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Faster than a speeding bullet!

First Good Look at Man of Steel‘s Female Villain Faora

And by good look, I mean good god, she could kick all of our asses. Not a lot is known about the Faora, played by Antje Traue, that we’ll be seeing in Man of Steel. She’s an obscure Superman character who could do with a more modern update, and may wind up drawing more from Ursa of Superman II. But what we do know now is that she looks like a stone cold badass.

Previously in Man of Steel

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  • Rob Hansen

    Ursa and Faora are the same character. See here:

  • Amanda W

    Armor AND a cape? And she’s brunette and not ridiculously skinny… I’m seeing a new cosplay opportunity.

  • Betty Windsor

    I just read that link, and then another page, and another page. That was 2 hours ago. Thank you.

  • Countermass

    “In nearly every depiction of the character, it seems that her primary
    crime was related to her hatred of men. In the silver age comics in
    which she was introduced, she ran a concentration camp for men, and
    killed 23 in the process.”

    So they gave us a straw-feminist.

  • Melodia E. McIntyre

    and yet she still has a gap in her armour over her vulnerable vitals to show us her tight flat stomach.

  • Anonymous

    Antje Traue is badass, so of course Faora looks badass. Hopefully
    she’ll be allowed to be badass without resorting to the misandrist archetype. Then again, this is Snyder we’re talking about, so it could be touch-and-go.