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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

George R.R. Martin Is Worried He’s Not Writing Fast Enough For HBO’s Game Of Thrones

This week’s “DUH!” moment comes to us courtesy of A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin. Fans of his work know he’s notoriously slow when it comes to writing, and Martin himself has copped to it, but with the HBO television series now in full swing, there’s a new concern. Will Martin’s novels be finished or will the show catch up before he’s done? Hear what he had to say about it after the jump. 

You may be thinking Martin has nothing to worry about. He’s currently working on the second to last book and Season 3 of the show will be splitting up the third novel in the series. This means nothing. Let me explain why.

Martin’s first novel in the ASOIAF series, A Game of Thrones, was published in 1996. A Clash of Kings in 1998, A Storm of Swords, 2000. And then came A Feast for Crows…in 2005. That was basically torture for fans. Or at least they thought so until they had to wait until 2011 to read A Dance with Dragons.

Obviously a writer has to take his time to make things just the way he would like but the wait time was made even worse for fans when you consider A Storm of Swords ends on some pretty big cliffhangers and A Feast for Crows was technically only telling the story of half the cast. You had to wait until A Dance with Dragons to find out what was going on with many beloved characters you hadn’t heard from since 2000.

So with all that in mind, you can understand that even with one season of the show a year, and perhaps further books being split in two, there’s still the very real threat that Game of Thrones will reach the end of Martin’s currently published written work. He likened the pressure to a train bearing down on him.

I am aware of the TV series moving along behind me like a giant locomotive, and I know I need to lay the track more quickly, perhaps, because the locomotive is soon going to be bearing down on me. The last thing I want is for the TV series to catch up with me. I’ve got a considerable head start, but production is moving faster than I can write. I’m hoping that we’ll finish the story at about the same time…we’ll see.

Martin is currently working on the sixth book, The Winds of Winter and has one more planned after that already titled, A Dream of Spring. He’s already posted a sample chapter of the upcoming release and even read a bit of it to fans recently.

I’m working on [the next book], and a number of Ice and Fire related things at the same time. Not only The Winds of Winter, which is Book 6, but we’re also coming out with a big concordance called The World of Ice and Fire, which is about the whole history of Westeros and will be lavishly illustrated. So I’ve been filling in some of the histories of the kings who ruled 200 years ago or 500 years ago. We’ve also been doing a map book, and I’m working on a new novella about Dunk and Egg, the prequel series I have. It’s a slow process the way I write, especially books of this size that are as large and complex as they are. It’s still a slow process.

It’s not unheard of that written work isn’t finished by the time it’s adapted to film or television. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic series Scott Pilgrim didn’t have it’s final volume published when Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was being made. Neither was Hiromu Arakawa’s manga Fullmetal Alchemist. The anime series that followed her work eventually went off in a completely different direction and fans enjoy both. I don’t want to see this happen with Game of Thrones at all but it’s certainly a possibility. If nothing else, Martin would certainly be able to lead them in the right direction story-wise.

What do you think?

(via Blastr)

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  • Anonymous

    Frankly I think the show’s been doing a better job with the material than he has been, recently, due to the editing, so I’d be fine with them overtaking him, under his supervision of course.

  • Rich Steeves

    He needs to ditch Ice and Fire and write more WILD CARDS

  • Helen the Dreamer

    The second FMA series finished up just after the manga finished actually, only about 2-4 weeks later but it did squeak by and follow it faithfully to the end (commenting because I wasn’t quite sure which series you guys were referencing or if it was both).

  • Anonymous

    Well if let’s remember that writing an producing a tv show doesn’t exactly happen over night either assume that season 3 will not come out until 2013, maybe spring and winter if they split it up and then I speculate they will combine books 4 and 5 to tell those stories chronologically vs geographically (a very poor decision on Martin’s part) for 2014-2015 so expect the TV series to run out of source material by by 2016, so that’s 4 years from now. 

    The tv series is probably going to have to re-cast Bran, Rickon and Arya though because they aren’t going to stay a child/prepubescent tween forever

  • John Wao

    At least HBO is not tied to same type of schedule that network television is. So they could put the show on hiatus for a year and wait for GRRM if they had to. Fans of the show wouldn’t like it but it would be better than just cancelling it altogether.

  • Rosina Campbell

    Really? What do you think’s been done better? I think way too much stuff is missed out in the show, which is sort of understandable with time constraints, but they’ve also added unnecessary stuff in my opinion, so yeah, I’m curious :)

  • Sarah

    I like the idea of the show ending one way and the novels ending another. And yes, GRRM can be a consultant in that process. What I don’t want is for GRRM to be rushed. I love the book series and I would hate for it to fail its potential because he was racing HBO.

  • Maxwell LaChance

    It needs to go in it’s own direction.
    Direct adaptations are pointless. 

  • Kalynn Osburn

    Depending upon how it’s handled, this could even be a good thing. The TV show has done a really good job maintaining the tone, plot and direction of the books thus far, even when having to make a few script changes. It is, despite misgivings, a good thing when books and tv differ slightly because it keeps you tuned in as you don’t know exactly how each will turn out. As long as it doesn’t go completely higgedly like True Blood, I think we will be fine.

  • Mia R.

    I will 100% for the show going in it’s own direction if it means a series of episodes all about Arya and her epic training in Braavos. To all those who haven’t read the books: Read them. If only for the Arya chapters, read them. Seriously.

  • mayang rivad

    In other news, the earth revolves around the sun. 

  • K

    I got here googling Hiromu Arakawa and was confused for a second….but naw, now it makes sense.  I’m actually enjoying the show a lot more than the books, honestly – a lot less rape and misogyny.
    The only reason I read the books at all is because the show glazes over some backstory – I’m assuming because the writers think most people will know it from the books (I didn’t – I was really confused for about half the first season until I started reading the books).  If the screenwriters outpace GRRM, I expect this won’t be as big of an issue – since they’d be starting from zero.

  • K

    This is not true.  I understand what you’re saying, but they aren’t “pointless”.  Sure, making a movie remake of another movie exactly the same would be a bit silly, but when you switch between media, even while striving for a direct adaptation the new media itself will give important differences.

  • K

    While I think way too much stuff has been missed in the show, I agree the show is better.  Every time I pick up a GRRM book I feel mentally unclean.  He revels in his misogynistic view of the world.  People try to defend that, “hey, it was medieval times!  that’s just how it was like!” but, especially in this post – tagged already with Fullmetal Alchemist – we can see that this is not the case.  You can create a “medieval/historical” world full of war and horrible events, without having one book have a rape/gang rape every chapter but five.  (seriously – in book two or three there were only FIVE chapters that didn’t involve a rape or gang rape).  The “strong” female characters are more caricatures than characters – Arya could be said to be the one exception, but she comes down awfully hard on other women, so it’s still not much of a condolence. 

    I agree the show leaves a ton out (and why are there so many brothel scenes?!) but perhaps without the ability to say, “oh people read this back story in the book, probably!” they may do a better job of filling it in.

  • Rusty Patti

    The single most important part of this article as far as I’m concerned, “and I’m working on a new novella about Dunk and Egg, the prequel series I have.” If you’re a fan of the show or book the Dunk and Egg stories are must reads. The stories take place 90-100 years before A Game of Thrones. Some of the allusions will make you grin like an idiot. OK, maybe that was just me.

  • Anonymous

    Probably some SPOILERS!

    I disagree. I’ve had much greater issue with other dramatic uses of rape — usually as a device to harden and eventually “empower” the female hero. 

    Moreover, while rape is often mentioned (or just threatened), unlike some books or movies, I’ve never felt GRRM’s use was anything like “revelling” because he never wallowed in detail, or strived to make it some kind of triumphant character turning point, thus infusing a character’s being with one event. Not to say that rape doesn’t change a person deeply or for forever, but many remain people beyond that and continue living lives beyond that.Rape is just *common*, which only heightens the horror. It’s a prize of war, and it’s codified in law through marriages. In a real world where women are *still* forced into marriage, where rape is still used as a tool of war, where marital rape wasn’t even legally enshrined in many nations until the late 20th century (!!!), I don’t even think that is how a medieval world is like. It’s how this world is still like. Only our perception of what rape is and its significance has changed.

    Re: book v. show, what about Dany? The show turned her wedding night into an unambiguous rape (with repeated “no”) and to my recollection, her wedding night was much less traumatic in the book, even pleasurable. 

    I don’t think GRRM really exploits rape as shorthand either. It’s definitely often an attribute of a villainous character, but I can’t think of a major character that was defined that one way. GRRM has taken pains to show the depth of depravity or inhumanity of his villains in many horrible ways, with general contempt for human life (like Ramsay Snow). (If anything might also be accused of being gratuitous, I’d say it’s other violence — murdered infants and children, skinning people, burning them alive, etc.)

    Re: strong female characters … as a woman who’s never been strong in terms of looks, Brienne — one of the many female characters I like — always feels very real to me. Her emotional wounds are so raw and ring so true, and her forced introversion as a defence against a cruel world is almost too close to home. That she’s looked down upon by women too, I think, isn’t necessarily a sign of misogyny, but recognizing the female dynamic that’s pretty real. Her knighthood, yes, is pure fantasy, but GRRM’s handled it well enough that I can give it to him in the same environment with dragons and shadow babies.Honestly, I consider myself a very strong feminist, and I’ve reacted to many, many things over the course of my life so far that others didn’t find problematic at all. Not to say at ALL that your opinion is somehow invalid because I think I’m super feminist, but I just want to convey how genuinely surprised I’ve been that so many people feel so strongly that GRRM is misogynistic. I think I just feel a little disappointed because I actually feel he’s done a good job writing many female characters, and hope I’m not being a bad feminist :|  

  • Anonymous

    This is why I’m SO excited about the HBO series. As a long time GRRM fan, it’s pretty obvious that he needs some outside pressure to get anything done. The man goes off and writes or edits dozens of short stories or compilations. If HBO is breathing down his neck not only will he have economic incentive, but GRRM is such a control freak that he won’t be able to tolerate the story going in a completely different direction. Basically, I see the show as insurance that we will get the final book in the next decade (assume GRRM doesn’t die). 

  • K

    because he never wallowed in detail, or strived to make it some kind of triumphant character turning point,”

    I agree – he has a character raped (or gang-raped) and has the rapist saunter off in triumph.

    …how is this NOT misogynistic?

    While I’m against the “oh we need a quickie way of giving the female a background – oh, let’s have her raped!” I have to say that in GRRM’s world, when every women BESIDES the named characters seemed to be the victims of rape, it’s a very stark contrast and can really ONLY point to GRRM’s reluctance to actually deal with the after effects of rape from the victim instead of the perp’s point of view.

    If people enjoy rape fantasy, that’s totally cool – everyone’s got their kinks.  …but we shouldn’t say that rape fantasy and the sexualization of violence against women (because women aren’t simply killed in GRRM’s books, they’re raped, then killed) is anything but what it is.

    And don’t worry about spoilers – I HAVE read all the books, as slimy as they make me feel.  Please don’t assume I’m speaking from a position of ignorance.

  • K

    Also…never wallowed in detail?  I bet you can recall exactly how many people raped Lollys.  Why?  Because he mentions it – sometimes as a joke – so dang much.  Indeed, in the afterword the child’s name is only given as how many men raped Lollys.

    Also, the mountain’s recollection of his rape of the innkeeper’s daughter?  Disgusting in the amount of wallowing.

    Again – you like to wallow in rape fantasy?  Fine – but to say he doesn’t wallow is an absolute falsehood.

  • K

    Also, I’m so sorry you see Brienne as a strong female character.  She’s incredibly one-dimensional – and I can only assume you think she’s strong because the other characters are so weak by comparison.

  • idleprimate

     is depicting rape in a story misogynistic?  is that just inherent?  even if the story is about primitive peoples at war?

    i’m also guessing that in a medieval environment people dealt with the after effects of trauma (violence or rape or loss of a child) quite differently than we do.  they likely buried it and went on with the struggles of getting by

  • idleprimate

     i enjoyed that series when i was young and only just learned there are a hell of a lot of them now!  did they stay good?

  • idleprimate

    I watched season 1, then picked up the first book and it has been tedious because it is virtually identical;i feel like i am watching the show over again in my head. i’ve never ever come across such a detailed faithful adaption.  i’ve put off watching season 2 to give myself time to read the book

  • idleprimate

    so, everyone thinks they will just keep the show going for 5,6,7,8,9 years?  who are you kidding.  people will get bored of it, the next big thing will come along, the producers will can it for arcane producer reasons, or it will keep upping the ante on being sensationalist until it is unrecognizableand crashes and burns.  It’s not often HBO runs a series for too many years.  wasn’t Oz their longest running show, and that was some time ago

    Also, at 5-7 years between books, I’m not entirely certain GRRM will make it to the end of his series.  he seems to be getting on in years and doesn’t appear to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

  • Bracken Markins

    He’s also 63. I’d be less concern of HBO catching up with him and more concerned about death.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t mentioning spoilers because I thought you were ignorant. 

    I was mentioning it out of courtesy for others who might be reading, which is a common practise I try to adhere to, especially about GoT, due to previous experience. Please YOU don’t assume I only disagree with you because of a personal failing on your part instead of just merely disagreeing with you. ”I agree – he has a character raped (or gang-raped) and has the rapist saunter off in triumph.” I honestly do not understand — how IS this misogynistic? To say that sometimes people get away with horrific crimes? ”I have to say that in GRRM’s world, when every women BESIDES the named characters seemed to be the victims of rape. it’s a very stark contrast and can really ONLY point to GRRM’s reluctance to actually deal with the after effects of rape from the victim instead of the perp’s point of view.” None of our POV characters are rapists either, as far as I know. I almost mentioned the named character contrast, and to me, it seems like what has protected our named characters so far is their class and wealth in Westeros. I think that make reasonable sense. It would take a considerable breakdown in both to put these women at risk, or a great dramatic turn. The people who have been away from her family and armed protectors (yes, male, as that’s reality) have been the ones at risk … like Brienne, and Daenerys. Ygritte is a free woman. If anything, I’d argue that Cersei was raped, considering she’s talked about how Robert would often just take sex from her, and I think that impression is reasonable, considering Jaime’s reaction (though he just generally hates Robert). As despicable as some appear to think him, GRRM probably can’t bring himself to have a child — Arya — raped. 

    Also, at this point, I’m not sure what you mean by “rape fantasy” as I usually associate it with a woman who has a consensual rape fantasy. IF you’re trying to say that I get some kind of sexual gratification from rape in books, then I no longer am interested in this conversation at all. I appreciate you sharing your viewpoint otherwise though. 

  • Anonymous

    “Indeed, in the afterword the child’s name is only given as how many men raped Lollys.” 

    Did you laugh at it? No. Neither did I. Not all jokes are supposed to be funny, and I think it aptly demonstrated rape culture — how many people have you heard or I heard say “lighten up” when making jokes about rape (e.g. prison rape, or saying they’d “rape”/dominate someone in something otherwise totally non-sexual?)

    The show chose, of course, to show Sansa nearly suffering that fate. 

    “Also, the mountain’s recollection of his rape of the innkeeper’s daughter?  Disgusting in the amount of wallowing.” Did he? It was always a story mentioned by others, usually while retelling the castle falling as a whole. I don’t recall the Mountain talking about it at all before Oberyn’s duel, but I haven’t just read the books, so I can certainly stand corrected.I think he didn’t talk about it because he didn’t think it was a big deal. Nobody dared ask him, and he didn’t talk about until Prince Oberyn goaded him into a public declaration for their duel. I feel like he was barely human when he was screaming those words.Then he promptly was slain by Prince Oberyn. The Mountain’s rape was this near-mythical story of history for so long — like how we are thrilled by ancient tales of battle by Greeks or Romans but forget the victims. Defeating Scipio more than likely involved violation of the women who lived in North Africa, I bet. At that point, even, nobody in Westeros, except the Dornes, even seemed to think it was so big a deal, after happening so long ago in war, as still deserving justice. But we were shown it did … that to her family, it did happen and might as well have happened yesterday. They made it a deeply personal hate, even though it was “supposed” to be the way politics works in a medieval world. I thought that was powerful. 

  • Anonymous

    I can only assume you think she’s strong because the other characters are so weak by comparison.” 

    Maybe you can only assume because you didn’t read my comment properly. I clearly state there why I empathize with Brienne and why I think she’s strong with her struggle. I spend a substantial paragraph at the very end saying why my personal experience makes her seem real. After reading your responses, including this final one, I can see that you’re not so willing to engage in debate than to blaze and accuse. I would say I’m sorry this conversation is at a end, because I try to be polite in these heated debates, but I truly am not. 

  • Patrick Mancia

    “‘I agree – he has a character raped (or gang-raped) and has the rapist saunter off in triumph.’
    …how is this NOT misogynistic?”
    … because that’s life. Men are not gentle and kind creatures, they want sex, and if not controlled, they’ll do what it takes to get it, and a great deal more for no apparent reason beyond a display of dominance 

    Dany was raped numerous times (yeah yeah yeah sure, Drogo massages her a little in the book before asking her (“no??”) if she wants to have sex with him. I still consider this rape though considering the other influencing factors in Dany’s life). However, she quickly learned how to play Drogo’s game and soon had control over him (unlike sansa who doesn’t know how to play the game). That’s what I call “dealing with the after effects of rape from the victim” ‘s perspective. Moping around in a emotionally broken state is not conducive to survival in a world where men have absolute control of women. To survive as a woman in  this primitive world, you have to either A. play the game (Dany), B. break the rules (like arya), C. Physically kick the shit out of people (like brienne). 

  • Anonymous

    I’m still waiting for Season 4 of Deadwood!!!!!

  • Emmanuel Aguila

    If the tv series goes off in a completely different direction I don’t think people especially the readers would want to watch it.

  • Beth Z

     I’m assuming the article references the first FMA anime, which aired around 2005-2006, several years before the manga finished. They followed the manga plot up until about vol 4, and then they went off into crazy land with their own plot, although I’ve heard that was approved by the author.

  • Anonymous

    So does this mean George R.R. Martin will be HBO’s b!tch?

    Hang tough, George.

  • gregorylent

    dance with dragons feels a bit like grrm has lost interest in the characters and story .. all the magic discoveries he has already made, the worlds discovered and created now it is just plodding out until the end .. so it seems in reading dwd

  • Steve Swyhart

    The books are way better than the show. The first season was spot on with regard to A Game of Thrones, but “A Clash of Kings” has taken a little too much creative license in my opinion. I’m not so concerned that he takes too long to write the books, but as was stated above I’m more concerned he’ll die before he’s done writing them. I’d be interested in reading some of his side stories and prequels but first things first. Finish the Song of Fire and Ice series. 5 to 6 years in between books is ridiculous. I’m almost done with A Dance With Dragons and I’d prefer to finish the books before I’m told that there is no social security check for me.

  • Anonymous

    It’s beyond “creative license” at this point.  I just finished watching season 2 and it seems as though the book has been COMPLETELY rewritten for its file adaptation.  I lost count of the number of times my boyfriend and I looked at each other and said…”That never happened!”  and/or “WHY, WHY, WHY???”  – It was so frustrating!  Not to mention that in changing so many fundamental details this early on, it stands to reason that subsequent episodes/seasons will have to be altered as well just to keep the story line of the HBO version in check.  Why produce a series based on a written work if you are going to change it so dramatically?  I wasn’t expecting a one to one correspondence but seriously, it’s too much and wtf happened to the direwolves???  I watched several episodes yesterday and do not remember seeing one at all… Too bad! 

    Anyway, Thanks for the “Dunk and Egg” prequel info…can’t wait to read them :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fictional work. To call someone a “misogynist” because of something they write in a novel is asinine. Only George truly knows his views on women. You may be correct, but citing some fictional scenes is hardly evidence. By your way of thinking, he is also an “arsonist”, a “homosexual”, a “sadist”, and a “pedophile” since those events often take place in his books as well.

    Women still don’t make equal pay for the same work. Women couldn’t vote in the US until 1920. Do you really believe “rape” was uncommon or even frowned upon 500+ years ago? Besides, this is a fictional work, it’s only loosely based on our medieval ages since I don’t recall reading about dragons and Others storming the walls at Windsor Castle.

    I’m not going to debate the strength of his female characters, but I see strengths in Brienne, Arya, Catelynn, and even Sansa. Yes, they all have weaknesses … just like all of his male characters and every person who has ever lived including you and me.

    Seems fairly simple, if you don’t like the author … why read the books???

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fudge about the show? Finish up writing so I can read them damn it all! Although, one does not rush a fine wine. I can only imagine a winemaker in his cellar shouting at casks “FERMENT FASTER, I WANNA DRINK YOU SO HARD! OOOooo YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW HARD I AM GONNA DRINK YOU!”

  • shayna tower

    why has “Dance With Dragons”(Trade paperback) been pushed back to the release date of Mars 2013? I work in a bookstore and i have been telling ALL of my customers that the release date is SUPPOSED to be August 28, 2012. Please explain to me why…why we will not see it now for almost another year? any takers on this lovely question??? Because you have offlicially now made people angry and upset.. AGAIN!

  • Anonymous

    I just saw this — unreal!  I zipped through all 4 earlier this year and have been waiting on edge for the past 4 months for August to get the trade paperback of A Dance With Dragons.  Now it’s March 2013?!?  What the hell?

  • Poe Larity

    Agreed! I pre-ordered it on amazon MONTHS ago thinking I’d get it on the 28th.  Just went to check the order and saw the date had been pushed back. Is this somehow to help the tv show? I just don’t understand why they’d do this unless they think they’re gonna get more money by forcing folk to go after the hardback.  At this point I think it’s time for me to cancel my pre-order and try to track down a decent used copy.  :(

  • dennis bright

    Bracken Markins said ;
    He’s also 63. I’d be less concern of HBO catching up with him and more concerned about death.

    I think he’s milking his books for all there worth, and only writing enough to keep himself in spending money.

  • Anonymous

    The first two books were interesting. In the third book he killed off a lot of the main characters, then brought in new characters. This made the fourth book unbearably boaring! In the 5th book he lost the plot completely! He’s clearly just milking it! Sooooo many loose threads and no going forward with anything. Im done with it!! He won’t be able to write a good ending with the mess he’s mad3 nw! :=((

  • Bandit666

    I was late for work the other day because George RR Martin was working at Burger King. He said my order will be ready when it’s ready.

  • Rene Bass

    Jeez George, quit worrying about writing other books!FINISH the Winds of Winter already. Pretty disappointed that you are NOT concentrating soley on it!! Just finish already! Gonna lose a reader.

  • Josh

    Your 64 years old….. you think your going to live forever…. stop being so self fish and finish series already…….PLEASE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    George, this may sound crass but perhaps something you might reflect on. There are people that have died waiting for you to finish the series. The other tragedy may be that you die before you finish the series. We all die, so knowing the full story would provide some small amount of fulfillment to what is left.

  • Peter Zin

    I would be so pissed if the old fella croke before he finish his books.

  • Adam Burch

    He needs to not worry about speed and be concerned with writing better. Dany spending the whole book in Mereen? An entire storyline about the fake prince Aegon? A bunch of NEW characters we do not give an F about? Where the hell is the EDITOR on these books?

  • Sarah Johnston

    My biggest concern is that, in an effort to make sure that the TV show doesn’t catch up to him, he’ll sacrifice his story, even a tiny bit. I’d rather wait two or three years for a season of the show than have him rush to finish and the book, as a result, not be as excellent as the rest of them have been.

  • Ajali Shabazz

    Kudos to anyone, and thus to you, George Martin, who can discipline him/herself enough to compose an entire world that lasts an excruciatingly detailed near to, or over 4,000 pages. I lost count a couple months ago on Book 3.

    As for all the ghoulish concerns for your health, but only as it relates to you finishing the book, and not that you are a real human being, book or not? A regular Cult of the Dead, that bunch. Although they bring some truth. Now here’s some gently meant advice to you, the person, not the author as we all have imaginations and can fill in the blanks ourselves should the unfortunate happen and ‘Gasp!’ There’s no book…

    You made such easy fun of the wantonly gluttonous that I was certain the author of these ponderous tomes would know better. That was before I googled personal information about you – only to see Lord Manderly staring out from your photos. Please stop eating like your characters so you don’t make the heartless Cult of Death mourn the book you may not finish, as? To HELL with the book. Live for yourself and the remainder will happen with less stress and more certainly. Because 64 is not old!!! What kind of insane culture is this that thinks such when it’s what you eat that kills you early. On the contrary, 64 is when the best of life begins, if you have your strength and wits. You go George and tell the world to take a flying leap off a dragon, or at least off your back.

    Might be one and the same, if you value yourself, which is what matters. All the best, and thank you for the last several months of fantastical fun.

    Please check out Gary Null (you can hear his life saving information on every weekday at 12pm, and you can easily contact him). No joke. This isn’t an advertisement as his services are free. That man will get you another 20 years of the best health, so you’re not falling to pieces like a 3D Lord Tully.

  • Ash

    I hope he takes his time because now that this is a mainstream TV show, I fear that the story quality will suffer if he tries to keep up! I’ve been reading this series since it first came out, and yest it is torture to wait so long, but it has been worth it! Don’t sacrifice the story quality for TV (it’s not even as good as the book anyways!!)

  • HBD

    Seeing each of Martin’s 5 books depart in content ever further from their titles, finally “A dance with dragons” succeeded in departing completely from both the original plot line and any possible conclusion. Instead seeming to share only a vast array of short stories connected by excessively descriptive feasts filled with sexual innuendo all combined with a brief and less imaginary wisp of dragon stuff. Thusly leaving us with a growing cast of repulsives who only seem to carry forward a vastly expanding array of pointless perversions.

  • Scott GIddings

    he spends most his time traveling the world doing book signings and conventions. And when he is writing its side stories and an illustrated history. go home and finish your series, then bask in your fame and glory. its such a good story i’m starting to wish i hadnt started reading it yet.

  • Faris Fauzi

    I wish that the last book..i don’t mind it 7th or maybe 8th book launch at the same time with the final season premier of the series !!

  • mike graham

    Maybe Brandon Sanderson could step in and finish the series

  • Oscar Whistler

    And now its been pushed back again to September 30,2014 JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!

  • David Gardner

    What really pisses me off is that I started reading the series after Martin said it would only be 5 books. The first 3 were done. Each took 2 years and the 4th was due, according to the author himself, soon. That would make it 2 years just as the first 3. Ha. He lied to us for the first time. Then he said it was too long so even though it was done they had to split the book. That took another 2 years. Then 6 more for the 5th book that as he had said before was already done. Lies on lies. If he spent half his time writing his books that he spends on his stupid blog then he would be done.

  • Karen Schaeffer

    I hate to say this but I absolutely agree with you 100% on this – the first three books were very compelling…then after that, they became muddled in detail about minor characters I could not give a SHI.T ABOUT…I read a comment somewhere that he deliberately divided the story into 2 sections in terms of characters and that was why certain main characters disappeared for entire books….If you ask me, if an author has to “explain” his books, that’s never a good sign. Reminds me of the Stephen King Dark Tower series, which I loved and invested so much time and money in – only to be supremely disappointed in its conclusion – King is a very talented author but man, his conclusion of this series sucked AS.S. Just read the Amazon reviews – I am not the only one to feel that way. Makes me think of the show Lost – and how no one knew how to end the series so they had the lamest ending EVER. I am very scared that Game of Thrones has the same destiny…if anything, HBO may actually do a better job of concluding the series…only time will tell.

  • Karen Schaeffer

    I also kept thinking the same thing: “where the hell is the editor?”