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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things to Do With Your Kids

Say Bonjour to Genderswapped Beauty and the Beast Fanart

Or, as Tumblr artist dc9spot named it, Beau and the Beast. Check out some additional sketches behind the jump. Then, if you’ve been infected with the genderswapped Disney bug, might I humbly suggest you give this post a gander.

(via Tumblr)

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  • locuas

    [Insert Furry Joke here]

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmm…I don’t like it. The male Beast was just that, a beast. They seem to be portraying her as an excited puppy, especially in that last pic.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Yeah, why can’t she tower over him in a beastly manner? She’s no pup. I don’t like that girl-beast is ‘cutesy’ rather than fierce. :P

  • Marcy Kitsune

    She can be both. Shame we don’t get to she her acting intimidating here though. It’s a great idea and well drawn.

  • locuas

    to be fair, beast’s human form wasn’t that different from his beast form, so you can make a strong argument that you still look similar to how you looked as a human.

  • Dora Breckinridge

    True, but all the scenes in which she IS cute and snuggly seem to correspond with ones in the movie where Beast himself was attempting to do the same. (The dancing, the reading.) The one with her clutching the rose glass seems pretty beastly, and arguably it’s an appropriate flip because Beast was only nasty because he was a jerk, and the narrative played into society’s expectations that all men are growly alpha characters at heart. It had nothing to do with him being transformed into a monster. I think you could tell an interesting story with a woman whose character could marry both the feminine and the animal instead of having to choose one over the other.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    To second this point: There are some other sketches on the artist’s Tumblr where the Beast is more aggressive ( Those are from film scenes where male Beast was the same.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Thank you. :) I had a knee-jerk reaction and hadn’t looked at the whole set, just the teasers on the article.

  • Gypsy Thornton

    Oh wow – this feels weird, like the Prince is being”princely” and rescuing the maiden who needs rescuing out of her furry form. I don’t like that implication at all. :/ Hm – might have to blog on it…

  • Lien

    …but the offspring didn’t’ survive?

    Oh dear, i hate myself for saying that.

  • Lien

    While i like the idea, i am somewhat conflicted. The whole concept of Beauty and the beast was about how much of a jerk the Beast was and had to learn to love again by changing his ways.

    But when you reverse it, it seems more like the beast needs to calm down and act like a lady to break the curse. Kinda implying that acting otherwise then the society norm of being a lady… is bad. So reinforcing gender structure.

    I know, over-thinking on this waaaaayyy too much.