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Gina Carano Is Getting Her Own Comic Book Movie

Personally speaking I don’t give a flip about Avengelyne, the character it’s been announced Gina Carano will play in an upcoming film. But two hours of Carano kicking butt? Sign me up.

Avengelyne-the-character, a fallen angel who followed her banishment from Heaven with a stint whupping demons’ asses on Earth, was created in 1995 by Rob Liefeld, who along with Carano is “reonceiving and rebuilding” the character’s story into something the MMA-fighter-turned-actress can star in. According to The Hollywood Reporter the film “is intended to be in the vein of Underworld.”

Oh my god, that sounds awful. Awfully great. Every once in a while I need some schlocky, violent fun with limited artistic merit but excessive entertainment value, and Avengelyne looks like it just might fit the bill.

Is Carano a good actress? Not technically speaking, no. She’s an action star, dammit. I don’t think anyone who saw Haywire or Fast and Furious 6 would praise her for her thespian abilities. But I love her, and I especially love seeing her seeing her beat people up. It’s a The Rock-type situation.

The search for a writer and a director for Avengelyne should begin soon. Please, cinema gods, let this movie happen. Don’t deprive the world of two of hours fallen angel!Gina Carano hitting things.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Anonymous

    Torn because literally everything about this sounds awful. But if it flops it’ll be another strike against lady superheroes in general. Maybe it just won’t get made.

  • Anonymous

    This is the perfect movie for Carano. She’s not a good actress and I’ve always felt she was a terrible choice for Wonder Woman. But there is zero wrong with her doing her own thing in a silly movie that requires her to just fight.

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t think anyone who saw Haywire or Fast and Furious 6 would praise her for her thespian abilities. But I love her, and I especially love seeing her seeing her beat people up. It’s a The Rock-type situation.”

    That statement just hurt my soul. I’m sorry, Rebecca, but the Rock is an infinitely better actor and has more charisma in his pinky finger than Gina Carano has in her whole body. That being said, Carano could be this generation’s Cynthia Rothrock (pun not intended…but I enjoyed it nonetheless).

  • Anonymous

    If an Avengelyne movie hits theatres before a Wonder Woman movie, everyone at WB needs to commit hara kiri. Seppuku would be too good for them.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I’m sorry. You have a good point; The Rock is better than Carano. That said, Carano’s only been in like… three movies. As far as acting goes, she’s still a noob. So I’m hoping she gets better and fully lives up to her Rockesque potential.

  • Anonymous

    It should also be remembered that the Rock had YEARS of playing theater in the WWE. It was more than enough time to learn how to deliver a line and exert his natural charisma.

  • Drawbak

    I’ll praise her for her thespian talents. She went from zero acting experience or training to a lead role where she was fine. Wooden in some scenes and sparkly-charming in others. In FF6 she was as great. Everyone in my theater was invested in her character enough to *gasp* when ____ and later ____ . And talk about those moments afterwards.

    The Rock is MUCH more charismatic and fun, but totally unconvincing always. I keep waiting for him to crack up.

    I don’t want her as WW or anything yet, but give her time. We’ll see.

  • Brett W

    This will either be so bad it’s good or so bad it’s terrible. Considering it’s based on the work of Rob Liefeld, probably the latter.

  • Anonymous

    Hey if The Rock can get loads of action movies when he can’t act his way out of a paper bag, why shouldn’t there be women who do so?

    Nobody can deny Carano’s ass-kicking skills, right?
    I just hope it’s better than the Soderbergh bomb she was in.

  • Anonymous

    The Rock is a better actor? The Rock is an “actor”? for real? In what movie?

  • Anonymous

    She won’t. The Rock is leading movies because the male audience wants to be him. They won’t sell action movies to a male audience when they’re scared/outraged by the lead. Just check the backward comments on the imdb board for Haywire.

  • Anonymous

    But men are used to being fine with wooden blank acting when it comes from a big guy with muscles. Women in action movies have to be up to separate standards. And if they can be motherly in a couple of scenes, that’s also good. Less threatening.

  • Ashe

    My sentiments exactly. I wanna see Carano PUNCH STUFF.

  • Brett W

    It’s not Carano I’m doubting. It’s the source material. Rofl.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Imdb is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Hopefully the rest of the male audience won’t be like that – I grew up on too much Buffy to be outraged by women beating up dudes. A lot of us went to see both Tomb Raider films and they weren’t very clever either…

  • Aeryl

    I felt that her character in Haywire was SUPPOSED to be reserved and not very emotive, I don’t know why anyone’s knocking her performance in that movie, she delivered.

    I WANT to see her in a movie where she’s going to do more than be the locus of some creepy dude’s obsession, and can actually risk doing more than blank face.

  • Drawbak

    Yes. ^ Also, this exactly.

  • Anonymous

    The Rock not only has performed in thousands of wrestling matches, but has performed in roles on television and in movies. He’s done comedies, action movies, family-oriented movies, sci-fi and fantasy movies, and dramas, in addition to numerous voice acting gigs. You may not want to respect the work he’s put into acting, but The Rock certainly respects the craft and fans seem to respect the work he’s done. Falling back on the tired jab that “wrestlers” aren’t “real actors” isn’t clever or insightful.

    You might want to check out Pain & Gain, Fast 5, Faster, his host gig on SNL, Race to Witch Mountain, Get Smart, The Game Plan, Gridiron Gang, Southland Tales, Be Cool, Walking Tall, The Rundown, or any wrestling event where he has 20,000 fans on the edge of their seats by just speaking into a mic to better understand how good of an actor he is.

  • LifeLessons

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m with you – I am so looking forward to seeing this!

  • Anonymous

    I really want this movie to work. I’m actually pretty certain that it could be an awesome movie as long as they subscribe to the “Tony Jaa” technique. As long as it’s a solid hour and a half of Gina Carano Muay Thaing people to death with flaming legs and beating up extreme sports teams it’ll be a surefire hit. The one way this could go wrong is if they do what stupid entertainers have done for years and assume that we only watch women for fanservice. If they can just maintain confidence in their product and not reduce it to a bunch of shitty softcore porn shots of Carano in skimpy outfits they’ll come out on top. I’m hoping Carano can become the american Tony and spawn a series of awesomely choreographed fight movies in the vein of Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I don’t give a poot about Academy Award winning dramatic sequences and thespian capabilities in a movie that is ‘a fallen angel that kicks a lot of demon asses.’ I just want to see Carano Falcon Punch stuff. All the stuff!

  • Amourah

    Everything Gina Carano is good. I loved Haywire. Less talk, more punch!

  • Anonymous

    I’m there. I’m SO there.

  • Anonymous