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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Geek Therapy: For the Friend Who Still Hasn’t Stopped Grieving Steve Jobs [Video]

Do you have one of these unfortunate people as your friend? That girl/guy who just cannot shake the fact that Steve Jobs is no longer around to innovate and transform the face of technology and junk anymore? Our friends at Comediva have a new installment of “Geek Therapy” that tackles this very problem. Show it to someone you love/feel incredibly sorry for.

(via Comediva)

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  • Kerensky97

    Bill Gates is one of the most Philanthropic billionaires ever, Steve Job never donated any of his billions to anybody and went so far as to cancelling Apple donation programs when he returned to the company in 1997, not even reinstating it after the iPod and iPhone took off.

    Far from being a fluke he was known for parking his Porsche in the company handicap stalls and was known to berate people if they didn’t live up to his standards going so far as scream at people that they’re “Shit” and should be ashamed they let their fellow team members down.
    And we’re not even into Apple’s Gestapo culture or the working conditions at Chinese plants.

  • Staff de SPK

    C’mon dude, it was a Mercedes Benz, not a Porsche… This only proves you are telling us a bunch of lies. (Just kidding).