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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Mah Glob Guys

Futurama And Adventure Time Are About To Get A Canonical Crossover. Mathematical!

You read that right: Futurama is about to get some Jake-the-Dog and Finn-the-Human in an upcoming episode of the final season of the show. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill, nor is this wishful fan art!

Voice actor John DiMaggio (who plays both Bender and Jake) certainly has his work cut out for him. Did they have him switch back and forth? Did he ever get the two voices confused? I kind of hope they made him do it all at once.

(via Kotaku)

Previously in Futurama

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  • Rebecca Hiles



  • Robert Vary

    Pssh. He’s only doing two voices in this? Billy West does THREE of the main characters, one major recurring character, and of course innumerable one-offs, and HE manages to keep them straight.

    Seriously though, I also wonder how they have all the actors do voices for different characters as well. I do a lot of reading books aloud and it can be real tough to switch back and forth in a dialogue (though I suppose you can take a little more time to switch when recording versus live). I remember reading somewhere that Mel Blanc used to record only one character at a time when doing Looney Tunes (for which, of course, he did nearly all of the major voices), with the director or someone else reading the other characters’ lines for him to play off of. I don’t know if all voice actors do that, though.

  • Samuel

    This, Billy West already does a ton of voices and most people don’t even realize.

  • Ashe

    OKAY. I am excited. No. THRILLED. Two of my favorite things smushed together, I can’t even!

  • AnnaB

    It looks like they Futuramerized Finn. Not complaining, though. :D

  • Emily Walton

    Crossover or cameo? There are cameos on Futurama all the time.

  • Aeryl

    One thing I liked about the Simpsons movie was in the credits, they showed you JUST HOW MANY voices most of the actors did.

    Then of course you have a voice “actor” like Seth MacFarlane, who has two voices other than his own, and uses them over and over again.

  • Red Veron

    Voice actors voicing characters that talk to each other is pretty common in video games and anime. It’s hilarious and confusing when you realize it’s happening.

  • Robert Vary

    I loved that too! It was awesome seeing, say Dan Castellaneta or Hank Azaria with, like, TEN characters each.

  • Infophile

    They did indeed. His eyes should be beady – that’s a genetic mutation, not an artistic choice.

  • Aeryl

    I think Harry Shearer had the most, but it’s been awhile since I’ve watched it.

  • Aeryl

    Yeardley Smith and Katey Sagal I give passes to, they are primarily actors who do voice work, Smith in particular because her voice is so distinctive, similarly to Patrick Warburton’s voice.

    I myself recognize MacFarlane no matter what voice he’s doing, on his shows, OR Robot Chicken, none of them are distinctive, they are all just one-offs of Peter Griffin or Mr. Pewterschmidt(the doctor on Family Guy is the same voice as Pewterschmidt).

    The Kavner example kind of proves my point, IMO, those voices are similar because they ARE family. Why do Mr. Pewterschmidt and the doctor? They’ve lampshaded the fact that it’s the same, but that’s no excuse for laziness.

    MacFarlane is completely capable of using a more diverse catalog of voices, the fact that he doesn’t makes him indefensible, because then, it’s just laziness.

  • Ashe

    Oh, yeah. The Mary Sue posted the brief snippet just the other day. Short, but sweet.

  • Ninjette

    Yeah, Seth has two characters that sound exactly alike but I still can’t invalidate him completely because at least the guy owned up to it and all voice actors are only capable of so much. I mean I could star picking out John Dimagio’s voice after the first season of Futurama even when he’s playing random background characters on some kids show I’ve never seen before just because of how low it is so I can’t say that just because I can almost always hear Seth’s voice his voice acting is something I feel is fair to hold against him, especially when the writing on Family Guy is a lot less original than the voices. I have no idea if Seth is capable of more range but I do believe if you showed somebody who had no prior knowledge of Family Guy or who Seth MacFarlane is they wouldn’t be able to guess every single one of his characters are the same guy, hell at least Quagmire sounds somewhat distinct from Peter, Pewtersmidct, and his regular voice. MacFarlane’s voice isn’t necessarily distinctive but it is low enough to be considered desirable in the voice acting world in the same way Phil Hartman or Jon Benjamin were/are(not that he’s anywhere near as talanted as either of them) and that’s just his normal voice. I dislike him but I guess I feel a small need to give anybody that plays more than five characters in a single episode on a regular basis the least amount of credit because with a ton of voice actors, if you listen to their different characters back to back enough, you’ll eventually start noticing the small(or big) similarities and you’ll never be able to unhear them. While they obviously sound nothing alike I feel like Tara Strong is somebody else that plays a ton of different characters with similar voices in the same way Seth does.