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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Vampy’s Amazing Genderswapped Nightwing Cosplay

As the superhero identity of Dick Grayson, the all-grown-up first Robin, Nightwing’s almost always been the superhero identity of a dude. Notable exceptions being the Nightwing of the Smallville setting and Power Girl while trying to police the Kryptonian city of New Kandor. But cosplayer Vampy isn’t dressed as any of those. Rather she’s clearly drawing inspiration from the version of Nightwing that appears in Batman: Arkham City, and who cares if he’s not a chick. She’s done an incredible job. See more pictures here.

(via Kotaku.)

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  • Captain ZADL

    That’s pretty neat :)

  • Jodie Chiang

    Genderswapping and racebending. Yes. Good.

  • Sabreman

    I had forgotten that “Nightwing” was originally a Kryptonian Batman (with his own Robin analogue for good measure, whose name I forget) based in the Kandor city-in-a-bottle!

    Edited to add: now I feel horribly old… :(

  • Anonymous


    Oh, god, why do I know that?

  • Life Lessons

    LOVE it!!!