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Harrison Ford & Abigail Breslin Locked For Ender’s Game

The Ender’s Game movie seems to be moving along pretty quickly now with casting notices popping up left and right. Two more actors have just been confirmed, Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin. Hit the jump for all the details. Also, crap, Abigail Breslin finally grew up. 

We already knew that Ford was in talks for the adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi epic but now he’s locked in to play Colonel Hyram Graff, the leader at Battle School. The role was originally offered to Viggo Mortensen, but those negotiations fell through.

Variety reports that Breslin will take on the role of Valentine Wiggin, Ender’s older sister, in the film. You should remember her as the child star who was in Signs, Little Miss Sunshine and Zombieland.

Also joining the cast are a few relative unknowns, Aramis Knight, Moises Arias, Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak, Suraj Parthasarathy, Conor Carroll and Khylin Rhambo.

All of them will join Hugo star Asa Butterfield, who’s taking on the title role as well as and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) as Petra Arkanian and recently announced Brendan Meyer as Ender’s adversary Stilson. Twilight-made studio Summit Entertainment is co-financing with Oddlot Entertainment. March 15th 2013 is set as the release date.

What are your thoughts on the new cast members? I think they are picking some really great people.

(via GeekTyrant)

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  • Anonymous

    I hope Ford will do more than phone it in–Graff is a very morally ambiguous character.  I think Mortensen would have knocked it out of the park.  Breslin is a super fit for Valentine, as is Steinfeld for Petra.  Curious who’ll be playing Peter…

  • Vic Horsham

    Nice to see a mix of stars and new names!

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Steinfeld should be EXCELLENT as Petra.  I’ve decided I will see this film, but I’m going to be making a donation to either The Trevor Project or the Human Rights Campaign in double the amount of my movie ticket costs.

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  • Frodo Baggins

    Frankly, I have no hope for a solid scifi epic from the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (haven’t seen Tsotsi). As far as casting, I can’t conceive of a way that dropping Han Solo amidst a bunch of comparatively minor child actors won’t be massively distracting, but otherwise sure, that sounds fine. Thank God they hired a credible lead, at least.

    Another thought that keeps me up nights: how is Summit “Hilarious CG Wolves” Entertainment going to pull off the visual demands of the story?

  • Anonymous

  • Usman iLyas
  • Anonymous

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