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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

You know nothing Jon Snow

Watch a Game of Thrones Fan Get Proposed to While Sitting on the Iron Throne [VIDEO]

When Jill visited the Game of Thrones exhibit in New York City she had quite a memorable experience, meeting several of the show’s stars and sitting on the Iron Throne. A reporter doing a local news segment there just so happened to catch two other Game of Thrones fans who’ll never forget their visit, albeit for a different reason: Because they got engaged there.

I’m going to forego my kneejerk cynical comment on Westeros weddings and just say that this is pretty freaking cute. Nerd love is the best love.

Note: There’s a 30-second commercial before the good stuff starts. Go check your Tumblr inbox or something.

(via: HyperVocal)

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  • Anonymous

    I request that I be seated on the bride’s side during the nuptial feast.

  • Anonymous

    Sure it’s cute now, but when she has to prove herself to the groom’s family by devouring a raw horse heart…

  • Genovesa Jervvis258

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  • KukuduKoo

    Remember the ‘Red Wedding’! And, also remember what started this madness after all. Check this out

  • i hate twittter

    This makes me jealous because my SO won’t watch GOT :(