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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Patron Saints of Female Characters

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  • Jennifer

    These are awesome, but they forgot Scully’s cross necklace.

  • Anonymous

    Ellen Ripley patron Saint of WhoopAss

  • Emma Jones

    More! :)

  • Emma Jones

    It doesn’t really scream skepticism, though, does it?

  • Anonymous

    My hero.

  • Jennifer

    Maybe doesn’t scream it, but her cross necklace is symbolic of her complicated relationship with both faith and skepticism.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see her as “Our Lady of Motherhood” because that’s the kind of characterization of motherhood I can get behind. Messy, biological, terrifying, heroic, badass, and something we’re grateful for but wouldn’t presume to expect from everyone.

  • Laana Baldeosingh

    Michonne, our lady of badassery.

  • Andrew Cole

    Buffy, of course!

  • Sabrina

    Zoë Washburne

  • Mark Brown

    Sam Carter. Our Lady of Science.

  • Anonymous

    Scully doesn’t really scream skepticism either, so much as belligerent myopia (at least in the early seasons.)

  • Elias Algorithm

    All of this.

  • Octochan

    Daria, Patron Saint of Cynicism

  • angie

    this is great. not sure if i’m on board with some of the labels though. maybe i’ll just draw a picture of liz lemon in her fart slanket and hang that on my wall.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Love the art style, but those marks in the middle of their noses look odd.

  • SteveAsat

    Starbuck over Laura Roslin? Seriously? Like Ripley in Alien, Kara Thrace was originally a male character, if you recall. And in the end…well, she wasn’t exactly a paragon of self-determination, was she? What, were you afraid of having two bespectacled brunettes in the canon?