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Game of Thrones Spoiler Open Thread: Oathkeeper

You know nothing Jon Snow

Show watchers: The comment section of Kristy Puchko’s “Oathkeeper” recap is for you. Book readers and/or people who don’t care about spoilers for upcoming episodes: This post is all you, my lovelies. Let’s talk about:

  • The ice zombie babies. What the hell is with the ice zombie babies?!
  • Jon Snow’s plotline is getting drawn out like mad. It’s boring the crap out of me, to be honest. Plus… well, look, I’m always happy to see Burn Gorman in things, but Jon’s plotline getting dragged out means more mutineer stuff means even more rape on this show. And screw that.
  • SER POUNCE. The show aged Tommen up to be past the appropriate age for Margaery to bribe him with kittens, so I was worried King’s Landing’s favorite feline might be cut. I’m so glad I didn’t need to be.
  • Showrunners, I respectfully disagree with your assertion that Margaery was in the dark about the poisoning.
  • Bran, the Reeds, and Hodor at Craster’s Keep. You don’t even go here!
  • Seriously. Coldhands. Ice. Zombie. Babies. WTF. Where are they going with this?
  • I was so glad to see the (now ex-) slaves of Meereen, plus Grey Worm and Missandei, get scenes of their own, and not just because I think Grey Worm and Missandei are cute as all heck. Daenerys’ Meereen storyline is a subversion of the “white savior” trope—she thinks she’ll swoop in and fix everything, but whoops, turns out the city she’s rescuing has its own culture and rules and stuff!—so to see the subjects of that trope get some character development separate from what they represent to Dany is pretty damn cool.

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