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Allow us to explain.

It is known

Game of Thrones Continues to have Better Furniture than You With This Gates of Qarth Conference Table

The Gates of Qarth that so ominously barred Daenerys from entering the trade city in the second season of Game of Thrones now serve a much more noble purpose, barring the crew from having to put their paperwork on their laps.  It seems that, after Daenerys moved on from Qarth, the imposing doors became the coolest, most intricate conference table, according to Game of Thrones employee Cat Taylor, who tweeted this picture after asking followers to guess at the table’s origins.  Unfortunately, the Iron Throne is not at the head of the table, but the table itself is very impressive.  Take a look at another photo, and the gates in context, after the jump.

(via Nerd Approved, Cat Taylor Twitter, Episode screenshot via Entertainment Weekly)

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  • Rizz Rustbolt

    Door knocker, actually.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Ned Stark’s the one who knocks.

  • Bergers Table Pads

    Now can we afford seven billion which was not in the budget to be used for a national conference when there is an institution.