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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And Fansplosions Abound

Gary Oldman and Nick Frost Talk Call of Duty

Gary Oldman is the best. THE. BEST. And Nick Frost is pretty cool too. Anyway, Gary Oldman has done voices for multiple Call of Duty games, and in this clip he talks about it and shouts a bit. Nick Frost, meanwhile, explains to Toni Collette what Call of Duty is and talks about the difficulties of being a gamer dad.

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  • Lien

    Know what the best part of this is? I actually recall exactly which scene he used that line.

    It was in call of duty blackops, during that Gulag escape. You have to push a cart up a hill under enemy fire but on the side there are guards shooting at you. That’s when Reznov pats your shoulders and point at the ledge as he outters that line under the orchestral music and the sounds of bullets whistling in the air.

  • Ashe

    Gary Oldman is…he just…IS. I also had no idea he did voices for Call Of Duty, but, then again, he’s everywhere. I shouldn’t be surprised!

  • Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

    Having done a few directing gigs for first person shooters, this is very true. The barks we use in-game tax actors a lot. Some thesps can’t maintain the intensity for long and their voice can be ruined before the end of a session. And as Oldman notes, it’s the variety of barks, the quantity of work, that makes this so tough.