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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the Premiere of Firefly

The first time I ever saw an episode of Firefly, it was the premiere. Well, I say premiere, but what was actually airing was the second episode, not the pilot which actually set the groundwork of exposition for the universe and characters. Having never seen a bit of Whedon-created fiction before, I didn’t really feel motivated to continue on with the series… until at least a year later when I sat with some friends to watch their unofficial DVD copies (since no official ones had been released yet) of the show. By then the show had long been cancelled. A couple years ago I had the bittersweet experience of creating yet another fan to be saddened by the tragic meta-story of the series, my own mother. “Wait,” she asked me after the first episode, “When did this get cancelled?”

About ten years ago, now. If you need a hug after this, perhaps you’d be interested in the video below where Captain Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion, explains how to give a good one.

And for good measure here’s the blooper reel from the feature film Serenity:

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  • Nick Gaston

    …only 11 more years till we get Firefly: The Next Generation, if history’s any judge!

  • Raymond Frazee

    Strangely, it’s also the birthday of Malcolm Reynolds. Only have to wait another 456 years.

  • Anonymous

    or we can wait a few months and have Whedon work on new stuff like Agents of SHIELD. Half of what made Firefly great was the chemistry the cast had. The universe they lived in wasn’t half as interesting as the characters were. So stick a fork in it and make a new Universe.

  • Anonymous

    I was 12 when this show came out and that feels weird.

  • Amy M Weir

    Ah, the memories! My then-fiance-now-husband and I caught the “premiere” episode to, and we DID fall instantly in love with it– it was like our latest RPG session had come to life! We could even pinpoint who in our gaming group matched up with which characters (I nearly always play a Kaylee. I was so thrilled– I didn’t think I’d ever seen that sort of character– MY character– on TV before!) (Oh, and hubby is totally a Cap’n Mal. In real life, too) (no, unfortunately, NOT in looks, back off ladies). But we never did catch it again until the movie came out. And we mourned. But we’ve now watched it all more times than I can possibly remember.

    Ah, the awesomeness.