Riley should be made the official youngest Mary Sue staff member. An adorable geeky kid who repeatedly combats sexist marketing? Heck flipping* yes!!!

    *I’m not going to swear in response to a video about a little girl either, otherwise my language there would be much more emphatic.

  • totz the plaid

    I have an old TNG Tasha Yar action figure around somewhere with the bicep-swivel articulation, so they could definitely do it if they wanted to.

  • Irony

    Exactly this. I wanted to buy the Avengers mighty muggs set only to find Widow omitted in favor of Nick Fury. Even the much maligned Hawkeye is there but no Widow? Then saw the trailer for the upcoming Avengers cartoon series and not a single female Avenger was in the trailer (seen before Monsters U). The message is rather clear that girls are princesses or nothing. Didn’t Joss Whedon say when they first approached him there were no females in the planned Avengers movie? Sorry but it’s been making me angry for a while. I want stingers next to mjolnir and hulk fists at the toy store!

  • Daniel Pickett

    Pfffft. Hasn’t this little girl ever heard of Ebay? That’s where all the BW figures are! :) In all seriousness Hasbro did put the single carded Black Widow out in at least 2 of the Avengers assortments AND they included her in the Target exclusive team multi-pack they put out for the holidays. And if she REALLY saves up her pennies, Hot Toys made both an Iron Man and Avengers version of BW.

  • Mark Brown

    Same thing happens with Transformers. Good luck finding an Arcee without ordering from Ebay or BBTS.

    It’s a catch-22; the toy company decides that female figures don’t sell as much as male figures, so they shortpack them –which means they don’t sell as much as male figures.

  • Mark Brown

    Let’s also focus on getting some GOOD A:TLA figures.

  • Amanda

    I can’t put into words how much I love this little girl! When I was her age they had the X-men cartoon on(this was the 90′s) and as a result they had all kinds of action figures available. My older male cousin was obsessed with superheroes at the time and had a huge collection of Marvel and DC action figures and I always loved to play with him and his toys. They were THE BEST! And I also remember that there being a Rogue and Storm figurine in that collection and I ended up buying my own Jean Grey as Phoenix much to my cousins enthusiasm. So I guess what I’m saying is that little girls definitely need more female action figures. The companies are really missing out here!

  • Nirali

    Hawkeye’s my favorite (if we’re not counting Coulson), so I completely agree. Both Widow and Hawkeye have been overshadowed completely. I also wouldn’t mind some Black Widow toy Throwing Knives…or Nerf Gun Hawkeye Bow and Arrows. Because if I was younger when the Avengers came out, I’d be playing with those nonstop.

  • Sara

    Those were my thoughts! Hawkeye is my favorite and they couldn’t even get him a nerf boy and arrow…the only thing I saw similar to that was at the Disney store for the holidays. But because BW and Hawkeye dont have super powers or a neat suit etc they tend to be overlooked…and I think the fact that they are regular humans with amazing skills is what makes them more amazing.

  • Anonymous
  • The Gaf

    Geez, people, lighten up with the downvotes, I made a mistake…

  • Anonymous

    That little girl is smart as a whip, isn’t she? I’m halfway between feeling sad and outraged on her behalf, and really happy about how awesome she is.

    It’s the sheer unthinking…ness of the toy/merchandise companies that particularly gets me. With something lit action figures, there might well have been an actual decision made at a meeting somewhere that female action figures won’t sell. And that’s aggravating enough.

    But it’s when you just KNOW it didn’t occur to anyone how sexist their products were that gets me. For instance, I’ve been idly collecting these little Avengers/Marvel figures which come in little chocolate eggs (I’m a freelancer, I have to take my entertainment where I find it). I think I’ve got the entire set by now: Cap, Thing, Silver Surfer, Spidey, Cyclops, Iron Man, Wolvie, Spiderwoman, Hulk and Thor. One female character out of a set of 10 figures. And it would have been so easy to swap out some of those characters for female ones: Cyclops? C’mon, Storm or Rogue are much more popular X-Men, surely?

    I can’t imagine anyone at the planning stage of the product thought boys would stop buying the eggs if there were as many female characters as male (and there’s no non-white figures while we’re on the subject of crapness). Apart from anything else, you don’t know what character you’re getting till you’ve opened it. It;s just another example of the geek-culture industries unthinkingly excluding half the population and reinforcing to children that comics and superheroes are boys’ clubs.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in!

  • Matt Graham

    Very true.

  • Matt Graham

    Good call. I’m still waiting on my Dazzler, please.

  • totz the plaid

    Are you sure? My Lt. Yar’s arms were pretty damn thin…

  • totz the plaid

    Looks like that’s another thing that needs to be fixed!