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The CW Keeps It In House With Iris West Casting For The Flash

We first heard casting bits about Iris West last December. It was said The CW was looking for a woman of color to play their female lead in the Arrow spinoff, The Flash, and they’ve finally decided who gets the coveted role. Your Iris West turns out to be another CW alum, Candice Patton

Patton has credits from ABC’s Castle and Grey’s Anatomy, NBC’s Heroes, and The CW’s One Tree Hill and The Game. On The Flash spinoff she’ll play opposite Grant Gustin, also a CW favorite as Barry Allen.

Ok, so here’s our roundup for The Flash so far: Gustin as Flash, Jesse L. Martin as Detective West (Iris’ father), Rick Cosnett and Danielle Panabaker as Eddie Thawne and Caitlin Snow (potentially the Reverse-Flash and Killer Frost) and rumored, an as-yet-to-be cast Cisco Ramon (aka Vibe).

I am really liking how this is shaping up. The Hollywood Reporter describes Patton’s Iris as “a grad student who is also Barry’s quick-witted best friend.” Here’s hoping she’s studying journalism!

What do you think?

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  • TheChief

    I know this will upset some people because this probably means that Wally is no longer a ginger. But, I think I am fine with this move. I hope they bring in some Hispanic representation with future casting as well. Weather Wizard, maybe?

    Based on the casting for Iris West, would people be OK if Lois Lane was played by a POC in the MoS movies?

  • Adrian

    Lois Lane is already played by Amy Adams in the MoS films but if you’re talking in general then I don’t see why not. It’s not a core element to the character that she’s white.

  • Elizabeth Wells

    I would be totally up for that!

  • Jaime A. Garcia

    Casting a Black actress for Iris West immediately made me think of Donald Glover for Wally West, but I’m afraid he’d be too old now, unless it involved time travel. Ever since he missed out on playing Spidey, I want to see Donald Glover play a superhero and Flash would be a pretty good fit, I think.

  • Anonymous

    Stephen Amell jokes about how he was informed to stay off the internet after it went public that he was cast as Green Arrow and why do I feel this is unfortunately gonna be the same for Patton?

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t Wally be a black ginger?

  • Adrian

    Stephen has done quite the opposite, actually. So much so that the CW actually allows him to leak certain things through his own social media outlets now.

  • TheChief

    It was a hypothetical question as if Amy Adams hadn’t been cast. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Adrian

    It’s all good.

  • Skemono

    I just want to see Linda Park play Linda Park.

  • Harrison Grey

    Personally, I find hair color to be more important than skin color when adapting comic books. I’d have been fine with black haired, black Lois Lane, more than I am with white, red headed Lois Lane.

    Possibly not ginger Wally West is my only near-complaint with this. I actually think I’d rather Barry have been black than Wally, for this reason (that said, this arrangement means we have a white kid adopted by a black family, which is pretty progressive).

  • MrMessyFace

    Olivia Cheng played Linda Park in the episode where Barry got his powers.

  • TheChief

    You can dye his hair red no problem, but he still wouldn’t be a ginger. Semantics, I know.

  • Anonymous

    This is Barry, not Wally… Even though the show’s target audience grew up with Wally West as the Flash. In fact, IIRC, Wally was killed during the Flashpoint event. That doesn’t mean he’s gone. Only so far in the New 52, there is no Wally West. That makes me sad.

  • TheChief

    Speaking of more Hispanic representation. I just saw they cast Carlos Valdes as Vibe.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    oh. my. god.


    Don’t know what to say, but thank you!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh. My. God.


    Wally is back?!? Yes! YES! YES!!!

    I read the first issue of New 52 Flash and haven’t touched it since.

    I do not like Boring Allen. I do not like him here. I do not like him there. I do not like him anywhere. I do not like him, Sam I am.

  • Richard Grant

    Lois Lane has been a red-head in the comics, also a brunette, not just black-haired…So unless they cast a very light blonde as Lois, it be quite hard to get her hair wrong, given the very broad range of colours and styles she has had over 75 years.

  • Harrison Grey

    It’s in general dark, though; whether they give it a reddish or brownish tint, it’s still regularly portrayed as a very dark shade of whatever color it is. As long as you go for dark hair and preferably a purple motif for the rest of her, you’re golden. Strawberry blonde/ginger shows you just don’t care.

  • Anonymous

    They had me at Jesse L. Martin. You mean I get to see Det. Green weekly again? Sign me up!

  • Anonymous

    Or it shows that they weren’t so shallow as to define a feminist icon notoriously famous for being good at her JOB by her hair color.

  • Harrison Grey

    It’s not shallow to ask that defining visual characteristics be acknowledged when adapting from a visual media. Comic books express themselves just as much through artwork as they do through writing, and visual design says as much about a character as their written bio would. Lois Lane is a great reporter, and there’s also a certain look to the character; certainly the broad range of styles she’s sported allows for a decent amount of leeway, but Man of Steel felt to me like they weren’t even trying. Regardless of the written adaptation (which, for the record, I also thought was lacking), this was a failure to properly adapt the visual design of the character, and she was less recognizable as Lois Lane because of it.

    I have the same complaints about blonde Batgirl in Batman And Robin, and Lady Jaye without her tomboyish cut in G. I. Joe: Retribution.