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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And All Was Right With the World

BREAKING: Figwit is in The Hobbit

Remember the year 2002? Internet fandom was in full swing, but in many ways was still getting it’s legs, and sites like The Tolkien Sarcasm Page didn’t seem hopelessly quaint.  And a little movie called The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring had just come out, and a little scene known as the Council of Elrond happened and in it there was a little unnamed elf who, for standing quietly on the edge of one, seconds long cut, captured the hearts and libidos of thousands of fans.

And he was to be called Figwit, “Legolas for the thinking woman.”

According to Variety, the actor who played him, Bret McKenzie (of later Flight of the Conchords fame), has been signed for The Hobbit.

The name Figwit was drawn from a simple acronym, “Frodo is grea… who is THAT?!” The campaign for better Figwit representation was created and eventually bore fruit in McKenzie being brought back to appear and have two speaking lines in The Return of the King.

Unfortunately, Figwit fans will have to stretch their imaginations a bit to bring Figwit to The Hobbit along with McKenzie: he’s signed up to play a Rivendell elf character called Lindir. But using creative speculation to breathe life into a character in ways the creators never intended is practically the mantra of fan fiction, so we don’t anticipate them having much trouble.

(via Topless Robot.)

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  • haphsaph

    pretty neat interview with Bret from 2002. Good for FOTC fans

  • Kate Falanga

    For some reason despite actually seeing the name Bret McKenzie when we first started talking about Figwit I never made the connection to Flight of the Concords. My mind is blown. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

  • Kivrin Engle


    Sorry. I had a fangirl moment. I’m sure it’ll pass, but for now…back to freaking out.

  • Emma M.

    I frequently lament the fact that LOTR’s came out before I had access to so many sites like this/forums/etc. I mean, imagine how much easier it would have been to share my embarrassing 13 year old girl fan fiction!

  • Inglis Ahsom Tucker

    omg!!!! yeahhhhhh!

  • Dee Ramos

    It’s Rivendell!