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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It is known

Our Favorite Internet Reactions To a Certain Event in Last Night’s Game of Thrones

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Warnings for cursing, spoilers if you’ve not watched the ep/read the books yet, and residual trauma. Consider yourself warned.

(Hat tip to io9, Flavorwire, FYeahtheRedWedding)

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  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    I’m pretty sure the Sam is a Wizard one made me a little happy in the wake of my crippling depression.
    The Walking Dead one made me lol

  • Anonymous

    GRRM doesn’t use twitter because he killed all 140 characters. AHAHAHAHA.

  • Hannele Kormano

    Yelling IT’S A TRAP through Game of Thrones is pretty much my favourite game.

  • The Gaf

    Boy, it’s a good thing no one turned their TVs over to any news channel covering what’s happening in Turkey. People might have really been upset by what’s happening IN REAL LIFE.

  • electrasteph

    My Akbar-esque tweet of “It’s a trap!” when the doors closed was not appreciated in the way I felt it should have been.

  • electrasteph

    Between the Red Wedding and Mad Men’s coverage of the Chicago convention riots in 1968, the real news did seem a littl surreal.

  • Anonymous

    Tony’s a Lannister to the bone, I don’t care what his last name is.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    This is a pop-culture website. If you want a post with peoples’ reactions to what’s happening in Turkey, you’ve come to the wrong place.

  • Anonymous
  • AnnaB

    It’s a good thing people are more complex and can enjoy and/or grieve about things at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    Perspective, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Franck P. Rabeson

    As someone from a country that went through a violent political crisis 4 years ago (with much rioting and dozens dead) that barely made a blimp on anyone else’s radar, let me tell you that I’m already too tired of hearing how shitty the world I live in is. Let me enjoy my fictional worlds, no matter how shitty THEY might be.

  • Hailey Ferraro

    I hate to gripe about this because I think Michelle Fairly did an amazing job, but not having Cat’s internal monologue when she was watching Robb die, and when they grabbed her… It just didn’t punch me in the gut AS hard. It still hurt, but it was almost easier to watch than read.

  • Lady Viridis

    Agreed. They did a good job with Catelyn’s face showing her internal emotion (mainly “oh shit!!”) but I still feel like the whole thing pulled its punches a little. My personal gripe was that they didn’t play the lyrics to ‘the Rains of Castermere.’ The lyrics really underscore Walder Frey’s grudge over this broken vow. “And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low?”

  • Anonymous

    Easy for you to say—I only have one emotion, and now I don’t know what to feel it about!

  • Anonymous

    So many of these are so great. Can’t go wrong with Omar Little expressing his shock. I hope this is when people learn to stop loving on the Lannisters so much. Yeah, Tyrion is cool and all, but those guys are ruthless.

  • Anonymous

    WiC raised a good point– I’m super surprised so many people ontwitter spelled Robb’s name correctly. That makes me think a lot of fans were motivated to start reading the books. This is my silver lining for the night.

  • Twysted_One

    I’m thinking they should change the name from Game of Thrones to Game of BONES considering the amount of people GRRM kills off.

  • AnnaB

    As someone who experienced 2 revolutions and 3 coup d’etat, I agree!

  • 6c1

    Best reaction by far was Maisie WIlliam’s Vine post.

  • Ryan Colson

    I think it wasn’t played because MOMENT OF SILENCE

  • Maripoya

    Hahahahaha. Made my entire Tuesday. ;-)

  • 6c1

    Jezebel calls it Game of Boners, which is spelled similarly.

  • Supermorff

    I really wish you hadn’t used that picture above the jump. I caught the episode late, didn’t know anything special was going to happen in the episode, but I happened to see the front page of The Mary Sue before I saw it. So I knew that something had happened and that it had something to do with Walder and the wedding… it may not have told me what it was, but it made it less of a surprise, and I think that’s the definition of spoiler. Just a bit disappointed.