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Avatar: The Littlest Waterbender

Last night the official Legend of Korra fan blog (Korra Nation… like CORONATION, HAHA, get it?) released just a tiny bit of footage from the new series, and dang if it isn’t pretty cute. We’ve seen bending prodigies before in the show, but an Avatar prodigy? The clip also shows off the characteristic, shall we say… confidence that reportedly lies at the heart of Korra’s character strengths and flaws. And why wouldn’t she be a little full of herself? She’s bending three elements at a preschool age!

The Avatar series is known not least for putting its characters though significant personal development, so I can rest easy in enjoying some cute toddler tantrums, knowing we’ll have a balanced and powerful Avatar by the end of the series.


  • Anonymous

    YAAAAAAY! This show isn’t coming out fast enough!

  • S.A.

    Lmao so cute.  Can’t wait to watch this series, although I have to admit I don’t like the whole ‘prodigy’ idea (meaning that she already happens to know three out of the four elements), some struggle learning to harness the elements in general would’ve been great.  This also gives me some fear that this series will be much shorter than the last one because of this implement.  Hoping I’m seriously wrong in my speculations.

  • Pam Ramirez Hinojosa

    …….unavailable in my location…. this happens all the time :(

  • Steven Henry

    I have watched this scene about 10 times. I love it.

  • Daniel Dellinger

    That was pretty awesome. Also, was that Toph’s VA playing little Korra?

  • Angel H.

    I want more Chibi Korra!!

  • Åsa M Larsson

    I so HATE video streaming that is location sensitive!!! Why the HELL can’t I be allowed to watch this!!??

  • Anonymous

    It’s only 26 eps sooo… yeah, shorter. But no fillers – 26 eps of pure, tight storyline.

  • Skemono

     Well, even before any clips were released, it was announced that she already knew water-, earth-, and firebending, and that (part of) the show would be her learning airbending.

  • Anonymous

    Her fat little tummy is so CUTE!

  • Angela Fortin

    *indecipherable fangirl squeeing* I am so excited for this! 

  • Vic Horsham

    Anyone got a link to a video that isn’t JUST for ‘mericans?

  • Brianne Jackson

    Little Korra: “I’m the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!”

  • Sabrina

    For all who can’t see the clip due to restricted access: io9 uploaded an unrestricted video!

  • Anonymous

    I was about to post almost those exact words! Gahhhh so adorable!

  • Anonymous

    I know what that feel bro…

  • K. Johnston

    Is it odd that I’m most excited that one of the White Lotus members is a woman?



  • Anonymous

    AND then she grows up and gets hot.

  • E S

    Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen any Avatar but that clip sold me! Hahaha

  • Amber Barnes

    Also, we saw Aang struggle to learn his other non-native elements in the original series. There’s no need to rehash something that’s already been done. It seems that the focus of this will be her learning Airbending, which will let us get insight into the philosophies/practices of Airbending that we didn’t see with Aang.

  • Anonymous

    The last series was about discovering the origins of bending arts through Aang’s journey to learn them. This series is more about benders vs. non-benders, and the politics of that. It’s natural she would be a bending prodigy, since she’s going to be pitted against talented non-benders. Draws contrast.

    The real question is will she also learn the specialty arts of metal-, blood-, and lightning-bending? Now there would really be no one like her.

  • Anonymous


  • S.A.

    I already knew everything all of you said.  Just expressing my disdain for the idea(s), but hey I could end up really loving it.  All in all a show I can’t miss.

  • Kosse Moore

    i dunno if they do it right i think it’ll work. I mean Aang struggled with earth and fire so i could understand why they might not wanna do the same thing.I predict Korra being such a prodigy will probably have some negative effects somewhere, causing a different kind of struggle u know?

  • Kosse Moore

    And also one of the first things they announced with this series is that it was going to be a mini series of 12 episodes, but then nick ordered 14 more, so this series will be split into two books for a total of 26 episodes.