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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

You Can Just End Comic-Con Right Now. Neil Gaiman Is Doing A Sandman Prequel.

We’ll be along with a recap of some of the news you may have missed at Comic-Con International yesterday in a bit. This just couldn’t rest. It was revealed at the Vertigo Comics panel yesterday - Neil Gaiman is set to do a Sandman prequel mini-series for them in 2013. With art by J.H. Williams III. I know. We couldn’t believe it either. I believe this calls for a certain image… 

Yup. That’s the one.

Honestly, do you need to hear anything else? Yes, yes you really do. Here’s what we know. In November 2013, it will be the 25th anniversary of Sandman, so the time was ripe. Although this is something Gaiman had been mulling around for a while.

“When I finished writing The Sandman, there was one tale still untold. The story of what had happened to Morpheus to allow him to be so easily captured in The Sandman#1, and why he was returned from far away, exhausted beyond imagining, and dressed for war,” said Gaiman in the official statement. “It was a story that we discussed telling for Sandman’s 20th anniversary… but the time got away from us. And now, with Sandman’s 25th anniversary year coming up, I’m delighted, and nervous, that that story is finally going to be told.”

On Twitter, one of Gaiman’s followers likened this prequel tale to the uber-controversial Before Watchmen project from DC. What did he have to say to that? “Nope. The story in Sandman stretches back a long way. I’m writing DURING SANDMAN,” he tweeted. That’s what you get for writing about a Dream Lord older than any god I guess.

The title has yet to be announced, though I’m pretty sure Gaiman’s got a rough idea of what is. I’ll leave the rest to him now. Try not to get hypnotized by his magic words.

(via The Beat, Twitter, my next door neighbor…)

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  • Sarah

    My favorite author and my favorite artist. I’m too busy nerdgasming to properly comment. 

  • Gideon Jones

    Aaannd suddenly I’m a 14 year old nerd again.

  • Lindsay Beaton

    I only relatively recently got into Neil Gaiman (I know, I know) when I had to read him for a grad school class (The Graveyard Book) and loved it. Then, everyone I knew within screaming distance told me to pick up The Sandman ASAP when they heard I’d somehow missed out on the world of Gaiman. So I’m crazy excited, because now not only do I get a prequel, I didn’t have to wait hardly at all to get it!

  • gia manry

    THIS! Even in high school I kind of found Sandman pretentious but I couldn’t stop myself from absorbing it in its entirety. @_@ 

  • Anonymous

    it doesnt sound like “before watchmen” to me.  after all, the creator supports this project…

  • Kate


    …sorry about that. 

  • Simon Chui

    Why are you apologising? I not apologising.
    ~~ (^o^)/ – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Sarah

    You should read his short stories. Smoke and Mirrors is AMAZING. 

  • Anonymous

    One second. I can’t seem to stop doing the dance of excited nerdgasm long enough to post.