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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


We Got Our Noses On George Takei’s Punnily-Named Perfume

You might have noticed that we don’t really do a lot of perfume reviews on The Mary Sue. Or any. That’s our sister site Styleite‘s thing. But when we were offered the chance to review Eau My, George Takei‘s foray into perfumery, we couldn’t say no. Could you? So, after a quick primer from Styleite on how the heck you even review perfume in the first place, we went around the office with a sample and asked for opinions.

  • “Notes of citrus… might be because I just ate that grapefruit, though. No, there really is citrus. Citrus and clove.”
  • “Men’s soap, a really clean dude right after he’s gotten out of the shower. I just want to bury my face in this.”
  • “Sweet aerosol.”
  • “The first floor of Bloomingdale’s.”
  • “It smells like something I should like, but don’t.”
  • “Wintery men’s cologne.”
  • “Grapefruit finish.” (Upon me asking “…finish?”: “It’s like the end of the smell. I know perfume words.”)
  • “Has all the notes that you’d associate with a men’s perfume, but it’s still kind of… fruity.” (Note: That is meant literally. Any perceived pun is unintentional. JSYK.)

And finally, from Glen over at Geekosystem:

  • “This should smell like George Takei. They should collect his sweat and put it in a bottle.”

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  • Anonymous

    “This should smell like George Takei. They should collect his sweat and put it in a bottle.”
    No they should squeeze and pulp George Takei over a vat and then distill Essence of Takei into a bottle.

  • grog1138

    There’s gold in them thar pits!

  • Amourah

    Eau My – George Takei …those words alone bring me SO much joy.

  • Ashe



  • totz the plaid

    No, they should pulp factory-grown Takei _copies_.

    Pulping the real Takei would mean no more George Takei for the rest of us!

  • Anonymous

    Holy synchronicity Batman! I read this story today and I just watched the Futurama episode with George Takei. Coincidence?…Yeah, it probably is.