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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Today In Game of Thrones: New Casting, More Recasting, Book Six Spoilers

We have a bunch of Game of Thrones tidbits for you, so let’s get right to it. Hit the jump to see which character has been recast (for the second time) and which new characters we know we’re seeing in season four, plus who’s playing them.

Oh, and as for those spoilers for book six, The Winds of Winter? They’re nothing major, and they’re hidden, so people who just want the casting info can hit the jump without worry.

The recast character is Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain That Rides. He appeared in season one played by Conan Stevens and season two played by Ian Whyte. After being MIA in season three, Sandor’s evil big brother will be back in the form of Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, an Icelandic strongman competitor. If memory serves Gregor didn’t really have a lot to do in seasons one and two other than stand around and look big and scary, but book readers will know he’ll have a bigger part to play in season four. You can check out a picture of Björnsson here; he certainly looks big enough to play The Mountain, if nothing else.

As for the new characters, they’re all fairly minor. Lu Corfield (pic) will play an unnamed madame of a brothel in Mole’s Town, the civilian outpost near the Night’s Watch’s Castle Black. I smell sexposition on the horizon. And Elizabeth Webster (pic) will be Roose Bolton’s wife Walda, better known as “Fat Walda.” Roose has actually mentioned her before; she’s the Frey granddaughter he chose to marry when Lord Walder Frey said the wife’s dowry would be her weight in silver. A minor character in the books, Fat Walda nevertheless stands out from the rest because she’s not a sack o’ angst like pretty much everyone else. In fact, she’s actually pretty happy with her life and her marriage. I for one am happy we’ll be seeing her. Long live Walda!

There’s also a rumor that Locke (Noah Taylor), the Bolton bannerman who cut off Jaime’s hand, will be back in season four and might [mild potential spoilers] be forced to join the Night’s Watch. That would be a marked difference from what happened to Vargo Hoat, the book character whom Locke replaced, but hey, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

And now for spoilers. At the World Science Fiction Convention last weekend George R.R. Martin read a Tyrion chapter from The Winds of Winter, and while no recording devices were allowed, one the audience member transcribed what happened the best he could remember. Here are a few tidbits:

Tyrion, Penny, and Jorah, having joined the Second Sons, are fighting in a battle between Yunkai and Meereen on the Yunkish side.

The dragons Rhaegal and Viseron are flying around wreaking havoc, setting Yunkish soldiers on fire and then eating them. Mmm. Snackables to go!

The Ironborn show up to fight for Meereen, and Tyrion and Jorah both acknowledge that they’re on the losing side.

Jorah kills a Yunkish envoy, and Brown Ben Plumm, commander of the Second Sons, decides to switch sides. They were “Queen’s men all along.”

Now we just have to wait ??? years for the rest of it!

(via: blastr, blastr, Winter Is Coming)

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  • Aeryl

    UGH, I need that book now. I’ve had an Arianne chapter, now Tyrion.


    Yeah, I wonder how well Dany’s gonna take that from BBP. No mention of whether she’s back or not, I noticed, but the absence of Drogon points to her still missing.

  • jdhovland

    Spoilers of course.

    I think the last Dany chapter indicates that she’s going to be head of the Khalasar that finds her, the same Khalasar that was on the way to buy the Meerenese as slaves from the Yunkish. The Yunkish will think they’re there as a cavalry, but all those hopes are dashed when Dany swoops in on Drogon and they destroy the Yunkish.

  • Adrian

    I hope “Fat Walda” has lines and an expanded character for the show. Roose mentions off-handed that he has grown an unexpected “small affection” for Walda, because he thought she was good in bed (or at least better than his last two wives). It would be cool to see if she’s a minor but active player in the game of thrones, too. Maybe, aside from rockin’ Roose in the sack, she’s been talking to him, manipulating him a little to her or the Frey’s own ends.

  • Aeryl

    That’s my though, which is why I think it’s likely she’s not back yet. There would be no more battle if she was.

  • Aeryl

    Unfortunately, I think it more likely she’ll be there as she is in the books, someone for the audience to worry over, as Ramsey will be none to pleased if she conceives a competitor(especially one that isn’t batshit evil)

  • Aeryl

    The part about Locke is interesting. Are they cutting Slynt? Is he going to be Jon’s major antagonist on the Wall?

    Something a Stark and a Lannister can bond over!

  • Anonymous

    Am I missing something with that Tywin reference? Seriously someone help me out here.

  • jdhovland

    And that one thing that happens to Slynt happening to Locke instead? Could be seen as retribution for what he did to Jaime.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Nope. But I clearly missed a typo on my final read-through. Apologies! It’s been edited.

  • athenia45

    I hope she’s like Gemma Lannister, Tywin’s sister, she seemed really cool.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still holding out hope for a Jon Snow chapter. For several reasons.

  • Anonymous

    I was irrationally excited at the prospect of Twin showing up in that scene.

  • Aeryl

    Ain’t that the truth.

  • Anonymous

    That all sounds pretty much like what was bound to happen. Not sure about BBP switching sides… again.

  • spacechampion

    No, Slynt is returning, and that thing happens in a later book anyway.

  • jdhovland


    I don’t think the fact it happens in a later book matters too much. Asha/Yara went to rescue Theon this season (halfway through book 3) though it ostensibly doesn’t happen until after the moot, so that’s a full book early.

  • Anonymous

    I just finished ADWD and I was wondering how Khal Jhaqo finding her was going to play out but I think you have a point. I really can’t imagine that the Khal thinks he is going to even try to enslave her or capture her while she’s standing there with a dragon. Drogon would eat them all for breakfast. If he’s smart, he’ll fight for her.