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TK-421 Why Aren't You At Your Post?

George Lucas Will Retire From Star Wars Any Day Now

George Lucas has hinted at retirement for a few years. Is the director finally ready to give up the reins of LucasFilm? What about that unfinished Star Wars TV show? Read on to find out!

Back in January, Lucas made a big splash by saying he was retiring, and basically blamed Star Wars fans for it. He told the NY Times, “Why would I make any more when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?” He also confirmed to them he’d be retiring. Though he didn’t say exactly when, the 68-year-old director is apparently still set on that plan.

Though retirement for Lucas won’t be the same as retirement for most people.

In a recent issue of Empire Magazine he said, “I’m moving away from the company, I’m moving away from all my businesses, I’m finishing all my obligations and I’m going to retire to my garage with my saw and hammer and build hobby movies. I’ve always wanted to make movies that were more experimental in nature, and not have to worry about them showing in movie theaters.”

Of course by “garage” he means “ten car garage,” and by “saw and hammer” he means, “crew of 100.” Or at least something to that effect.

He’s assured the public he’ll still work on films, just not the big budget kind. Plus, he said himself he still has obligations to finish. There’s still the question of the live-action Star Wars television show as well as a possible (vomitinmymouth) fifth Indiana Jones film. Something tells me he”ll still be making the big decisions when it comes to his properties. I can’t ever see him letting go of that.

(via /Film)

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  • Dan Roscoe

    Maybe if he stopped fucking with stuff that was already successful, and tried to do something new the fans would stop yelling at him.

    He’s a fucking child.

  • Christopher LaHaise

    If he finally, finally lets go of Star Wars, and lets other people just do their thing, it might be able to grow.

  • Kate Lorimer

    Rick McCallum seemed to be a much more in-tune person to handle the star wars legacy than this bizarre chap.  The prequels, the retconning and revisionism, the outright baffling “Han *always* shot first” pouting…

    Doesent really matter to me anyway…  Star Wars was dead to me after I’d had time to think about the prequels.  Then it became an undead shambling shadow of its former self with all the inappropriate use of characters and assets for any old commercial venture. Dont get me started on Indiana Jones, which will forever now be a trilogy as far as I’m concerned.