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The Geekosystem Podcast Episode 39, “Wednesday Is the New Tuesday”

We'll get back to our regular schedule one day, but today is not that day.

Wednesday Addams

This week on The Geekosystem Podcast we’re a day late, but like, what is time really, you know? We discuss time travel as it pertains to the Richard Linklater film Boyhood, which isn’t about time travel. We also talk about the upcoming film I Origins, how to pronounce “coupons,” potentially satirical Twitter accounts, and Editor’s Picks!

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Here’s the Kirk Cameron banana video we talk about. It’s somewhat less ridiculous than I remembered it being, but it’s still pretty ridiculous. Behold, the “Atheist’s Nightmare”!

Victoria branched out her anime love this week beyond Sailor Moon:

This week my pick is Revolutionary Girl Utena, which you can now find on Hulu in its dubbed format (which could be worse, but isn’t the best dub I’ve ever heard). It’s a magical girl anime of sorts from the ‘90s, and it’s about this girl who wants to become a prince and accidentally gets engaged “the Rose Bride.” Utena might fight to protect Anthy in a series of duels against those who seek to use Anthy’s power as The Rose Bride to bring about a revolution. It’s a very confusing, dense, allegorical story that deals against with a lot of interesting themes of obsession and sexuality—and I should warn you, there’s a lot of incest, assault and bullying that takes place, so general trigger warning for those themes— and is really well known for having a lot of queer characters and gender role subversion. Also, it’s just really goddamn pretty, and the music is infectious. I’m about 16 episodes in and I really enjoy it so far, so I can’t wait for the ending to completely break my brain as I’ve been told it will.

My pick this week is a great monthly subscription service for nerdy kids:

Space Scouts

This week I’m really into Space Scouts, a subscription service for kids that’s based around space exploration. I’ll be doing a full write up about the service on the site soon because they sent me their starter kit to try out. It’s aimed at kids ages six and up, but I don’t have one of those. I do have a one-year-old who seemed pretty excited to open the Space Scouts lunch box, put space stickers on things, and play with some space toys. Honestly, I was too.

The beauty of the subscription model is that it gives kids something to look forward to each month, and since it’s space-themed that means kids are getting excited about space, and that’s awesome. The same company puts out an animal-themed monthly box for younger kids which looks like fun if you’re into animals, but come on– space is cooler than animals.

Dan’s pick is a little sexier than mine, but it’s sexy for science reasons:

Season 2 of Masters of Sex started on Sunday night, and I think you should give the show a try. It’s got a lot more to do with social issues and attitudes toward unpopular scientific thought than you might have expected from its marketing, and it’s also a compelling drama based on real people, especially researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, in the 1950s.

Carolyn picked something I also really enjoy and think you should check out on Hulu:

This week I’m recommending Moone Boy, because I have a heart. The show’s first two seasons are available on Hulu, and follow 12 year-old-Martin as he grows up in rural Ireland with the help of his imaginary friend Seán (Chris O’Dowd, the show’s creator). It took me several episodes to become invested because Moone Boy is alarmingly sweet compared to average American fare, and frankly I struggled initially with the actor’s thick accents. Ultimately, though, the show’s unique details and the believable (if imaginary) relationship between Martin and Seán won me over. As the number one member of the O’Dowd fan club, I know I’ll be watching–and hopefully learning a thing or two about another country as well– when season 3 arrives for streaming.

Thanks for listening. As always that delightful theme song was “A Theme for Harold (var. 3)” by Kevin MacLeod.

(Image via The Addams Family via Ilona Gaynor)

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