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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Geek Girl Out-Geeks Her Geeky Date in College Humor Video

Last week we saw the magical attracting powers of geek girls in comic book stores. This week, in a completely separately produced video, we see what it can be like for a nerd to get out-nerded on a date. The video, featuring 30 Rock‘s Katrina Bowden, starts with a guy innocently lamenting that girls like her don’t usually go out with guys like him–only to find out that this particular girl can flounce him in her sheer volume of knowledge about staple geek topics. Having been on both ends of this conversation, this video is hilarious. Watch it. Now.

(via Blastr)

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  • Anonymous

    Ok, well-done. A cis-hetero woman can be both “conventionally” attractive and geeky. Now will CH be bold and show that plus-size women (and men) can be geeky and sex-positive, or is that too sci-fi?

  • Maiasaura

    Hahahaha this is fantastic.  Hilarious and relatable.

    But she dissed Martha!  Martha was my favorite companion of the Tenth Doctor.  

  • Anonymous

    I like Martha, too! Except for her jarringly intense crush on the Doctor. But so far I’ve only seen her and Rose (I know, I know, I just watched the Christmas special at the end of season 3), and I confess to not being crazy about Rose. 

    I also understand that this is a minority opinion in Who fandom. 

  • christycorr

    I loved Martha! (She’s not my favourite, but she’s very much a badass.) And Rose, and Donna, and Amy, and Rory! There’s enough companion love to go around <3

  • Maiasaura

    I liked Rose when I started watching, but she gets SO much attention, both on the show and in fandom, that I kind of got sick of her.  

  • JoAnna Luffman

    You’ve all missed the point. They are paining minis. with nail polish? Seriously, that garbage is way too thick. It will not only obscure the details, but the thickness of the paint will look gloopy and unnatural! It’s a crime to do that, even to 40K figs.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Alexander Lorenzen

    Hilarious. A couple of things that bothered me though: Although Halo may be popular among the scum of society, it is by no means a generic shooter with terrible vehicle combat. Actually, it’s the complete inverse of that. It has set the standard for shooters for the last ten years, and has an incredible universe and characters [(unfortunately barely touched in the games themselves) (read the books by Eric Nylund)]. Many elitists will dismiss Halo as “mainstream” when the truth is that they never looked past it’s hyper-popularity and discovered what truly makes it a great science fiction franchise.

    Also, Spirited Away. Yes , it won some oscars,but I thinks that was merely because of Disney and not because it was somehow less nerdy than most other anime. I actually found it to be more bizarre than most of Miyazaki’s other films, so I was surprised at it’s excessive popularity.

    Wow, I think I may have gone a little overboard this time. I like ranting on The Mary Sue about my nerdy passions because I usually get threatened less here for being “too nerdy” or for complaining about sexism (obviously). Although many stereotypical male geeks would feel put off by a site about girl geek culture, I actually prefer it. Most other pop-culture sites seem to be overwhelmingly marketed toward men, and for some reason that involves being sexist. When I read this site, rather than a place for just geek girls, it just feels like a place that isn’t gender biased.

    Well done :)

  • Jaime Kimbrel

    I thought those were way to big to 40k figs? I know people who play and the models are always at least half that size. 

  • Anonymous

    this video made me shamefully orgasm with uncontrollably violent force. a+ will watch again.

  • JedEye

    She never said the items she was painting were for Warhammer. It was just implied since she said they would play after those dried. Those are too big for Warhammer figs. They are more the size of a regular 3-3/4″ action figure. I think she was just doing some customizing.

  • Martin Camauer

    ooohh ok, i get it.. a hot girl super nerd… yeah, funny.. because it’s not a cliche…

  • Macy Drake

    Is it bad that I like Rory the best? Amy can be a bit of an ass at times… 

  • William Bounty

    OMG, does no one recognize that the figure she’s holding is Darksied?

  • scionofgrace

    Nice.  Wish she wasn’t one of those “nerdier than thou” types, though.  C’mon, I’m not gonna demand that my man be able to identify any given line from The Lord of the Rings down to book, chapter and scene.  I can do that *for* him.  *g*

    Though I’m amused that the Bing ad is offering to tell me what Doctor Who is.  I’ll tell you what it is, Bing.  It’s what’s taking over my DVD collection, at no small cost to my bank account.  *shakes first at 2|Entertain*

  • David Ford

    I just want to point out that what she said in Japanese and what is written as a subtitle are totally different. i dont think she even said anything coherent :)

    but mad props for the manga/anime nerdiness.. freaking weebos

  • Anonymous

  • Haakon Dahl

    There’s nothing sexy about fat, and it’s hardly “unfair” to treat physically repellent features the same way as a commonality of interests.  I have some weight of my own to lose, but I don’t insist that the world let me off the hook, or “celebrate” something that should be no source of pride.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I get it, it’s funny because attractive women having nerdy interests and wanting to be taken seriously while talking about them is soooooo absurd!

    Or is it funny because when guys say they want “nerdy girls” what they typically mean is “conventionally attractive and pandering to my specific interests when it’s convenient”?

    The latter is far more entertaining to me, but would have worked better if he was more of poser-geek niceguy , and if her dialogue wasn’t so over scripted.

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  • Eric Bazilio

    It ain’t my cup of tea, but if you lurked the net enough (and you haven’t), you’d know there are millions who disagree with you.

  • Anonymous

     Martha was my favourite too! I’ve never understood why everyone’s against her.

  • Anonymous

  • Pat Ward

    def not warhammer figs. darkseid and drax. 

  • Myriam Barzelonah

    love it! 

  • Anonymous

     Those look like pre-painted MageKnight figs or something though, so honestly even nail polish is an improvement.

    Also, hooray for the shout-out for Warhammer!

  • james_john_king

    A girl like that, even if into all this geek stuff, still wouldn’t go for a guy like that.  Not in the real world.