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Allow us to explain.

Just What You've Always Wanted

Fox Wants to Create an All-Simpsons Channel, Because We Definitely Need That

Before we give you the details, this is not official and even if it was, it won’t happen for several years and not as long as new episodes of The Simpsons are being produced. But Fox has a brilliant idea to continue to capitalize on the longest-running animated show in history: give it its own channel. One channel, all Simpsons, all the time. Because after 23 years on the air, Fox refuses to accept a world in which they cannot make money off of The Simpsons. Look, we like The Simpsons. But how badly does this need to happen?

First consider this: The Simpsons will surpass the 500-episode mark during its upcoming 23rd season (which starts September 25). That alone (and it will obviously exceed that amount) is 11,000 minutes of shows. /Film did the math and figured out that if this channel ran every episode of The Simpsons without commercials, they wouldn’t have to start rerunning the reruns for nearly 11 days. To say nothing of specials, the movies, or new content they might create. So, they definitely could do this if they wanted to, if they absolutely felt compelled to do this.

The COO of News Corp. (which owns Fox) Chase Carey has said that the network is looking for ways to increase revenue from the show because apparently, DVDs, endorsements, and syndication are not nearly enough for them.

Carey said there have been a “number of meetings” to determine how to capitalize on its library of episodes of The Simpsons and he mentioned a digital channel featuring nothing but Homer and the gang as being a possibility. Carey said it is incumbent on the company to take advantage of a show that is “unique in television with a volume, too, that is unprecedented.”

Which leads us to ponder: Are we really clamoring for a 24-hour Simpsons channel? People joke all the time about giving Law & Order its own channel because of its ubiquitous presence on cable, but it’s unnecessary. It has its own channel, and it’s called “Cable Television.” Family Guy is not dissimilar, appearing in syndication on several cable channels including TBS and Cartoon Network‘s Adult Swim block. So, we don’t exactly need a channel, but if it’s going to make Fox money, then it is pretty much a certainty that it will happen.

(via /Film)

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  • nassafirst

    I wouldn’t mind a channel centered around The Simpsons.  That’s not to say I want a channel of all Simpsons, all the time.  But I never get tired of early episodes, and if they wanted to air them a whole hell of a lot, I’d never object.

    Maybe if Fox had a channel that aired all of it’s many attempts at animated programming, but that heavily starred The Simpsons?  I don’t want to knock the idea..  Just make it less impractical.

  • Anonymous

    As a fan of the show and viewer of television, the only reason for me to put my television on an all Simpsons channel is if I wanted to do a full-on marathon, or if I wanted to have the tv on while I did something else, as white noise. 

    That said, that’s pretty much why we own the first half of the seasons in our home. So… a Simpsons channel doesn’t seem like anything worth getting worked up about.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    The reason this needs to happen is because it’s syndicated that much in the US. Fox only shows episodes from the last few years which are far from the best ones. In other countries you can find Simpsons on a lot of the time and they show the best stuff. However, I do like Nassafirst’s idea of maybe splicing in some other Fox animated shows. 

  • Kristin Sar-nik

    I could see this being cool if they would maybe make some spin off series. Like they did with “The Cleveland Show” (Family Guy). I know they’ve done episodes about other characters in the town and I have always enjoyed those.

  • Sean Campbell

    I’d be happy if they showed some flippin older episodes for once. THose were way better than the stuff they churn out today.

  • Anonymous

    I give it a year before the “All Simpsons Channel” is airing mostly reality shows.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous