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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

she blinded me with science

Female Scientists Describe Their Jobs Using Only the 10,000 Most Common English Words

  1. 1. Written by Nicole Resweber.
  2. 2. Jessamyn Fairfield, nanoscience postdoc at Trinity College Dublin.
  3. 3. Adria Perez-Rovira, Medical image researcher.
  4. 4. Mary Smith, Medical Writer and Editor.
  5. 5. Carol Jefferson, restoration ecologist.
  6. 6. Alison Nolan, evolutionary retrovirologist studying APOBEC activity in endogenous retroviruses.
  7. 7. Melissa W, PhD student studying muscle biology for the therapy of muscular dystrophies.
  8. 8. Andrea M., PhD student studying developmental biology of the heart.
  9. 9. Elizabeth S, a PhD student studying paleobiology.
  10. 10. Kate Lancaster, fusion physicist.

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  • Nicole Resweber

    Oh my goodness, I’m famous! Thanks, y’all! :)

  • Anonymous

    That XKCD comic inspired a puzzle at this year’s MIT Mystery Hunt:

  • Anonymous

    This is a fantastic site, so cool! The part that strikes me most, actually, is how impressive every job sounds with very simple words–and also how I’d love to work in so many of these fields. Growing up, ‘science’ seemed inherently coupled with math (which I was just ‘fine’ at). Even though I did well in my science classes, I just had no idea what someone would do with those skills other than becoming a doctor or some kind of physicist. I wonder if others felt the same way?

  • Heidi Mason

    … wouldn’t ten hundred be 1,000? 10,000 is one hundred hundred…

  • francis

    Someone needs to explain the difference between ‘ten hundred’ (1,000) and ‘ten thousand’ (10,000) to the headline writer…