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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

You know nothing Jon Snow

Pictures of Game of Thrones As Other Popular Shows Give Us Plenty of Crossover Crackfic Ideas

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Imgur user ytegg gives us Game of Thrones reimagined as other popular TV shows. Might I also add Teen Wolf for Bran and Summer? I’m pretty sure he’s only 12, but he can send his consciousness into a wolf, and that has to count for something. Work with me here.

OK, fine. The Lannisters with Modern Family? Olenna sassing all her younger relatives with Downton Abbey? Walder Frey with Bridezillas?

Sorry, too soon?

(via: Tastefully Offensive)

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  • Anonymous

    Two and a Half Men. So wrong, yet so funny.

  • sharmylae

    as long as tyrion was the womanizing playboy that everyone loves.

  • Anonymous

    Gossip Girl WINS!

  • ShifterCat

    “Half-Man! Half-Man!”

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    I’m torn on whether I love Toddlers & Tiaras more, or Gossip Girl…

  • Anonymous
  • platypism

    That cast might actually manage to make the show palatable.

  • Robin S

    May I suggest a picture of Ramsay Snow for Mad Men?

  • Vivian Spartacus

    Really Mary Sue? Two and a Half Men? If they had Joffrey in there instead of Tyrion, it would be a hell of a lot funnier. As it is, your intersectionality is full of fail :(

  • Philip Lopez

    But he’s CALLED the half man on the show.

  • Vivian Spartacus

    I do, indeed get the joke. But are you saying that it’s ok to call people names that you hear on television? Because the characters on Game of Thrones are complete assholes, it if ok for us to emulate them in real life, because it is just a joke? Peter Dinklage, the actor playing Tyrion, has made it pretty clear that, in real life, he gets a lot of shit because of his size. Do you think that because his character puts up with it, that he ought to as well?

  • Philip Lopez

    Of course not. But all the other entries are based on the characters in the picture not the actors. So calling Tyrion the half man is accurate and a clever play on words.

  • Vivian Spartacus

    You seem to be confusing fantasy with reality. The character of Tyrion is no more “accurately” described as a half man than is the actor who plays him. The characters who call Tyrion a half man on the show are assholes, but I sincerely doubt that any of the actors who play those characters would use those words in real life. If you are telling me that you would have no problem telling Peter Dinklage to his face that this joke was an “accurate and clever play on words,” then you have successfully emulated the characters, not the actors.

  • Philip Lopez

    I wouldn’t say that to Peter Dinklage because he’s not called Half Man. Just like I wouldn’t call Jack Gleeson a toddler or Conleth Hill a girl but again these jokes are based on the characters. If he wasn’t called Half Man in the show I can see how the joke would be uncomfortable to offensive, but it’s not making fun of his height it’s a play on the nickname.

  • Andy Bartholomew

    “How I Met Your Mother” If the fan theories are correct…well.

  • BabeWoreRed

    OR for that matter Kitchen Nightmares? Just thinking of the sausage…bad times.