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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

More Game of Thrones Characters As ’90s Stereotypes Are The Bomb

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Artist Mike Wrobel is back with even more Game of Thrones characters interpreted through the phat lens of the 1990s. ‘Sup, Khal Drogo? Schwing! And Theon, that’s an awesome vest… sike!

Didn’t see the previous batch? Treat your eyeballs to Seinfeld-era Arya, Jaime, Daenerys, Brienne, and more.

(via: Laughing Squid, Kotaku)

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  • Thomas Hayes

    Oh, giving Theon the hotdog was just cruel…

  • Anonymous

    Is that cersei? she looks like MA MA pre-Dredd.

  • Bear TheDad

    Why is Cersei dressed up as Jem? It doesn’t seem to match the others.

  • Anonymous

    Cersei is excitement,
    oooooh Cersei,
    Fashion and Glitter,
    Fortune and Fame,
    Cersei is my name,
    Noone else is the same,
    Cersei is my name,

  • Anonymous

    Theon: ಠ_ಠ
    Barry: [chewing] What?
    Theon: ಠ_ಠ
    Barry: Oh, this? It’s just sausage! Want some?
    Theon: ಠ_ಠ

  • The Literary Omnivore

    I think the idea is early nineties, so it’s still a little eighties-tinged.

  • Anonymous

    Game of Thrones does Vice’s “Dos” list.

  • Anonymous

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    I think the idea is early nineties, so it’s still a little eighties-tinged.

  • Mike Perry

    Actually, IIRC, the deviantart page these were put up on originally said 80s/90s mashups so it IS actually correct. Source:

  • Laura Truxillo

    A) You just forget exactly how terrible 90′s fashions were until you see ‘em again.

    B) Heh. Bro Bron. I get it. Aw, bro.

  • Aaron Victor Steimle

    Looking at it I thought:

    I am the Cersei,
    My songs are better!
    I am the Cersei;
    The Cersei…
    And I’m gonna get her!

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Theon holding the hot dog? Ouch!

  • Eric Bazilio

    Cersei specially screams of 80′s.

  • Charlie

    Who is that meant to be dressed as Six from Blossom?