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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

Geoff Johns Slipped Something Groundbreaking Into His Green Lantern Finale

Writer Geoff Johns recently ended his almost ten year journey with DC Comics’ Green Lantern. What began as a literal rebirth in 2003 was wrapped up in a neat bow last week but opened the mythos to a few interesting possibilities, including one relavent to our specific interests here at The Mary Sue. 

[Editor's note: Small spoilers for Green Lantern #20]

The Green Lantern Corps is an institution that spans, gender, race, species, as well as the universe, but back here on Earth, there’s been one thing missing – a female Green Lantern. In our home sector 2814, we’ve seen five official GLs – Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and the newly appointed Simon Baz. While there have been many awesome women in the Corps (Katma Tui, Laira, Arisia, Iolande, Soranik Natu), none have officially served as Earth’s Green Lantern.

Jade (aka Jennifer-Lynn Hayden), the daughter of non-Corps affiliated Green Lantern Alan Scott (in pre-reboot continuity), was given a spare power ring by Kyle at one point and served as a GL of Earth. But once her normal powers were returned to her she didn’t need a GL ring any longer. The ring didn’t choose her, which is what makes this new development news worthy.

To show the GL legacy would live on, in the pages of Green Lantern #20, Johns went on to mark a few beats in the future of several Lanterns. We witness a scene between Simon and the arm of a Lantern named Jessica paired with a narrator saying, “He was ultimately responsible for training the first female ring bearer of Earth — Jessica Cruz — a controversial figure herself who came into possession of her ring in the wake of the Justice League’s death.”

Who is Jessica Cruz and what does a Justice League death entail? That remains to be seen as well as whether or not the next or future Green Lantern writers will pick of the threads Johns weaved, whether this is part of something larger planned at DC, or if it will amount to nothing at all.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  • Matt Graham

    It’s pretty cool, no?

  • Dan Griffin

    Jessica Cruz will be the daughter of NY Giants WR Victor Cruz.

  • Mordicai

    Given the way GL mined a few Alan Moore issues for entire storylines based on a few tossed off lines, I’d say there is precedent.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be cool if he developed this over in JLA.

  • Dean Kish

    I think what Johns means by “possession of her ring in the wake of the Justice League’s death” is that the Justice League will split up after the Trinity War as they have been eluding too… I also think Batman is going to form his own team (possibly The Outsiders?) since the power couple of Supes and WW makes him worried about Earth’s safety… This I think will bring us even more off-shoots of the Justice League like Marvel’s Avengers…

  • Emina Dulovic

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  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Eh, I would have been happier if Jade had been brought back personally ^^;

  • Anonymous

    That’s what Alan Moore claimed, and that was pretty much hyperbole on his part.

  • Liam Shiels

    Well, the other thing there’s never been is a GL who wasn’t from the US.

  • Mordicai

    I’m not a big Alan Moore partisan, but his invention of Mogo & the Empire of Tears certainly laid the groundwork for the first part of the color wars arc, all the Sinestroing & what have you. I don’t think it is hyperbole at all; nor do I mean it as condemnation. Comics are a serial medium; building on older stories is good myth creation.

  • Matt Graham

    I’m with you, Mordicai. I’m not much a Moore fan, but I’ve read his old GL stuff and it’s obvious Johns built on that. I don’t begrudge it at all, it’s the coolest part of long running comics out of Marvel and DC.

    Johns clearly reinterpreted some of it. It’s my understanding from Moore’s story about the looming threat that demons were where he wanted to go. But the color wars, Sinestro, Abin Sur, prophecies…all of that came from Moore’s own little stories.

    I have a friend who said “F Alan Moore” when I opined that it was cool Johns wrapped up a lot going back to the Moore stuff. I don’t get that kind of hostility when the credit is due.

    Some day in a few years, someone will be inspired by the Johns stuff and do a new color war, and bring Sinestro into villainy again, and also play with Bas and Jennifer Cruz as well as Kyle, Guy, and Hal. I know GL fans tend to be very protective, more than the other characters, but it’s something to be celebrated and built off of, not hoarded and curated.

  • Mordicai

    Well, Moore does, I think, distort to whom & why credit (& cash & control) should go. I think if he was more gracious, like you say, about participating (knowingly) in a studio-owned endeavor, part of a continuity, then…well he might still be working in them.

  • Matt Graham

    The man is certainly no one I idolize in the charisma department. Creativity and work ethic and output, but not his people skills.

  • Matt Graham

    Even more? /runs away crying into the night