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Female Spy Film Picks Up Melissa Rosenberg For Rewrites

Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has been hired to help write a spy film featuring a group of women for Summit Entertainment. This is the first we’re hearing about it. 

Rosenberg is in high demand these days. Although it’s not been officially announced by Marvel yet, word is she’s set to work on their Jessica Jones series for Netflix. But it’s her Twilight studio calling her home to help work on a project they’ve apparently had going for a while.

According to Deadline:

The project has gone through previous incarnations with a screenplay originally penned by Douglas S. Cook and David Weisberg (The Rock, Double Jeopardy) under the working title Blank Slate with a re-write by Erich and John Hoeber (Red) under the title The Kiss Off.

The story, now untitled, is now taking a turn away from what was going to be a comedy and gearing more the pic towards a female-centric actioner in the line with Salt, also produced by the team of di Bonaventura and Vahradian. It will focus on a group of female spies.

Well the premise sounds vaguely intriguing. Here’s hoping it develops into something interesting and successful.

Deadline also added, “Rosenberg and her production company, Tall Girl Prods. (headed by Mandy Safavi), are also developing a spy project for the small screen.” Though no more details were given on that project either.

(via Deadline)

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  • Jadzia Matthews

    This sounds interesting. Spy films can be fun and having one with women as the main characters is awesome. Though, I don’t know how to feel about Melissa Rosenberg writing for it. I can’t think of any movies other Twilight she’s written for but I guess we’ll have to hear more about the movie first.

    I also haven’t seen Salt either and now I kind of want to. Thanks for indirectly recommending a new movie for me.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    She has a good amount under her belt, in more recent years she’s worked on Dexter.

  • JD


  • Traceur

    Yep, I’d rather mention Dexter when talking about her resume. I mean, there’s only so much she could have done with Twilight given the source material and having to adhere to it.

  • Jadzia Matthews

    Oh, I didn’t know that. I looked her up and she did Birds of Prey and I really liked that show when it was on. So I feel this is going to be cool movie.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    True but Twilight is what she’s probably best known for and it’s the same studio she’s working with for this project.

  • Anonymous

    Considering what she had to work with, though, Rosenberg worked some serious magic on those Twilight scripts. (Examples: anything out of Anna Kendrick’s mouth, or the end of Breaking Dawn.) She’s a smart writer, especially in adaptation. I can’t wait to see her Jessica Jones!

  • Anonymous

    “Twilight” and “female-centric spy movie” shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. That’s kind of heresy!

  • SuperFubar

    After reading those books, i don’t think anyone could have made them good.

  • Cowtools

    Man I hope this gets made.

  • Aeryl

    I upvoted this, but honestly in case you didn’t catch it, Kill Bill was nothing but FoxForce5: The Vengeanceing.

    She’s even the one with jokes.


  • Aeryl

    The neat thing about Salt, is that it was orginally written for Tom Cruise, and the only thing they changed when Jolie decided to do it was the gender of the protag’s spouse.

  • JD