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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And So It Begins

Disney Has Frozen In Early Development as a Stage Musical

Surprising no one, Disney’s looking into turning it’s latest musical blockbuster into a live stage show. Looks like where Frozen is concerned, they won’t ‘Let It Go’ any time soon.


A Disney spokesperson confirmed, to Variety, that the animated feature is in “early development” for the stage. With plenty of Broadway alumns in the writing cast (not to mention the singing cast), one would think that the Great White Way was a shoe in for a stage setting. But, as Variety points out, with Disney, the sky is more or less the limit.

Stage versions of Disney properties have plenty of other places to go besides Broadway, from Stuttgart to regional and amateur theaters around the U.S. “High School Musical” and the subsequent legit adaptation of “High School Musical 2″ are prime examples. Disney’s 2010 animated outing “Tangled” is in the works as a cruise ship production, songwriter Alan Menken said during last year’s D23 expo. Even “Newsies” was originally developed as a property to license out to all the regional and amateur theater clamoring for a live version of the cult 1992 pic; Disney execs themselves were pleasantly surprised when reception proved overwhelming enough to warrant a move to Broadway.

And how could the studio resist the idea of “Frozen on Ice?” If you thought Olaf the snowman was a little creepy on screen, just wait until you see a person wearing an Olaf costume skating towards you at full tilt.

(via Variety.)

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  • Ashe

    “…just wait until you see a person wearing an Olaf costume skating towards you at full tilt.”


  • Anonymous

    You husband may have missed one of the major points of Frozen. Kristoff and Ana don’t need a love song, the movie is not about their love, it’s about Elsa and Ana’s. It’s a beautiful subversion of every Disney princess story and the one thing I really love about the movie.There is nor real “happy” ending for Ana and Kristoff, they might end up being a couple, but the movie leaves it very ambiguous, just like real life.

  • kbroxmysox

    Yeah, the real “couple” at the end of the movie is Elsa and Anna. They start off the movie as a couple(of best friends/sister) than break apart, than reunite, but break apart again than they have a big “joint” song(For the First Time IN Forever), but breakup again. And than Anna “sacrifices” herself, showing “true love”, while Elsa’s love for Anna saves her. And in the end, they’re skating together, laughing. Seriously, it might not be romantic but they’re the movies big couple.

  • Anonymous

    The ending regarding Kristoff really makes me happy since it sets a good, realistic, example for young girls.Giving him and Ana a big love song would ruin that.

  • ClassyPancakes

    I can see that, I guess a nice ending song would still be in order. In the movie it feels like the end (after Ana & Elsa’s confrontation) was lacking all music, so the first 2/3rds feel uneven when compared. And I agree I loved that her and Kristoff were kind of in cute-dating mode and not something more serious.

  • Matt

    A good ending song would be a reprieve of “Do you want to build a snowman?” between Elsa and Anna