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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It Came From Outer Space

Raising Girl Geeks, Step 1: A Nursery Full of Robots and Spaceships

Katie Swindler is the new mom and crafter who put her daughter’s nursery together in shades of pink, purple and teal… and littered it with outer space imagery and science fiction standbys. Heck, we’d sleep here. Robots and girls in spacesuits below.

Retrofuturism in the baby’s room? Yes, please.

And now, adorable rocket ships,

Adorable (pregnant?) robots,

And adorable hand-made mobiles full of “stars, a purple and pink jupiter, a hot pink rocket ship, a loving robot and a one-eyed, baby alien.”

Swindler’s post on Offbeat Mama contains even more pictures, and lots of links and tips on where to buy, and how to alter or craft pretty much everything in her awesome nursery. We can’t add anything more than that it looks like her daughter has a head start on growing up an awesome geek.

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  • Eva Marie Heater

    I’m going to do my own bedroom exactly like this!!! It’s so refreshing to see a girl’s room in something other than PINK.

  • Maverynthia

     But it’s IN Pink.. “put her daughter’s nursery together in shades of pink, purple and teal”

    I’d have no pink an more blues, blacks and oranges.

  • Tami Costa

    Pink is  fine, like every other color. It’s only bad if it’s used in a stereotypical “pink is for girls” way :)

    This is just awesome, that mobile is the cutest thing!

  • Anonymous

    Other than the fact that no baby under 8-9 months old could really enjoy a mobile whos creatures weren’t facing it directly (baby looks up lying down and sees essentially a bunch of plushie butts instead of faces), awesome. It’s a lovely nursery and I would do a similar job for my infant if I hadn’t already planned on a doctor/pilot yellow decor (boy or girl) because dammit, my child will be epic!

  • Em Singh

    lol, yeah. I always wondered why many toymakers/crafters produce toys that point “ugly side/butt” towards the baby and the good stuff toward the adult.. very sad when people fail to ry and see things through the child’s own vantage point. But yeah, otherwise a cute nursery.

  • Frodo Baggins

    That drawing of Saturn is all wrong. CHECK YOUR PERSPECTIVE, LADY, THE AXES ARE OFF.

  • Anonymous

    from my experience kids usually do the opposite of what they had when they were younger…as far as “geek” i think it depends on the parents – i do like the little space creatures though

  • Robert Brian Medley

    Rofl I have 3 daughters all of which have been proficient on a computer by the age of 4 and most of them prior to that age as far as it goes. No they do not just browse the web, for one thing if on the web it is only with an adult present and sitting next to them, and there main activity on the web is though a few educational sites I like them to use ( (multi educational field wise in one locked site) being one of the better ones).