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[Updated] Kate Mara And Michael B. Jordan Are Your Storm Siblings, These Others Are Probably the Rest of the Fantastic Four

We’ve been hearing rumors about The Fantastic Four reboot casting for a while now, and I don’t want to jinx it, but… these seem legit. As in they come from Variety, an actual reputable news source, which says Kate Mara has already signed on the dotted line to play Sue Storm, Michael B. Jordan “has been attached for some time to play” to play Johnny Storm, and the actors up for Mr. Fantastic and The Thing have all but officially signed on as well.

So who’s your entire Fantastic Four team (probably) going to be? Read on, gentle geeks.

[UPDATE] Not so fast! Mara told MTV that she hasn’t been told yet whether she got the part: “According to Twitter, I am [in the movie]. I literally have not heard a thing, which is alarming. Last night in bed, I was scrolling through movie news. I was like, ‘What? I got the part?’ I still haven’t heard. I want LA to wake up so that I can make some phone calls and figure this out… I literally don’t know 100 percent that I have that part.”

[UPDATE #2] Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm: confirmed.

[Update #3] Kate Mara is now official.

You might as well title this one The Fantastic Four: Everyone’s Young and Hot, because that’s the direction they’re going with casting. For Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic we have Miles Teller, who’s done some fairly high-profile indie films (Project X, The Spectacular Now with Mary Jane Watson, I mean Shailene Woodley), and will play the baddie Peter in Divergent and its sequels.

Taking over from Michael Chiklis for the big, buff Ben Grimm/The Thing is… Jamie Bell?

He’s a few decades out from being “The kid in Billy Elliot,” and he’s done a lot of good acting since that excellent first film. But… what the what? That’s not Jesse Eisenberg-as-Lex Luthor strange, because what is, but it’s definitely odd. Then again, Bell has mo-cap experience from his work on The Adventures of Tintin, and in my view a person’s body type is pretty damn low on the list of things that affect how good they’ll be playing a certain role. (Yes, I am talking about Gal Gadot.)

Bell’s “expected” to play The Thing, though he’s not been officially offered the role yet, and Teller “has an offer to play Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic, but deal points are a little further away from being completed.” Mara, best known currently for her work on House of Cards, is reportedly already on-board as Sue Storm. Variety doesn’t explicitly say Jordan’s signed on as well, but they treat it like a done deal, which makes sense when you consider he’s literally the only actor whose name has been attached to the part throughout this whole, long rumor process. And he and director Josh Trank already worked together on Chronicle. I’d say it’s all over but the press release.

So. Thoughts? I’ve made my view on this site well-known that I think having Johnny and Sue as multiracial siblings is pretty damn cool, though I understand and sympathize with those to whom it reads as an attempt not to cast multiple actors of color. Mara and Bell are both good actors; I’ve never seen Teller in everything, but I’ve heard good things. It seems like this could be the Tiger Beat of superhero movies, what with its exclusively young, hot main cast, but… I might be OK with that? Chronicle essentially looked like the “teen movie” take on the superhero genre, and it was excellent.

Also relevant: I honestly don’t care about the The Fantastic Four. I respect those that do, and I respect their opinions. (Well. Maybe it depends on the opinion.”But it wrecks suspension of disbelief to have Sue and Johnny as different races!” Not respecting that one.) But “[This actor] is good, but he’s not [this character]!” Pssht. Whatever. Bring it. As long as it’s good. Suddenly I’m taking this movie much, much less seriously than I did before (which I didn’t think was possible), and that mindset is generally conducive to me enjoying a film more. Low expectations are way underrated.

Again, that’s my own personal opinion. What about yours? Spill.

(via: Geekosystem)

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  • ZachA

    They just won every Friday Night Lights fan’s attention. Cast Coach Taylor as Mr. Fantastic and Buddy Garrity as The Thing!

  • Charlie

    I hope they do this well. I love Fantastic Four and the other films I thought were kind of awful.

  • locuas

    “The Fantastic Four: Everyone’s Young and Hot” You mean Ultimate Fantastic Four?
    Personally, i owuld have gone the ne extra step and made Johnny or Ben into a girl to make the numbers even, but that is just my opinion.

    Now we need to see if Doom is a girl or not.

  • Daniel E. Jacobs

    it isn’t about the actors.. it is scrip. you can have the greatest actors in the world but if you have crappy lines no one can save it.

  • Cad Wallader

    My concerns with this movie are completely tied up in the fact that they seem to be in a race against time to get it done before they lose the rights. If this thing’s a disaster, the casting won’t have been why.

  • jlhpisces

    Just my opinion because I know a lot of people hated the move (I liked it), but Jaime Bell was great in Jumper. Looking forward to this…

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    If this succeeds and they make sequels, I hope they go the Ultimate FF route and make Reed evil in the end.

  • Joanna

    The internet right now:

    Powers to turn invisible or produce fire at will – *thumbs up*

    Interracial siblings – “WHAT??!!??! That’s so unrealistic!!!!”

  • Anonymous

    At least the fanfic community will be happy.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    They’re children. Ugh. I’m torn.

  • Charlie

    Kitty Pryde gets an entire book taken off her and nobody says a word. It’s almost like they don’t care about comic purism at all and are in fact racists. But that couldn’t be the case right?!

  • Joanna

    It makes me really sad =(

  • Charlie

    The fact that it’s even brought up in this day and age is bloody ridiculous.

  • locuas

    to be fair, that is not how suspension of desbelief works. Suspension of desbelief let’s you accept things that you know are impossible in real life but they still happen because the story presents them in a logical sense, but when they preent something that makes no sense with no explanation or comment, that’s when you have a problem (btw, for what i know interracial blood-related siblings ARE real…it’s just rare for it to happen).
    I am not saying that it is wrong for them to be interracial siblings(altough i am worried they feel the need to focus too much on them, and that’s a worry about the writing, not about the fact that Johnny is black, i am cool with that), i am saying it is understandable for people to worry about a change like this without an explanation given to them, especally considering how disliked the previous FF movies are.

  • Troy Lenze

    I’m looking forward to this. I actually enjoy the original FF movies despite their many flaws. I probably won’t see it in the theater, but this will be an on demand title for me.

  • Joanna

    Lol, wut?

    I think it makes the siblings’ background hella more interesting.

  • spartantown

    I’m not a Marvel guy and I have little interest in another Fantastic Four movie and multiracial siblings is an interesting twist but a non-story as far as I’m concerned. The cast is young and talented and maybe as the premiere draws closer I’ll actually care about it. Just curious why the swipe at Latino Review and didn’t The Wrap break the casting news?

  • Adrian

    I’m of the premature mind that this won’t do much better than the first Fantastic Four films did. I’m usually optimistic but not when it comes to Fox’s Marvel films.

    I’m not even big on the Fantastic Four in general but I think I would’ve preferred the more classical versions in reference to their ages.

    If it were Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch and then older actors for Reed and Grimm, since Johnny is supposed to be the youngest, I’d be happier.

    I don’t know much about Teller but I think the other three are fine actors but I’m just not enthused for this project or Fox’s plans for it.

  • JustPlainSomething

    That’s how I’ve taken pretty much all comic book casting (or any adaptation casting) over the past few years. Very few casting choices are huge red flags for me, but I’m always worried about the script.

  • JustPlainSomething

    I’m kind of hoping they just do a good job of addressing Sue and Johnny’s heritage in a “this is part of the characters’ shared backstory and look we’re actually representing multiracial families!” way.

  • Jim Cook

    I don’t care about the interracial thing. I care that despite their ages, they all look like children, even the guy playing Reed.
    I’m just resigned to the notion that the group I literally grew up reading will never, ever be given proper treatment on the big screen or small.

  • Anonymous

    my opinion is that the rights of the movies should go back to marvel already.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    “(btw, for what i know interracial blood-related siblings ARE real…it’s just rare for it to happen).”

    Step-siblings or adoption, on the other hand… I don’t think the multi-racial family is a rare as you think it is.

  • Kyla Gray

    Interracial families are not rare by any means.

  • Anonymous

    I think the first FF movies have me convinced that Fantastic Four is never going to be well done by Hollywood. The “young and hot” thing kind of underscores that the current reboot has the wrong priorities, although to be fair it’s an angle that A LOT of movies take.

    Adding Michael B Jordan to the mix SHOULD be a step in the right direction, but if the overall script is a mess I’m not sure he’ll be able to do a lot of good. But then I’m also deeply, DEEPLY cynical and prone to assuming the worst based on very little information. Movies full of pretty people aren’t necessarily doomed and just because the producers SEEM to be focusing on the wrong things doesn’t mean they are. Or even if they do it doesn’t mean a movie can’t be good in spite of it.

    I do think it’s sad that there seem to be a number of people who are perfectly willing to accept things like invisibility and a dude made of living rock, but add in a mixed race family and suddenly it’s bizarre, unlikely, and/or a cause for concern. Because clearly mixed race families are like unicorns. Wait, no, unicorns are MORE likely than a mixed race family. And gods forbid the topic should ever be broached within the movie because, ugh, that would just derail everything and send some kind of stupid preachy message about equality or how it’s what’s on the inside that matters or some lame BS like that. And then it’ll be all touchy-feely yapping and fewer explosions. What a yawn! Sigh. Speaking of people having the wrong priorities…

  • Charlie Stark Reed

    I dont have a problem with interracial siblings or either of the actors but I do wish tjey’d found a woc to play the part of susan storm cause its not as if there’s an overabudance of woc superheroes you know?

    I think jamie bell is a great actor so I hope he isnt wasted playing the thing
    I dont know about miles teller ive never seen him on anything, all i can say is he doesnt look like my reed richards but that doesnt mean mucb

    What i would like is to get a film of their adventures with more mature actors,since weve had plenty of origin stories.

    I like the FF and I’ll still watch though. Havent missed a marvel movie yet. Or even a superhero one.

  • brokey mcpoverty

    I just dont why people think that Sue and Johnny being either mixed race or interracial siblings changes their brother/ sister dynamic. Ever heard of adoption? or interracial couples?? Why does this even have to be explained to people??!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I’d be excited about any film starring that cast and attaching them to comic book characters I like isn’t going to change anything. We had superheroes played by unknowns (or lesser knowns) before but there was always an Anthony Hopkins or an Amy Adams to compensate. Here, it feels like that cast would be more suited to Chronicles 2 than Fantastic Four. Josh Trank shouldn’t have killed off Jordan in the first film…

  • metamagpie

    It’d be cool if they got all sciencey and explained the mechanics of heteroparental superfecundation but otherwise its not really something that needs much of an explanation relative to all the random acquisition of super powers that’ll be happening.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, somehow modern Hollywood casting escapes my rational understanding: I hear of Affleck as the new Batman, I see the guy they cast in the new Terminator movie and I just don’t get it! It’s even more confusing when oneself can imagine much more fitting actors for the respective roles.

    What’s going on in Hollywood? Is it all who knows whom? Or what is it? I just don’t get it!

  • Anonymous

    To be frank, anything attempting to break the homogeneous flow of the superhero genre is gonna get my interest.

    There was a post I saw last night where Djimon Hounsou said his son wanted his skin to be lighter because he loves superheroes and wonders why none of them looked at him.

    I’m just done with three billion white heroes (no matter how obscure) getting their own films and Marvel or WB maybe throwing a few scraps by giving them a black sidekick or supporting player every now and then.

    When “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!” consist of nothing but white people, that’s a problem.

  • Anonymous

    About the interracial siblings, I just find it a weird decision. Why not a black Reed Richards? Or the two siblings black? Will they explain in the movie, if adoption, different father/mother, whatever? Or will simply be “we are siblings, deal with it”?
    Either option is fine with me, I don’t have a real problem with it, it’s just that I did not expect that decision. At all. And I’m curious to see how the writters will deal with it.

    I’ve seen comments about their youngness (is this a word? meh), and I mostly agree, but… in Ultimate, weren’t they very young too? Maybe they’re going that way…

    And about Ben… I don’t know. I’ve always seen him as… big. Even as a human. But whatever again, Marvel did the Hulk with Norton and Ruffalo.

  • AverageDrafter

    Reed and Grimm are too young. I get the whole “but, but flaming dudes and superpowers, but the age is what throws you?!?” – yes it does. There is a major dynamic of experience vs youth in the Fantastic Four and youthwashing Reed and Grimm leads me believe the people running this show really don’t know how the FF ticks.

    We already had a surface and piss poor interpretation of what is ultimately a personality driven story. Do we really need another?

    I have less of a problem with the racial thing, but would have preferred to have them be the same race as brother and sister. I know three are a lot of siblings that look wildly difference, who even appear to be of different races, but nothing I’ve seen makes me think they are going to handle this well at all.

    I think a lot of people who want to see more POC in prominent roles (I’m one) are giving the creators and studio more credit than warranted on how they are going to address it (or not address it, which would be my preference). Its full of built in cringe worthy moments both in the film and in marketing that I am not looking forward to.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I’m curious, if you were to decide, how old would you actually want the actors to be?

  • Rebecca Hernandez Gerber

    In the Ultimates Universe, though, they’re child prodigies, so actually it is accurate.

  • Rebecca Hernandez Gerber

    Interracial family right the fuck here. I know plenty of them.

  • ShadowHawk

    I’ve pretty much given up on the direction of this film being a translation of the original foursome to the big screen. The “Ultimate” version perhaps.

    Johnny being Black is a non-issue, but the youth of the cast and the general reinterpretation of the characters feels like there’s more emphasis on attractive people in an action film than retaining the dynamics between the characters that are so dependent upon differences in age and experience.

  • brokey mcpoverty

    See thats the thing, The casting of MIchael B Jordan human torch wasnt to emphasize the interracial siblings(please, this is a superhero movie), but to simply cast him as the human torch, Just that hes black.

  • Ashe

    Because people like those who live differently than them to constantly validate their existence, because multiracial families have nothing better to do apparently

    People are assholes

  • Ben English

    …Didn’t the first Fantastic Four series have interracial Storm siblings? I mean not as obviously as this but there’s a reason Jessica Alba was hard to buy having blond hair.

    Honestly, I don’t care if the cast Reed Richards as a Jamaican Rastafarian, as long as the movie doesn’t suck as much as the first two.

  • Anonymous

    If I’m allowed to vote, Johnny could be anywhere from 16 to 25, Sue would be 3-5 years older, and Ben and Reed would be 10-15 years older. The age gap is more important than the age IMO.

  • SCP3

    I can totally see the family resemblance between the Storm siblings. Excellent casting.

    If Ben Grimm is going to be motion capture CGI, Jaime Bell will be fine. Otherwise, WTFudge?

  • AverageDrafter

    The actual ages of the actors I’m not as concerned about, but its more the relative ages of all the characters that concerns me.

    If I were to pin it down, I’d say mid-Late twenties for the Storms (Sue older than Johnny), Reed and Grimm about 12-15 years elder. Aagin, its the relative ages I’m worried about. I’m fine with the Storms, its Ben and Richard that are throwing me – particularly Bell. Even if its all voice and mo-cap, I’m just not seeing him as The Thing.

    The FF are a family, literally for Sue and Johnny, and very much in spirit for all of them. Differences in age, experience, and maturity play a major role in how they function – like in most families.

    I hope I’m wrong, and I’m up for a wildly different interpretation if it works on its own terms. But I’ve not seen anything that doesn’t make me think this is likely going to be as much of a disaster as the previous version.

  • NickN

    It would be interesting if Sue ends up together with Ben instead of Reed.

  • KF

    Glad that Michael B. Jordan got the part. He’ll make a good Johnny, and there’ll be another black superhero on the screen. I hope this is a step towards to more flexibility in casting for future franchises.

    Re: Bell. I’m sure they’re going to do mocap for the thing, and avoid the suit they used with Chiklis. If they go with Bell, they’ll be fine. It’s not like Cumberbatch looked like a dragon in real life, and though there were plenty of problems with Hobbit 2, Smaug was not one of them.

  • Anonymous

    I would pay so much money to see a Dinklage Batman, actually.

  • D33

    ugh. This isn’t an interesting twist…for me. Token POC is so common in fantasy & reality. I knew it wasn’t going to happen but a glimmer wanted a Sue who looked like me. Or Reed like Tim Russ! Why so hard to have >1 black lead? sort of frustrating. Movie after movie/show hoping for NOT another ‘exotic’ black or asian sidekick. Not totally surprised that studios do this–maybe they know about the sites with KKK/Tyler Perry pics in the comments when MBJ casting was announced. dangit i still love superheroes :-)

  • Anonymous

    Echo that last sentence. Bam!

  • locuas

    i am a fan of Reed and Ben’s friendship, so i would not like that xD

  • Sp33df0rc3

    This is just a gross oversimplification. The fact is, that the powers haven’t changed. If they had announced that Sue would have the Torch’s powers and Johnny would be the Thing, you would see WAY more of a reaction than even this mixed-race casting has produced.

    The fact is, something very primitive to the story seems to be on the verge of being radically changed. And it’s not that they’re simply a mixed race family, but that it implies greater changes to their sibling dynamic.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    “Because full blood siblings and adopted siblings have different relationships/life experiences”

    *Citations needed.

  • locuas

    and how well known on the rest of the world is it that siblings can be black and white?

  • locuas

    do not touch my BenXAlicia!

  • dontmindme

    Who gives a fuck?

  • locuas

    the guy who is trying to explain why people complain that you can’t have a black son and a white sister despite that being untrue.

  • dontmindme

    Again, why should anyone care about the complainers?

  • MeatyStakes

    I’m still ashamed that my concern about the casting is that I don’t find Michael B. Jordan attractive.

    I think I can get past over my own superficiality, but the rest of the acting doesn’t make sense age wise and at the end I really have nothing to look forward to actually want to see this movie.

  • Rebecca Hernandez Gerber

    If by “in the rest of the world” you mean “amongst Caucasians,” then nope, not well known at all. If you actually believe “the rest of the world” encompasses MORE than Caucasians, quite a damn bit. Like, you know, all of Central and South America as well as Africa. Are two and a half continents enough people for you, or do none of them count because they’re too dark?

  • Rebecca Hernandez Gerber

    I’m on two minds of this. On the one hand, you are absolutely right, WOC are ridiculously underrepresented and it would’ve been a wonderful choice. Not to mention an interracial romance would have also been nice to see amongst. On the other hand, mixed race family groups are even rarer than individuals of color in many segments. In many ways, I don’t blame the writers. It’s hard to write what you don’t know, now try doing it TWICE for one character. Not sure which I would have preferred, honestly, but this point needs to be louder.

    However, in terms of age, I have to respectfully disagree. This adaptation is based on a universe where the Fantastic Four were raised as child prodigies and grapple with the lack of a childhood, so I’m willing to deal with it, though, yes, I agree, more mature heroes would be nice!

  • Anonymous

    Jamie Bell has filled out a bit lately, but I believe him more as a prodigy than thiss Teller person.
    I liked Kate Mara as a psycho in AHS but i doubt they’ll have Sue as Malice.

  • Rebecca Hernandez Gerber

    As long as they make the films, the rights can’t go back, hence the film :-/

  • Charlie

    Because they escaped from the 1950′s and are being hunted by time cops.

  • Haleigh Yonish

    The kid I tutor said something very similar to Hounsou’s son this past summer, but about the texture of his hair. He’s echoed stuff like that a lot (about movies, games, etc.), and it’s depressing and extremely frustrating.

    Johnny Storm is going to be awesome for Myles, and I’m really happy about this move. Even if the story isn’t great (who knows!), it’s still breaking down ridiculous barriers that are keeping people from feeling welcome.

    Also, he went as Robin despite reservations about “not looking like him,” and people were taking pictures and complimenting him like crazy. He was really nervous leading up to the con, but now he’s super excited for this summer and going as, I think, Rock Lee.

  • Charlie Stark Reed

    Is it based off ultimates FF? IIRC they were child prodigies in that universe, in which case it would be understandable,I guess. In that case,seeing them deal with the problems of being the best of the best could be interesting. I Though I still doubt it’llbe half as good a movie than one made by marvelmarvel would be.

  • Charlie Stark Reed

    It’s a shame isn’t it. If marvek had the rights to all their film properties (FF,xmen,spider-man) they’d do something pretty awesome I bet

  • brokey mcpoverty

    So let me get this straight, because they might not(emphasis on might) share the same genetics, they cant care for each other as a full blooded bro/sis?? Or that theyve been family for years and prolly will have had grown up with each will not give them nearly the emotional ties to each other that a full blooded relationship will? I dont understand how that completely kills the characters. Isnt family just family? blood or no blood??

  • BatiHoney

    Preach it, sister. *Latina high five*

  • Tali Adina

    There’s also the possibility that be twins (and yes I know that Sue is older than Johnny but it’s they can change that if they want since they’re changing other stuff and then people can begin to complain about that) and one came out white and the other black and if you don’t think it’s possible than I suggest you read about it really happening here , here, here and ooh! here.

  • Lucine

    Now, don’t get me wrong, how upset people are about this is stupid. However, a lot of people were pissed about Kitty Pryde being shoved to the side for more Wolverine.

  • Rebecca Hernandez Gerber

    I…honestly feel sorry for your family. If skin color determines if you treat family members as family, that’s just shameful.

  • Kryptoknight

    They were indeed very young in the Ultimate Fantastic Four. However that comic went downhill fast and I’m not so sure I’d want a major motion picture based on that interpretation. I wish they’d have stuck to a more classic look for the group in general. I find this cast hard to buy as the FF already. Nothing I’ve seen for this movie has piqued my interest one bit.

  • Kryptoknight

    I’ve no doubts in that regard. For me, the problem is that it feels like they are changing a well known & long established character from a young white man to a young black man simply for the sake of having a token POC in the movie. I really hate that. Were there anything in the source material to explain this move I’d be OK with it. As it is the whole thing just seems like a stunt so the cast can appear more diverse.

  • Alan Kistler

    The age gap also allows for Reed and Ben’s career as military men before they then spent a couple of years working on a hyperdrive rocket project and all. But as others have pointed out, this looks like Ultimate Fantastic Four where they were all high schoolers.

  • Travis

    Here’s the crazy thing. Michael B. Jordan’s character in Chronicle was basically Johnny Storm.

    Kate Mara wouldn’t be my first choice to play Sue, and I don’t know anything about the guys playing Reed and Ben. So this makes him the ONLY actor in the cast that I’m confident can properly represent their character.

  • Kathryn (@Loerwyn)

    The only thing I’ve seen with Kate Mara was, uh, Ironclad. She was pretty good in that. And a bit badass, actually.

  • Kathryn (@Loerwyn)

    “I polished my Batarang over the Joker’s stew…”

  • Cellism

    I’m just now willing this to be amazing to screw over all the Michael B Jordan-Human Torch naysayers. I genuinely say someone comment on a similar story, “I mean Jordan is a good actor but he doesn’t have the persona to be Johnny Storm. Why not introduce Black Panther into the next movie, that would fit him much better!’

    Arrogant, adorably power-mad teenager or wise and emotionally distant African monarch? Yes, that makes *much* more sense.

  • Kristen McHugh

    It’s not rare. Anyone who looks at US census data would see that the largest segment of US pop of kids under age 5 are multi-racial. Blended families are not rare. Anyone who says that it’s impossible for Mara/Jordan to be presented as biological, let alone step- or adopted siblings is ignoring reality. This argument is tiring. And if the film sketches in the Storms family life, how is that any different from the opening of XMFC giving background on young Charles, Erik, and Raven? Or knowing Tony Stark’s family issues?

  • Charlie

    Personally I didn’t seem to see much of that outside of this site, but this non issue is everywhere I look. It’s nice to know someone noticed.

  • Charlie

    My sister and I are both from the same Caucasian parents but she is olive skinned and looks like she’s from the Med whereas I look Scandinavian. I don’t get the problem people are having with this at all.

  • Kristen McHugh

    Things my brothers often hear when people see photos of them with our dad or me, “Are you adopted?” Things I often hear, “But you’re not ‘really’ related (by blood.)” 1. Yes, we are. 2. So what if we’re not? And every superhero film contains elements of backstory, because it informs their development as heroes. Batman and Iron Man, Rogue & Scarlet Witch… and if the sibling dynamics from the comics are tolerable, then there’s no reason that won’t translate to film. There is also ZERO proof of the assertion that being, “Full-blooded,” whatever that means, has anything to do with sibling dynamics at all or that being half/step/adopted will create dissonance of the type you’ve described.
    These arguments fail to acknowledge that families don’t fit easily into tropes, so whatever you assume about sibling relationships even if it’s based on your own experience, doesn’t apply to everyone else.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Oh, THAT’S Miles Teller. Duh. Obviously. Yeah, that’s terrible casting.

  • Anonymous

    I think this cast is totally weird and I really do think that there is something to this thing that they didn’t want to cast a black woman as Sue. I think we really need to do a better job as progressives in unpacking why we think race-bending is good instead of just honoring and writing non-white folks in their difference, culture and humanity. This notion that white parts are inherently “race-less” is deeply DEEPLY problematic.

  • Daniel E. Jacobs

    I wish I could say that… most the time I can save Green Lantern when they said Ryan Reynolds was going to be Hal, well I just felt in my gut as Lantern fan, that was a BAD pick…

  • JustPlainSomething

    Yeah, but even with that example the script did not do Reynolds any favors. But I always would have liked a John GL movie better personally.

  • Daniel E. Jacobs

    I grew up with Hal, but if the rumors are true it will be fun to see what The “Rock” does as John has shown he is a pretty good actor.

  • JustPlainSomething

    If you haven’t already, watch Green Lantern: The Animated Series. It actually had me giving a shit about Hal. :)

  • JustPlainSomething

    I just hope they actually choose to put some time into the mixed race family thing. You know, actually address it in a respectful way and give that dynamic some good representation. And it can totally go towards their character development and their growth as siblings during a crazy time in their live where they gain superpowers.

  • Heather Lynn

    Exactly how would it change their sibling dynamic?

  • Anonymous

    I keep seeing comment on the youth of the new cast.

    The average age of the four leads in the 2005 version was 30.5.

    Assuming a release year of 2015, the average age of the four leads in the new version is 29.25.

    That’s not a huge difference.

    (2005 version / 2015 version)
    Reed: 32 / 28
    Sue: 24 / 32
    Johnny: 24 / 28
    Ben: 42 / 29

  • WheelchairNinja

    I have ZERO problem with Michael B. Jordan playing the Human Torch. The real question is whether he’ll make a good Steve Rogers in the inevitable Captain America reboot… ;)

  • Anonymous

    That’s asinine political correctness to try to draw non comic fans. Fantastic 4 is over 50 years old. Johnny Storm is white. The last two Sue Storms were wrong too. Sue Storm is blonde hair blue eyes. And before you extreme lefties cry racism look up the word canon. Then tell me if you would be ok with a white actor playing Storm, Luke Cage, or the Black Panther. I’m positive you would be in an uproar much larger then this.

  • Anonymous

    And if you believe that I got a bridge to sell you.

  • Anonymous

    Because that’s not how this 50+ year old story goes? Ever here of canon?

  • brokey mcpoverty

    Yeah, ever here of reboot??

  • Ashe

    But keeping a white guy when we already have a million white guy movies ISN’T a stunt/something done for the sake of/etc because



  • Ashe

    “Would people stop us on the street, like the police officers that stopped me when I was with the incorrectly colored parent to make sure I wasn’t being kidnapped?”

    I got confronted by an old white lady on the sidewalk who asked me intrusive questions about my younger brother when we were out for a walk. My younger brother who, to white people, is never assumed to be related to me because different colors.

    This is why we need representation: to make this world less supportive of people like the ones who harassed you and me.

  • Chrysalice_Fiasco

    Absolutely know problem with Johnny and Sue being different races, just interested in how they are siblings and if it will be mentioned in their back-story. Adopted? Step siblings? Half siblings meaning they share at least one parent that’s the same?

    I sort of hope it’s half siblings but not in the usual way of it occurring having their shared parent sleep around a lot. My mother didn’t cheat or sleep around, she has two children from two different relationships. Those children being my older sister and me. I’m kinda tired of the stereotype that people who half only one shared parent are the result of sleeping around.

    As for the rest of the cast, they do seem kind of young. I thought Reed was supposed to be a scientist with several Phd’s or at least a Masters.

  • Kryptoknight

    Having a white actor play the role wouldn’t be a stunt because that is how the character has always been portrayed throughout all the source material. It is unfortunate there are so few POCs in major roles in comics & film and I truly do hope that changes. Things like this however bother me. It is a change that is going to take me out of the film.

    It’s not just a white/black thing either. It bothers me when any casting is mishandled. The casting for The Last Airbender bugged the hell out of me because no one looked right.

    Casting such a young actor as Reed bothers me too, but unfortunately there is precedent for that. The Ultimate comics had all the FF young and near the same age.

  • Ashe

    That’s the thing, though. If you don’t like it: you STILL have a bunch of other adaptations where he’s white. POC are happy for some representation and you have all the other Fantastic Four movie and comics. Nobody is really losing anything.

    I agree, though, that’d it be nice to just have more films and comics with POC that…ORIGINATED as POC.

  • KryptoBunny

    I really like Kate Mara, and I hope she’ll be a good brainy Sue, and I know Michael B. Jordan will be an excellent Johnny, as long as their parts are written decently which… remains to be seen.

    All the same, I really and truly feel that keeping Sue white was more of a cop-out (fear of a black female lead) than a nod to
    biracial families. I’d much prefer to see both Johnny and Sue portrayed by black actors. Actually, I also suspect that Robert B. Jordan would be a better Reed than the dude they’re considering, and that would be a much more exciting/less pandering approach to FF diversity.

    Making a biracial couple the all-American first family of
    Marvel (even if the movie isn’t made by Marvel) just seems like an awesome opportunity, and it makes me sad that they’re passing it up. Even if they made this choice as a nod to adoptive families, even if the notion that a chosen family is just as strong as a natural one is a central theme in this movie, I still think that making Sue and Reed a biracial relationship would be an even stronger, more vital storyline.

  • Heather Lynn

    My comment was sheer curiosity on why you thought that would ruin the sibling dynamic. You gave a great response and in this case, I can agree with you. And you’re right. Given what Hollywood does to franchises it obviously doesn’t understand and just sees as cash machines, I could see them really fucking up the Fantastic Four, which is why I have no hopes whatsoever for it even while I’m interested in the fact that they didn’t cast all white people.

  • Africa Belgrave

    Anyone who wants to deny that these filmmakers just want to avoid having more than one black member of Fantastic Four is making excuses for the racism, sexism, and aversion/revulsion of female blackness. White complained that making Johnny black changes the whole story, which isn’t true. But now that Sue and Johnny are of different races, the story has now actually changed. And it was unnecessary.

    This is the ACTUAL unnecessary change to the Storm backstory. All because they just can’t possibly have more than one black lead character.