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Allow us to explain.

It is known

Game of Thrones VFX Reel Breaks the News That Giants Are Actually Tennis Balls On Sticks [VIDEO]

Listen, SpinVFX. You can’t just include a shot of Grey Worm getting his nipple cut off in your Game of Thrones season three visual effects reel and then not follow it up with a shot of how that was faked. You’re going to make me think that poor actor’s just walking around one-nipped now.


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  • Anonymous

    I want a parody skit where tennis balls on sticks stage a revolt and actually start attacking the cast and crew. Maybe in conjunction with motion capture suits seizing control of the people wearing them.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Ping pong balls attack!

  • Ashe

    I want a parody skit of the motion capture tennis balls on sticks being used to create realistic representations of motion capture tennis balls on sticks.

    With modern special effects, it’s very possible.