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New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Joins Kate Winslet For Epically Cast Heist Film

We could basically care less about the plot to the upcoming heist thriller Triple Nine but DAT CAST. Hit the jump to find out what the heck we’re talking about plus updates on when we’ll get to see the new Wonder Woman costume.

Ready for this? Gal Gadot, soon to take on the major cast of the big screen’s first live-action Wonder Woman, has another role coming up. Triple Nine features Kate Winslet, Michael B. Jordan, Aaron Paul, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Teresa Palmer, and Michael Peña.

The film will flush out Gadot’s resume a bit and allow the world to see her in what is likely another action-type role. Here’s what Deadline says about the film:

In the drama, a crew of dirty cops is blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist. The only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 999, police code for “officer down”. Their plan is turned upside down when the unsuspecting rookie they set up to die foils the attack, triggering a breakneck, action-packed finale filled with double-crosses, greed and revenge.

Meanwhile, on the Man of Steel sequel front, rumors are circling we may get our first look at the new Batman suit as well as Wonder Woman’s look before the end of the month.

(via Tabletmag)

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  • Adrian

    I hope there will be a sympathetic character to root for among the part of the cast playing dirty cops. Sounds like a plot that can be brilliant or terribly convoluted.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god I hope this turns out good I’m a sucker for heist movies and I love Kate Winslet but the main group being dirty cops skeeves me out (like I don’t mind thieves being blackmailed and then turning good but bad cops straight from the beginning just makes me not want to root for them at all)