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Check Out Geekosystem’s Redesign; It’s Kind of What We’re Going to Look Like Eventually

Ya dig? Or no?

Geekosystem‘s categories are Tech, Entertainment, Science, Gaming, Space, and Weird—I’m not sure what ours will be, but I think I look forward to having a “weird” section, whatever it ends up being called.

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  • Charlotte Cook

    I quite like the quirky, very visula format the Mary Sue has now. It makes it very approachable.

  • catastrophegirl .

    hrm, that’s the kind of redesign that ended with me not reading LifeHacker anymore. too much going on there.

  • Captain ZADL

    Agreed. I’d reduce my visiting by nearly 100% if the site is designed this way. It’s happened before with me.

  • Daniel Reasor

    Please no more unnecessary website redesigns. The current set up is fine, the comments section is user friendly, articles are easy to find. Don’t do to this site what Gawker did to every site in its corporate family. Please, no more.

  • Ccw Occupytheworld Sparks

    BOOOOOOO!! HISSSSSSS!!!!! BAH HUMBUG! What a MESS!! The site’s already cluttered enough as it is. MORE WHITE SPACE, not less!!

  • AnnaB

    Kinda sad they’re redesigning it to that because I like the way things are, but then there are worse things than changing a format, so… I’ll go with it. I like the Mary Sue too much to dump it over a new layout.

  • Jason Enright

    I do agree that it seems very cluttered and over-designed. I would prefer no change, but it won’t stop me from reading interesting articles, i would probably just be less likely to browse the site after reading an interesting article.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Here’s the thing: I love this site because it’s so easy to navigate. That looks far more complicated than the current design. The simplicity here is what I love, and why I get all my geeky news here instead of elsewhere.
    But hey- at least they’re telling us they’re changing, opposed to FB that just does it without warning.

  • Captain ZADL

    Websites are about accessible content, not flashy eye candy. If no one can really tell what the article is about because it’s only a picture and a headline, then no one will click through to read it. You’ll be typing to no one but the search engine bots.

    Geekosystem’s website shows no content. I don’t care enough about any of the pictures to click on them. It’s an explosion of nonsense, unlike the very readable Mary Sue, where I get a good idea of the article content and then am able to read more if I like.

    Did anyone do a usability study, or is this some marketing jerkwad trying to justify her or his job’s existence? Do some research first, ask us your readers what we’d like. Do we have problems? Redesign for redesign’s sake is always a dumb idea.

    Two big thumbs down. Dumb idea, really dumb idea.

  • Travis Fischer

    Yeah, not digging that at all. I really like TMS’ simplistic layout. (Your mobile app is horrible though, and I wish you would stop redirecting me to it when I’m on my Nexus.)

  • Mike Cassandra

    I wasn’t very thrilled with the redesigns awhile back for the Gawker group of sites, io9, Gizmodo, etc… But I still visit them because the articles are worth it. I’d feel the same about The Mary Sue. Your articles/viewpoints are worth more to me than having to adjust to a redesign. That said, I find the current layout more aesthetically pleasing, given the subject matter, but I’ll definitely give it a shot.

    I’m curious what your categories will be though. I imagine there might be a “This we saw today”, but I do look forward to whatever your “Weird” one will be hahaha.

  • Alli

    No, I don’t like it. Too much going on. I prefer more content up front.

  • Rebecca Billy

    I’ve been having trouble viewing Geekosystem on my cell phone since the redesign. Hate that.

  • Michelle Elizabeth

    As long as you get rid of that paper texture background I will be happy :D <3 Love your site regardless.

  • TKS

    It’s been a while since I have liked so many comments on a single post. I agree with the consensus. If form follows function, current Mary Sue wins.

    I have to wonder, is this change entirely voluntary? Or is every site in the Geekosystem family redesigning?

  • Robert

    I wouldn’t mind the new layout. The pinterest/grid layout is very mobile friendly and that’s the point.

    I would mind if the site took on that new commenting system where each thread is a column and you have to click left or right to see more than two comment trees at a time. That’s annoying and needlessly complex.

  • John Wao

    Never visited that site before but it looks good.

  • Anonymous

    I like being able to scroll down on the Mary Sue and know that I’ve read everything. That kind of layout makes it hard for me to know whether I still have new posts to read or not – I can’t just read everything until I hit something I’ve seen before.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan it’s to much going, hard to tell whats new and whats not. I like the design of the current site

  • Anonymous

    When you ask ‘yay or nay’ is that a rhetorical question or will complaints really be considered?

  • ninjahq

    I love the current site! It’s clean and easily accessible. The geekosystem site is an eye sore and makes me want to click away as quickly as possible. Also, the unique look of TheMarySue is part of it’s appeal. If it looks like every other site then people won’t know it’s special!

    Also, with that hodgepodge I would never have any idea whether I was seeing all the content you had to offer, nor would I be inclined to find it.

  • Anonymous

    Do not want! The Geekosystem redesign makes it harder to do a quick browse of content for interesting stories. The simple, sequential setup we still have here on The Mary Sue is far better. Please don’t go changin’!

  • Anonymous

    So many websites are going the way of “LOOK! SO MANY BOXES!” on their front page and it makes me so so sad. It’s an accessibility issues. For folks with (some) processing disorders it is makes the website almost impossible to navigate.

    I had to stop reading io9 anymore because of their redesign. My brain couldn’t work with it. I’d really really hate to see that happen here too. (Note: io9 is a smidge better now than it used to be, but it is still too cluttered and visually busy to be accessible on a regular basis.)

  • Anonymous

    This, times a billion.

  • Caitlin

    Ugh, I used to read io9 and Lifehacker before they changed to look crappy like that. Will you at least do what they did, and give us an option to turn it back into a blog so we can tell that we’ve looked through everything posted since the last time we visited?

    For example, I haven’t been on your site since Friday, so I went through all the posts until I recognized one from Friday. If it’s all jumbled, I won’t bother trying to figure out if I’ve caught all the new posts.

  • Jordan Gray

    I can’t stand the redesign.

  • Emily

    It’s so cluttered and unreadable. Such a shame. I love this site. It’s clean and easy to read. I’ve stopped reading the Gawker sites due to their redesign. It looks like this will be one more site that I loved that I won’t be able to read.

  • Cy

    It took me all of 10 seconds to realize I hate the new Geekosystem layout. So much so that it made me sad to know that I won’t be using it as much anymore. It’s too hard to view now. Now I find out TheMarySue is going to end up the same way?

  • Catilyn Derrenbacher

    Please don’t change… or if you do let me go back to this if I choose. I already gave up on geekosystem with their new look and I’m super sad about it.

  • Anonymous

    I like the Tech, Entertainment, Science, etc tabs at the top, that would be a nice addition, but as for the design as a whole? Nope, I like the one you’ve got now. It’s simple and very easy to navigate.

  • Laura Truxillo

    So…what’s wrong with TheMarySue’s layout now?

  • Angelica Brenner

    Don’t fix what ain’t broke! The standard blog format works just fine. I like reading lead-ins to posts, not just keyword-hogging headlines.

  • Caitlind Oteiza

    I really really like it!!

  • Axey

    Are we going to lose our random strong ladies at the top of the page? : Please say no.

  • Erin Treat

    I used to go to kotaku and io9 on a daily basis before they redesigned them. Guess how often I visit them now. On average LESS than once a month. Only in extreme cases where there’s an article I’m really, really interested in.

    If themarysue changes to that excrescent layout the same will happen here. The site is great just like it is and I have no problems using it even on my mobile.

  • Celesta

    I like the different sections on top (entertainment, weird etc.) but I don’t like the Windows 8-esque box layout for the posts, cluttered. Timeline-like style that The Mary Sue has now is much more user friendly. Not looking forward the change, sorry. :(

  • Anonymous

    NO. We love our ladies.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow is that an awful design.
    So, it’s story time. I used to read the various Gawker blogs, io9 and … the car one … Jalopnik, mostly, but I’d hit up Giz and Lifehacker as well. It was a nice orderly pile of articles and I could scroll down until I found one I recognized and then I knew I’d reached where I left off. Then they changed it to a terrible new design, much like the one that Geekosystem is using now. I stopped going. At all. On the plus side, I found you folks. Well, I guess I’ll go find someone else now. Be seeing you!

  • Hughes Scott Crawford

    Oh please no! That is just too busy looking. I love the Mary Sue as it is.

  • Anonymous

    This. Sometimes I’m able to read a site daily, but mostly I need to binge-read until I catch up. GeekOSystem has an “everything” button at the top that approximates the old delivery system, so I’ll use that – but if that option fails at some point, I’ll rely on Twitter and click over to read only the specific articles that pique my interest. Which would suck.

  • Hollyanna

    No! I love the current site design. It’s part of why I started visiting regularly.

  • Hollyanna

    That’s a great point about accessibility. You don’t often think about the internet having structural barriers. Or web page designers don’t anyway.

  • Anonymous

    They really don’t. It’s kind of a big deal when web pages become inaccessible, but comments of that nature usually get brushed off as if people are just whining about change. I’m not the biggest fan of change in the world, but when a webdesign *cannot be used* by portions of the (now former) audience it’s a big deal!

  • Carrie Sessarego

    Please, just…no. That’s no moon. It’s a space station.

  • Renee I.

    Much much harder to figure out what I have read and what I haven’t. Thumbs down.