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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

All Sides Suit Up To Negotiate the Future of Marvel… Maybe With Blade, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and The Runaways?

If you’ve been seeing a lot of news stories lately where Robert Downey, Jr. casually says something to the effect of “I’m not going to be playing Iron Man forever” or “yeah, I’d be interested in seeing who else could be Tony Stark,” it might be informative for you to remember that his contract actually is up to be renegotiated in this post Iron Man 3 era. These seemingly casual remarks are actually the first salvos in the epic game of moneyball that’s about to be played between Downey and Marvel Entertainment over what he’ll be paid to appear in The Avengers 2 and possibly The Avengers 3.

This means that some news outlets are pulling out all their unnamed sources to talk some straight insider talk about the contract negotiations between Downey, all of his Avengers co-stars, and Marvel. So you should take this with a grain of salt, but one of those news outlets is claiming that Marvel is mulling over script ideas for some pretty exciting secondary characters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Marvel has a writing program it uses as a concept generator and has scripts for Blade and Ms. Marvel features, for example. Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Black Panther and The Runaways are other projects on the horizon. The company slowly has been reacquiring licenses to characters it lost during the 1990s, snapping up Blade, Ghost Rider, Power Man and Daredevil in the past year alone.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Marvel’s program is a group of writers and not, say, a computer that poops out movie scripts like some kind of cross between Alex Kurzman, Roberto Orci, and the Supreme Intelligence. A Doctor Strange project has long been rumored, but Ms. Marvel (who goes by Captain, these days) is something of a surprise, though a welcome one. An Iron Fist movie would be bereft without the inclusion of Power Man, better known as Luke Cage. And a Runaways film, featuring Marvel’s team of renegade, grown up hating teen superheroes, that tied into the larger Avengers universe as set up in the movies could be downright fascinating to see. In any case: none of this means that these films are getting made, just perhaps that Marvel is considering it.

And if you’re still worried about Robert Downey, Jr., I wouldn’t. It’s still a fact that the least successful Iron Man movie grossed more than any Marvel movie without Iron Man in it. When the dust settles at the end of Down and Marvel’s game, he’ll be wearing the suit.

(via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  • Hailey Ferraro

    I think I would honest to god pitch a tent in a parking lot for a Runaways movie. Arsenic & Old Lace 4-EVAR!

  • electrasteph

    I’m irritated at the ongoing references to Carol Danvers as “Ms. Marvel” since they seem to originate with Marvel powers that be. I’m curious that they already have scripts for a Captain Marvel movie in place. Wonder who wrote it.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, if we see Carol, I want to see a movie take on the *current* Carol. Because she kicks ass.

  • ACF

    They might decide to call Carol Ms. Marvel in the movie anyways though, since she’s spent a lot more time under that name.

  • Diaspora


  • Anonymous

    Finally an explanation as to why nobody mad a Luke Cage film yet!

  • Len McCain

    Outside of fairly hardcore comic book circles, “Captain Marvel” is the red and gold lightning bolt guy over at DC. For random articles about possible upcoming movies they probably don’t want to confuse people (or build hype for someone else’s character).

  • John Wao

    I hope that program isn’t called Ultron.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    their doing a ms marvel movie but no word about a wasp film yet? ^^; darn.

    I hope though that Powerman gets his pretty tiara if he pops up in a film

    and…meh towards runaways ^^; i never much liked them and I much prefer young avengers lead by kiddy loki

  • Amanda Murray

    I’m ashamed to admit how much this all stresses me out. I really, really want them to start including more women in the movies, and a movie specifically about a woman (Captain Marvel, please) would be wonderful. It is also very important to me that RDJ continue playing Iron Man. The day he gives up that role I am throwing a conniption the likes of which the world has not seen since my sixth grade best friend found out that the Spice Girls had broken up.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see Black Panther and Captain Marvel, but I’ll believe it when I see. Marvel’s had them “in production” forever.

  • Anonymous

    As for calling her Ms. Instead of Captain, I imagine that might be a branding thing. Most of her mass media appearances have had her using the Ms. Marvel name (the cartoons, video games and what not) so it might be they’re just trying to preserve it for licensing and all that.

    Though in my personal opinion, the Captain Marvel suit would be far easier to translate to screen since it’s not as silly looking. So I predict either way they’ll at least end up using the Captain Marvel COSTUME, if not the name.

  • Meredith Hershey

    Honestly, I’d rather see a Young Avengers film than a Runaways one. Though I suppose YA would also lend themselves well to an animated series or something.

  • electrasteph

    Haven’t they long ago moved to calling the guy from DC ‘Shazam!’ though? I thought they had duked it out and Marvel now owns “Captain Marvel” as a term.

  • cloudywolf

    Could be a good addition to the Avengers roster


    As played by Michael Jai White.

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    I second this motion. I also think it would be easier to tie the Young Avengers into the MCU. It makes sense that after the events of the Avengers and whatever happens in Avengers 2, you would have a group of super powered kids who would pattern themselves off of the Avengers.

    Plus then we get Wiccan. I <3 Wiccan.


    I can’t see a Blade film being any better than the few we already have.
    Ms Marvel would be good in the right hands, assuming it fits with the current Captain Marvel version.
    I would love to see a silver-age style, trippy-as-balls Strange movie; I think there used to be rumours of Pixar doing an animated version – that would have been cool.
    Brubaker & Fraction’s Immortal Iron Fist could make a great film or three; shame they’d have to fit in his origin story somewhere, though – could cramp the pacing.
    I dunno about Black Panther; seems like a character to have introduced as a cameo in another film before having his own spin off.
    As the newest franchise, Runaways has a lot of potential. Especially the earlier stuff.
    I didn’t bother seeing the Ghost Rider films, I expect its a hard concept to transpose to the big screen. Could possibly feature with the Blade gang for a mystic-themed team up, but then things start getting a bit too Midnight Sons.
    Luke Cage would make a good gritty vigilante film, though I’m not sure how effective gritty vigilante Disney films can be.
    Daredevil would be good in the right hands. Especially the Born Again arc.

    I’m not holding my breath for any of these films to be released though.

  • Len McCain

    Yes, but only people who know a lot about comica know any of this. Movies are for much larger, mainstream audiences, if you say “Captain Marvel” to a random person in the streets, if they know the character at all it’ll probably be the DC guy.

  • Len McCain

    i mean, put “Captain Marvel” into Google image search and see what you get back. That’s why it’s useful at least for now, to say Carol Danvers or Ms Marvel in articles.

  • Diaspora

    YEEEESSSS!!!! Cloudy: I flipped the fark out at the mention of vibranium in Captain America, because we all know where that stuff comes from!

  • Anonymous

    Oh man don’t get my hopes up for a Runaways movie, much less one that takes place in the MCU.

  • Anonymous

    Also, please no Blade movie. It’s not that I don’t like Blade, I just don’t see how he would fit into the MCU.

  • Anonymous

    I think we’ll be getting both. Rebranding Carol as Captain Marvel is totally a trademark thing that capitalizes on DC calling its Captain Marvel as Shazam to avoid confusion. Carol Danvers was introduced as an Air Force Major & has since earned the rank of Colonel. To call herself “Captain” because of the old ex-boyfriend she got her powers from (her taking the name Ms. Marvel rather than Marvel Girl was a feminist empowerment move at the time, besides Jean Grey already having dibs on Marvel Girl) is kind of insulting since she’s her own person of higher rank. It really smacks of editorial insisting on the name change to rub it in DC’s face rather than something Carol would do organically. Marvel obviously didn’t want to spend money filing a new trademark registration for Colonel Marvel.

  • Emily

    A Captain Marvel movie is all I really and truly want. However anything to broaden the diversity of female superheroes and POC is greatly appreciated. It would be great for them to mix it up a bit.

  • Robert Vary

    Marvel only exclusively owns “Captain Marvel” as a TITLE, which is why DC has called all their Captain Marvel-starring series “Shazam,” but the character himself remained Captain Marvel (because he long predated the Marvel character). However, the fact that the comic was called “Shazam” led to decades of people thinking that was the character’s name as well, so when DC launched the New 52 in 2011 the went “screw it” and officially renamed the character Shazam.

    So, short response: he’s only been “Shazam” for less than two years.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Apparently, he’s done making the Iron Man movies, but not necessarily out of the MCU game? Which really sounds about right. I mean, I could watch a new Iron Man movie every year, but that’s just greedy. But it would be interesting to keep Avengers running as the sort of spine of the MCU and use this new gap to fill in with exciting new characters that might not have had a chance before.

    Like Captain Marvel.

    And Spider-Woman.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Probably, but a well-hyped movie could change that. It’s a bit of a gamble, but not completely fool-hardy.

    My bigger worry would be people just thinking “Captain” Marvel is a knock-off of “Captain” America. Especially in the same movie universe. But if it gives us a “Captain.” “Captain.” type scene (bonus points if Tony snarks it), that would be fun too.

  • Fraydie Bonan

    I think I would like to see Runaways as a TV show

  • Craig Tyhurst

    Super excited for news about Captain Marvel, and I’ve been wanting a Black Panther movie for a while now. Also, I love the dynamic of Power Man and Iron Fist, but I think they would work better as a television series opposite the SHIELD one currently in production. Besides Luke and Danny, we could also include Misty Knight and/or Colleen Wing as well as cameos by other Marvel New York street heroes (e.g. Daredevil).

  • Paige Kuplinski

    While I would really like to see a Young Avengers Movie it seems that they would be harder to incorporated into the MCU than Runaways. Most of the Young Avenger’s backstories rely on Avengers stories that haven’t happened yet. For example, we have no skrulls, Scarlet Witch and Vision aren’t around, No other Captain America, no Khan the Conqueror, etc. Runaways on the other hand is much more insular, they are even on the other side of the country. Young Avengers almost demands cameos where in Runaways it’s less important. Although I am curious how they would handle Molly with the “no mutants” rule

  • Paige Kuplinski

    Agreed, I understand the desire to be able to work on other projects but I just can’t imagine anyone else being Iron Man

  • Anonymous

    I think since Vol. 1 of Runaways was so short and self-contained, it would translate well into a movie. Then spinoff show!

  • Anonymous

    There was a casting call for Runaways (or “Small Faces,” because “Runaways” was already taken in 2010) a few years ago. I don’t know if that’s relevant at all, but I thought I’d mention it.