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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Which Game of Thrones Character Inspired Last Year’s Fastest-Rising Baby Name for Girls?

Years from now the girls born in 2012 will enter into adulthood and start to properly take over the world. And more of them than ever before will be named…

Arya. Good choice, babymakers. Daenerys is a little unwieldy for a five-year-old to spell.

Every year the Social Security Administration releases a list of popular baby names, and while between 2011 and 2012 the top ten stayed pretty much the same (Chloe fell from the female list, replaced by Elizabeth; for male names, Liam booted Daniel), the list of names growing in popularity contained a few geeky surprises.

As mentioned, Arya topped the female list, going from a ranking of 413 to 298. May all those baby Aryas have better lives than their Westerosi namesake. Other increasingly popular girl names are Logan (I’m just going to assume a lot of X-Men fans with a predilection for genderswapping had girls this year), Lucille (Arrested Development fans?), Charlie (she is an awesome Supernatural character), Athena (mythology nerds represent), and, my favorite, Kali, the Hindu goddess often associated with death, destruction, and empowerment. That last one went from the 495th most popular name to the 418th. Let’s keep that number rising, people.

On the male side, Rory and Bruce grew in popularity quite a bit, as did King (indecisive Game of Thrones fans…?) and Messiah (not touching that one with a ten foot pole). The name with the biggest jump, though, is Major. Wow, there must be far more fans of the 1995 Damon Wayans comedy Major Payne than I thought.

Or all these babies aren’t being named after fictional characters. How boring.

(via: Jezebel)

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  • Ribbonquest

    When I was looking for a middle name starting with A (I like initials to spell something) Arya would have been a good pick. Instead my little girl is saddled with Armitage. That’s what happens when a Lovecraft fan mates with an anime fan!

  • Carli

    Maybe people are just really big Catch-22 fans (Major Major Major Major is my favorite character, after all).

  • Anonymous

    As long as the first one isn’t Mi-Go or Shoggoth, I think you’re fine.

  • TheFeminineMissGeek

    My friends named their son Renly!

  • Anonymous

    Dammit, beaten to the Heller joke. :)

  • Stephanie Wagner

    Or maybe they read Gail Carriger and named him after Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many parents named their daughter Cersei…
    (Sad thing is, it’s not a bad sounding name)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a coworker who named his son Benjen. :D So cute.

  • Stacey Booksavvy

    Yes! Best! :)

  • InvisibleRobotGirl

    I’m waiting for someone to name their kid Major King Messiah. Because, you know, no way he could disappoint them with that name.

  • Kali Sakai


  • Anonymous

    One (super awesome) family I know named their little girl Ripley. Which is the best thing I’d ever written on a birth certificate. :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a Major Payne reference. That made me much happier than it ought to have.

  • Magic Xylophone


    Seriously, though, I’m stoked about an upswing of Athenas.

  • Magic Xylophone

    When a Lovecraft fan mates with an anime fan, eh? I’m relieved her middle name isn’t “Tentacle.”

  • Jeremy Sadler

    Someone I know, well before Game of Thrones was on TV, named their son Eddard. I never fully got it until I saw the first season and read the books.

  • Hollyanna

    I’ve been naming things Aria since my very first sim, and now my future dog children will have to share their name with gross human offspring? Outrage!

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love GoT, my first thought on King was… TARANTINO.

  • Stephen Young

    A friend of mine named their newborn Dorna

  • Erica M.

    I’m so sorry and I mean no offense, but King and Major seriously just sound like dog names to me. Is that bad or is it maybe because I grew up in the country and a lot of people seem to name their dogs titles (King, Major, Sargent, Duke, Prince, Princess, Empress, Lady, you get the point).

  • Miriam Kasteleiner

    As the world Aryan/Arian has a very bad connotation here in Germany, the only Aryas you could probably find in Germany would be thew daughters of neo-Nazis. This may have changed (I don’t know about everything), but I know that Arian has been a popular boys’ name among that subculture for a very long time.

  • Hannah

    I don’t have kids yet, but I had a dream where my fiance and I had a little girl who was named Arya Grace. She was adorable, and I do rather like the name.

  • Anonymous

    lol maybe they shouldn’t have jumped the gun so soon. Can’t wait to hear all the D’ohs in future seasons.

  • Anonymous

    And for all we know, Arya may become a major screwed up character.

  • Constance

    I have two rules for any name I give my daughter(s):
    1) It must NOT end in A
    2) It must NOT be a synonym for beauty, purity, chastity, or some such facsimile

  • Sally Sparrow

    Rory would also be from Doctor Who…

  • TheGooglySmoog

    Arya is a legit Sanskrit name. We were about to consider that as a name till GoT got big.

  • Anslie

    We named my dd after Elicia Hughes from FMA. (Maes Hughes was our favorite character) We slightly altered the spelling to Elisia. Our DS is named Sylar :)